Spells to Move On/Another Sob Story

Hey, I’ve read through this forum pretty extensively for the last few days, as I’m starting to reach the end of my rope. I haven’t really seen anything that fits what I’m looking for, and the search feature isn’t turning up anything relevant. It’s odd-- there are a million threads on how to bring your ex back, but none on how to move on from the feelings if you aren’t willing to force their will.

So as the title says, I’m looking for a spell to move on. This place isn’t a blog and some of the members here are pretty inclined to get snide, so I won’t go in depth on my experiences until the end of this post-- but in short…

I’ve been head over heels for a guy I know for a year now. We broke up because of a miscommunication caused me to misinterpret something he said and end the relationship. He preformed a basic ritual to “kill” his feelings for me immediately due to how distressed he was, and now thinks his feelings are gone forever and will never come back. He treats me the same as he always has though, and evidently it’s not impacting him, but it’s just making me love him more.

Within the last week I cast a spell to remove relationship problems, this one in particular. I’m definitely being quite impatient, but I’m also massively cynical (hence the name) and am already prepared for whatever effect it has to not make him love me again.

Now, for the unnecessary supplement information:

Our relationship is a real fucking soap opera, but the way things have happened between us makes me believe we may be Twin Flames, if that in any way impacts what I need to do. Our relationship is really capricious, we’re like mirror images of the same thoughts and feelings but with different resulting actions, and we’ve left each other and then come back (platonically, obviously) multiple times in the relatively short time we’ve known each other. He dated a girl for a month or two when we weren’t talking, but they broke up and we drifted back to each other soon after and he told me the things that happened in his life that caused him to leave her that he didn’t even tell her (what a good relationship, right?).
He’s definitely the most important person in my life, and he says it’s mutual, and he does things for me he would never do for anyone else (like telling me things he won’t even tell his lovers, lol), and he still wants to have sex with me/cuddle me/kiss/protect me/etc and says it’s just because we’re “really close”. It’s really important for me to have the comfort of being truly loved, and even if he’s just in denial I’m tired of having these feelings for him when he either can’t or refuses to have them for me. They’re starting to eat me alive. He’s my best friend and evidently I’m his as well, and I don’t want to lose him, but these feelings are starting to piss me off. I don’t think they’re going to fade naturally-- we didn’t talk for two straight months to help me move on and my feelings were still there the moment we came back together.

So, in short: Do you have a spell to help me move on? Would it even work if he’s my Twin Flame? Is there even a point in using a spell to move on with the way he acts around me? Should I just use one of the millions of love spells? Or am I just completely kidding myself?


Do you have any experience with spirits?

I ask because I really got the sense that you should talk with Saspu, the Angel of Love and Friendship. I think he can help you reconcile your feelings.


I don’t, but I’ve been considering evoking since I’ve started browsing this forum and have read a bit about it. Would using this guide be appropriate to contact him? I have his sigil from a quick google search, I just don’t want to be disrespectful my first time attempting to contact spirits, especially if I’m doing so with an angel. Also, would I need to take any prior precautions before following that guide, and if so, what? Thank you for replying, by the way, I appreciate it a lot!

No, that guide is fine. He’s pretty easy to contact and friendly. There are really no precautions necessary.


Alright, thank you so much! I think I’ll try contacting him sometime soon. I’ll update the thread with any interesting developments over time. :slight_smile:


Honestly, I liked this one girl for 3 years… As per my occultist friends(I was new at the time) I got told that she left subconscious scars on me,its as if I was “programmed” to think about her before my own self… It was a whole extremely fucked up situation…now I take it as a huge lesson in life… What worked for me was Beliel, I really just told him that I want to be over her… He is a father to me… Its very amazing because all those feelings that had developed in 3 years were all wiped out in 3 days, 3 Fucking days… Now that doesn’t mean it can happen with you too, but there is many ways of getting over someone… For me this way worked very good… I realised my own worth and realised I meant something, I had no self love at that time(still kind of don’t lmao but hey its better than before for sure) It just happened so suddenly, it’s as if she had become a total different person in front of my eyes… But that’s beliel for you :heart: agios o beliel :heart:


I wanna share my experience here, I don’t know if you’re situation is like this but I have noticed many that go true similar experiences find there way to this forum because of the feelings of despair that comes with it. So if it’s not helpful for you maybe it will help someone else.

I was once very much in love with a guy. I’ve been in love before but never like this. It was as if the stars aligned perfectly and there were synchronicities everywhere. He was always talking about us being twinflames. I’m cynical by nature like you, the whole concept of it never felt right with me. But he worked really hard to let me feel this was meant to be and I was his best friend, all the girls before me were crazy or treated him horrible. Exactly like with you, saying that he was telling me things he never said to anyone else. Making me feel really special. I was so in love. We would talk for hours and hours on end, the sex was amazing, he was amazing and all the signs were there.

