Sorcerers of the World Unite!

Sent you a PM.

A Bump.


The Bumpin’ Squad is back!

PM ME !!! Lets fuck this bad bitch up 💁💁💁

Cars have bumpers. Posts don’t.

Long ago, there was an infamous gangster that ruled Harlem, NYC called:

BUMPY Johnson.

LOL :imp:

Shakespeare said it right:

“To Bump or not to Bump…”


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As R. Kelly sang back in the day:

“I don’t see nothin’ wrong with a little BUMP and Grind.”

LOL :imp:

Isn’t there a dance called the BUMP?

All the info is above in the original post. If you are interested, send a PM.

How about a demise spell

Yes. I’m interested.

This title reads like a recruitment add for Extinction Rebellion or a Yvette Felarca organisation.


I read it as ambition and clickbait, which is a sacred art around these parts. :thinking:


How did this work for you? I’ve got a couple targets of my own that are absolute monsters and making a career (literally) out of preying on the weak and impoverished. Unfortunately, nothing I’ve thrown at them seems to help. Tried Dra’talon a few months ago and nothing.

I suck at trance, though. If anyone wants to help, PM me.