Biggest thing you've accomplished with a spirit?

Isn’t justice and revenge in another thread? lol .

my teacher hypnotized a person to be blind for a week. Just so he can understand a family member. He also did the same with a person to think he’s female as to understand female psyche. So anything is possible regarding beliefs. Beliefs are powerful.

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Yeah. I tagged you three since this is a very interesting example relevant to the other topic. Actually, I probably should have linked this post in the other thread. :man_facepalming:t4:

That’s interesting indeed. I’d love to hear more about that. Was your teacher a hypnotist or magician or both?

That’s impressive. Did you talk about this in another thread? I’d like to hear more about that.

I’ll have to check out your channel. I’m a big Santa Muerte fan, so maybe there will be some crossovers.

If I do, I promise no comic book or video game references, nor will I try to get my “duck into Lilith” any time soon, though she is pretty sweet to talk to. :wink:

he’s an acupuncturist and hypnotherapist. He’s into holistic healing like me. Great mentor. People who’s into serious healing service are pretty grounded as we cultivate and work on ourselves in complete mind/body/spirit. He’s a researcher and like to push the boundaries of mental possibilities. He’s not into occult or anything. The purpose was to help the client’s wishes. In a way serious hypnotist are magicians as it’s like being a mind doctor. Only serious one though. I see lots use hypnosis for one’s pleasure and power trip. Like me we use it to heal and therapy not for stage show or power trip of control over others…

One of the most powerful usage in hypnosis is IDENTITY. We can be hypnotized to influence our behaviors by way of identity. such are addicts of any kind. when someone label themselves as smoker, it may control them cuz of the label identity. That’s why i don’t like labels if you’ve read my post in other threads. It’s very powerful that it influence a person’s behavior.

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Friendly request to please keep this on-topic and not a critique of the things people post, we all have our own lines in the sand we might not cross, or values we hold dear, but this thread is not the place to trot them out in order to silence other magicians.

Cheers. :+1:


Getting my wife through american immigration and her getting a green card months ahead of schedule with no interviews needed. Thanks Belial.


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Can you help me or tell me what you did with Hecate? I need a terrible curse on someone that deserves it more info here:

Thanks, me too :slight_smile: that was about seven years ago and my life changed dramatically since then. My depression no longer has that hold over me. While I do believe that as magicians we do need to learn how to change things on our own, sometimes we need that helping hand. In my case, he led me to develope a ritual to lay all that to rest and begin the shadow work to turn my life around. He also took part in that ritual


I was talking with a friend last night. She doesn’t practice magic and only heard of it from me last night, but I’m looking for something to help her.

This is that ritual I mentioned. while it is focused on my suicidal attempts, functions like a rite of passage, meaning it can be used to address any issue really. It can be adapted with any spirit really (with permission from them).

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I’ll try to talk her into trying.

Thanks man!

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It’s a really small thing, but it’s changed my life. For many years in a row I’d get really interested in magick in february, and then by april I’m doing nothing, and I’ll still be the same person. Ever since I’ve started working with spirits they’ve been giving me catalyst after catalyst, my entire perspective on the world has changed and I’ve never kept up my practice for this long before. hope I don’t jinx it :slight_smile:


I might have talked about it. It was my first deal with azazel

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Biggest thing accomplished with spirits?

Brought crowds to a friend’s play. This was an unknown play, performed at an obscure location, in another country across the Atlantic from where I am, and that had little advertising or marketing.


Come on give us the full story!


I guess…staying alive and navigating a situation I’d never thought I could get out of? Probably that.

I’d dabbled in atheism before, and as much as I hate to say it (as it is a very useful tool in deprogramming from dogmas), if people limit themselves to analysing their circumstances, they may well conclude suicide is a good option, if they think there is no hope out of a situation.