Then suddenly after a year, he would start fights or oh so subtly set me up for failure (gaslighting) and started to pull away from me. He would do his thing with other girls and he would come back and leave again. Not even for sex, in hindsight it was just to see if I would stick around. And I made excuse after excuse for him. Thinking that he always came back because he was just scared for our true love (his words) because he never felt anything like this and he was the " twinflame runner" of the two. This wasn’t love, it’s abuse. Even it’s wrapped in a silk pink bow, it’s still abuse to treat someone like that. It doesn’t matter how you feel, it only matters how you act.

At one point I decided to stop playing this little game with him. I was heartbroken but I still had some self control and rational. But I wasn’t ready to let him go, so I threw everything that I had with my craft at him. Everything. And the only person who got more obsessed and “in love” was me. I was like an addict constantly ruminating and thinking about him. At one point I caved and called him, texted him etc but he just totally ghost me. I was so freaking confused and in a bad place. Affected by my own craft but it didn’t seem to do anything to him. At one point I decided I couldn’t deal with this shit anymore so I had a friend contact a magister who would perform a cord cutting ceremony. He and I were always very in tune before, we could send messages telepathically. The root was deep. People adviced me against it and said it just had to run it’s course and I had to let it “dry out” but I couldn’t deal. I ended up with a tear in my subtle body that even years later still a weak spot. And I never really talk about him because I don’t wanna feed in to it.

Anyway after that ceremony I was doing better mentally, physically I was tired and got allergies I never had before but that all faded away eventually. I think maybe two weeks after the ceremony, at that point we hadn’t talked for 5 months, I suddenly got this nervous feeling and I said to my friend he’s gonna call me and he did. Three times that night and my hands were shaking like a leaf but I didn’t answer. Then he started texting me, emailing me, blackmailing me to contact him. Totally freaking out because I ignored him and seeing an ugly ass side to him. That’s when I fully realised that it was never love from his side. He’s not capable of it. I realised exactly why all his exes were crazy and kept texting him crazy shit when he was with me because to them he did exactly the same. He said to them the same things. He only ever felt fear when the cord was cut because of losing control. Losing his source. Narcs live in perpetual fear. He kept coming back, not because he’s my twinflame runner but because it’s called hoovering and because he needs narcissistic supply. If black magicians are the black hat hackers, narcissists are the masters of social engineering. But there is a more “spiritual” aspect to it, he definitely has powers, sometimes after a fight I would wake up with bruises. Just from him projecting his negative thoughts.

I would definitely look at what someone does and not what they say. It’s a cliche but talk is cheap and it’s the truth. The only way to win is not to play and go full no contact. I kept waiting and telling myself I should wait because with us it’s different and nobody can understand. I read up on narcissism and there’s a book called The Dark Side of Cupid by Eve Lorgen that has really helped see things in perspective. I think you need to look into self empowerment before anything else and maybe a cord cutting. All the best.


If a stranger toss shit in your face or punched you in the face you get mad and not take it, but if it comes from someone we care about it is okay. Love is fucked up. We lose our ground in reality and common sense.

Just start to think of them as just other person. Last week I started to think about my own ex, and realize they are just other random person in the world and I stopped thinking about them. Emotions fuck us up more then we like to admit.

Think about all the nasty shit they did to you from a non-emotional place. Neither mad or happy. Just look at it hard.

Whenever I start to missing other one of my exes I just do that and it stops my longing real quick.


First off, I want to express how immensely and genuinely I appreciate you sharing that story with me and putting the effort into relaying your experiences. I want to preface what I’m about to say to really hammer home that I will definitely not simply ignore this information, though I will say some reasons why what you’ve said actually gives me some comfort in trusting him more–

I’ve been in abusive relationships before. As such, I’m hypervigilant. I really do think that there is some genuine, not-falsified aspect to the ex in question that makes me continue accepting him. He also wasnt the one who introduced the idea of twin flames to me, nor did he ever tell me we were “meant to be” or etc, just simply stated I was different in ways that do have some amount of truth (eg factually texting me more than anyone else), even if my insecurity causes me to doubt it. I found out about twin flames, ironically, from the girl he dated while not talking to me.

I didn’t really make this clear in the original post, but I might as well mention he really doesn’t… “get” anything from me. I make sentimental gifts (with no monetary value) and give him attention, sure, but I don’t “put out” and while we both acknowledge our continued sexual attraction to each other it’s been a bit more than half a year since we did anything at all. I also haven’t been a source of money, food, etc. It could absolutely just be like in your scenario, where he’s pushing me just to see how far I will go, but I don’t think he has the mental capacity to manage that for any length of time without getting bored.

