Sorcerers of the World Unite!

I know the title is cheesy.

The idea is real. For those who want to test their baneful magick, hexing and cursing. I have a target for you.

Because of her incompetence, she has caused many innocent, hard-working people (including myself) to get fired. We are getting cut this week from what was supposed to be a six-month contract. And now she is getting away with it.

She needs to pay. I want revenge!

I already attempted to cast a baneful spell on her. I don’t know if it is affecting her or not.

If anyone is interested, PM me for her name.

Many thanks.


Get em tiger :tiger:


Give them the smoke.

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Thank you all for your help.

Bumping this…

Bumpity bump…

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are you able to get a new job?

I’ve had an online/skype interview. I get some calls and emails. Nothing concrete yet.

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HAve you called any being or did any magick for wealth?

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You can pm me


I have a servitor named Liana working on things and Duchess Bune is doing her thing.

That’s the only magick so far backing up my many resumes and applications.



Thank you all for your help.

Bumping this…

Bumpity bump…

I’m late over here but may I add a demoness to your roster…I just found out about her yesterday and she is great with baneful stuff she seem like what you need right now

Haures I believe her name was she does alot of stuff and I mean alot of stuff

I hope this helps and I’m not good with baneful magic so I will sit and hopefully read an update on how she got burned in the end if u post an update

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Thank you, @bunny4cam.

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Most definitely tempted to send her some protection. 5v1 certainly isnt a fair fight

No problem at all

Do you have any links to her, like hair from the back of her office chair?

I have an idea I’ll PM you, if you have a link.

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I will continue to bump this until I get my satisfaction. This asshole b*h must pay!

I have her pic and name. PM me if you are interested.

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Hope it works well for you. Revenge is nice.

Might I recommend Dra’talon of the Anatel House from “The Book of Azazel”?

Once unleashed on your enemy, he cannot be stopped.

I’m definitely using him on this f-kg b*h!


I call on the Baneful spirits to torment this person. I don’t even mind if she is totally destroyed.

PM me if any is interested.

The fact that my rage has not subsided means nothing.

Yes, I’m still pissed and I want revenge. The darkness is here.

For those who want a target to dump your worst baneful magick on, PM me for more details.