I am familiar with his exes, and while I don’t really talk to most of them I have overheard what they say in regards to him-- I guess it’s relevant to mention that these girls are objectively nasty people. They typically just comment on how he was too mopey and distant to be an exciting/“easy” partner which definitely lines up with him if I’m being brutally honest (though I like him even when he’s sad, clearly). I honestly, from the depths of my heart, don’t think he has the emotional capacity to intentionally manipulate people, and trust me I’m under no illusion that someone being abused typically won’t or refuses to recognize it. I’ve thought long and hard about this. Of course, his own emotional turmoil doesn’t just excuse or wipe away the stress he puts on me and I don’t even try and delude myself to believe it does, but I think he has a fair contextual reason to behave the way he does given his life experiences.

Now, that said-- do I think everything he says is true? Absolutely not. I don’t even think MOST things he says are true, and I let him know that, and that’s a pretty awful trait of myself. I really can’t paint him in any way to make him even kind of resemble the sole “problem” in our relationship-- I was the one who ended it hastily due to my own hang-ups and insecurities, after all, and was incredibly mentally exhausting to deal with for a while afterwards. I frequently lose my temper and push him away due to my own traumas. I definitely try harder than him, though, or at least to my own standards I do. I’ve been especially focusing on this recently, and about “doing not saying”. I’ve been getting particularly insistent about this concept as of late, and telling him that I will not stand to continue feeling unwanted because he doesn’t try hard enough. But that’s kind of where the whole twin flame dilemma comes in, isn’t it? If he really is my flame, he (not of his own will) behaves the way he does by the universe’s bidding to encourage me to better myself, and I am definitely very very very untrusting and “ice queen-y” and have been long before he ever entered my life. Its probably my defining character trait. All in all, I can say while I have reason to believe that, when compared with your experience, he’s not purely a manipulative dickhead, but there’s obviously issues in him making me feel unwanted. But determining whether that’s my fault for being oversensitive and unable to trust or his for genuinely being uncaring is hard to tell.

I will definitely heed your warning and try to continue being aware of his actions and if there are any potential ulterior motives, and in the mean time attempt to better myself and address my faults instead of letting myself be impacted by what I think he thinks. I also attempted to speak to Saspu, and while I think it may have been effective I really don’t have the skills to tell if he truly heard or not.

I totally hear ya on all of this. I’m honestly not afraid to admit how much love and emotions fuck me up, but I know most people are, even if we think we’re emotionally vulnerable.

Regarding the thinking hard thing-- In times when we didn’t talk for lengths of time, I ruminated heavily on the bad things he’d done to me-- and ultimately I realized that I had no reason to be as angry as I was because in all situations I was just as if not more at fault. My feelings for him have… mutated, over time. I used to see him as much more pure and innocent, and I don’t feel that way anymore, but the feelings are still there. Everything he did to me is either something I would’ve done in his place, considered doing, or something I HAD done.

I do tolerate a lot of things he does more than I would from others, and while I totally get what you’re saying, I think it’s not really an apt comparison. He definitely gives me things I don’t get from others (like comfortable emotional vulnerability, a strong sense of safety, etc). Obviously I wouldn’t let him punch me, just as I wouldn’t let him truly take things too far, but it’s also like… would I get upset with anyone else for not responding to me for a day? No? Then why do I get to be upset with him, but also deny him any status beyond the way I treat others? Like giving any special treatment whether it be in being particularly harsh on someone or particularly forgiving gets kind of iffy and unhealthy if it’s unbalanced, y’know? Contexts in relationships are paramount, and when you know things were fucked and you’re undeniably better of without the person I can see why your mindset proves beneficial, I can just see some potential flaws in your mindset. Or maybe less flaws, and more conflicts with how I view relationships. Again, I really genuinely appreciate the advice though, and please don’t think I’m disregarding it! Just trying to be honest about my interpretation of it at the moment. I’ll try more in the future-- I don’t think there’s any harm to be done in being aware of the things that have happened to you and accepting the way they make you feel.

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Thank you so much for sharing your experience! ATM I’m not confident in my ability to commune with otherworldly beings at all, and am afraid of messing up, but I have read a bit on Beliel on the forum. Maybe when I’m more skilled I’ll consider contacting him, and have already thought about it extensively. I appreciate the input :slight_smile:

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With that mindset it is alot harder to achieve your goal that you are afraid of messing up…

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I think it’s incredibly dangerous to meddle with things you aren’t prepared to take responsibility for. And I’m not prepared to take responsibility for that. I’m aware that “selling yourself short” impacts your productivity but I also don’t think communing with demons is something you really want to half-ass.

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I really don’t understand why you all act like not rushing into decisions and being hesitant about doing so is such a damnable offense? Especially when it comes to such powerful beings? I recognize my powers are not honed enough for me to jump directly into communing with entities I can’t even observe yet, and frankly I’m not comfortable communicating with a demon as the second individual I ever try to contact… it’s not just a matter of me being afraid of getting haunted or whatever you all think, it’s respect. I have absolutely no business waltzing up to Belial and pushing my will on him when I quite literally started attempting to evoke anything at all just yesterday. I need to be more skilled, more experienced, and more refined in how I do things before I do something like that. I hope you understand, but I know that you won’t and will simply send another “lol just do it don’t be a pussy” reply.


My first encounter with him may interest you, insofar as I doubt he would be offended (as we understand it) by this kind of thing:

If you were drafting a movie script with someone in your situation (which I say to put your mind in creative mode, rather than being mired in your own emotions, and feelings of limitation) - what would that character feel comfortable with? :thinking:

Maybe creating a Talisman of Venus, to attract and give out those energies for love? Or some kind of spell?

Have a think what kind of magick may sit well with you.

I think cut and clear, and move on, would serve you best, but that’s something I gather you may not be looking for, so I only mention it to add my voice that this is how it looks to some outsiders.

If you want to persist, have a think what you DO want to try, and I’m sure someone on here will be able to give you tips. :+1:

Finally, I don’t know where I stand with Twin Flames, but you may find this useful to externalise an archetypal perfected male, who will be worthy of your time and attention (albeit, probably not in a directly sexual manner):



Long time, no update.

So in April I worked with a few entities in the interest of returning this dude back to me. I was immensely emotional, and this likely hindered my results. I made very passive requests-- “give me guidance”, “let me make the right decisions”, “reveal the true nature of this situation” etc, as well. Most notably I worked with Amon. I’m not sure why, but he stuck out to me the most. You can check my posts in the thanks thread to see all the entities I worked with-- I don’t want to mention them here for fear of forgetting one and being disrespectful.

I dropped this near the beginning of May as a conflict happened between me and this dude. I basically gave up all hope on ever having him in my life again, and arranged to get my stuff from him. I preformed a few severing rituals, worked with Archangel Michael. It went like this until around June 10th, when I decided to once again pick up the mantle following some tarot readings I’d been getting for myself that suggested his continue presence in my energy.

I began working with Amon again first, as I have always had a strong draw towards him. I then newly began to work with Asmoday, who had called to me in the first attempts but I had ultimately declined I also called on Paimon, Sallos, Dantalion, and Sitri. Please note I wasn’t just rapid fire demanding the same thing from all of them, but they were all things that indeed correlated to the subject-- minus Sitri, who I asked for success in sexual and romantic ventures to keep me distracted from my other requests.

My main goal was to get closure, nothing more, nothing less. From some I requested them to loosen his mental resolve, from others I asked to ensure his eventual movement towards me. At this point all hope was lost for me and I didn’t expect anything much, but I knew my tarot cards weren’t blabbing about him again for nothing.

Now here’s where I’m an utter idiot. Turns out he contacted me again June 12th, but I never received this message as it went directly to my spam folder. My tarot deck kept insisting that he replied to my request for closure, but I rejected it as I didn’t see any message and assumed I was just reading into it too much.

Yesterday, I contacted Sitri again to get my mind of things, asked for irresistiblity to all who think of me, basic stuff lol. Within the next 10 minutes I got an email. My guy had made an entirely new email account to contact me and tell me that I had misunderstood something.

We’ve been talking since then… nothing particularly positive, really, but it’s way better than the way I thought the situation was. It turns out that despite appearances, my tarot cards had indeed been correct in hinting towards his emotional displeasure. He’s been crying over me whenever anyone mentions me to him, he sent me an almost depressingly sappy break up song sometime after June 12th where I didn’t see it (If you’d like to look it up, it’s Cuco - Hydrocodone), he’d been trying to contact me for weeks (whoops!). I was, and still am, fucking gobsmacked.

I don’t know where my situation will go from here because I’m still not sure if I’m willing to truly bend his will beyond simply opening the floodgates (thanks, Dantalion!) and he seems quite pensive on speaking to me again. I will give him time to think about it. If anyone ever doubts that your evoking of a spirit is working: DON’T. I had absolutely 0 hints in my day to day life that anything was happening beyond my tarot cards, because everyone around me was either working on their own agenda or oblivious.

I am so, unbelievably, indescribably thankful for just this much they’ve done.


And in case anyone is wondering if I’m actually getting my closure, he said, and I quote: “Im replying to give you the closure you deserve and didnt give you. So any questions you have, you can ask. After that I’ll leave you alone”. I’m finally getting questions answered that have been eating at me for months, and I’m so fucking thankful and I also feel so dumb for not noticing he was contacting me sooner.