Sooo....I have a succubus in a box

Let her out of the box she needs energy to live, you can not do it like that.

You will hurt succubus if you will starve her like that!


Why not release her back into Lilith’s care?


I think that’s what I will do, so something close anyway. Try and work out something and make sure she doesn’t fly back to my neighbor before getting her out of my hair. I am just mildly annoyed because the box was part of my inventory stock, but I knew it would be useful in this situation.

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Well she should have thought of that before she decided not to leave peacefully when given the chance.


If anyone is curious, here she is


Send the succubus to feed on your enemies and drain them and cause their death. Succubus are great. There are mantras and rituals to do it

My dude, I don’t even have a pet because they are too much to keep track of. I don’t think I am ready for that kind of responsibility :joy:


As I said, give her to me, I could find a use for her.

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Frankly I think I am just going to epoxy the box shut and let it go to whoever has the deepest pockets at some undetermined time and location. I already am out a box from my stock, and I didn’t charge the neighbor for my service. Might as well get something out of it.


Couldn’t you just talk to the sucubus, get her to agree to leave the family alone and release her? Then you would have your box back…


That was the first thing I tried. I wanted it to be a simple negotiation and she leave. I didn’t mean for it to turn Pokemon: Demon Edition.


Thank you very much, and the rest of you all are fucking monsters…


She probably loves this man so she did not want to give up.
And after removing her, you want to sell her in captivity, like slavers.
Have you lost your hearts?
let her go to Lilith!


Yeah. My advice would be to just let her go. Spirits are people just like you and I. Not moralizing but if she didn’t want to leave you have expensed more energy by doing this than just leaving her. Also succubi and incubi are usually kind. If nothing else please send her to me. The entity hasn’t tried to harm you from what I can tell.


Honestly my best advice if you don’t want the hassle is just ask lillith to care for her.


Short story: humans are captured, I forget whether in space or by abduction, and kept in a glass tank by big alien critters.

Humans bitch and moan because masters of the universe. Despair is starting to happen.

Finally humans find little critter in their habitat/tank, make a cage for it.

Big critters suddenly relent, release humans, have chatty parley with them. Reason?

“Only intelligent beings keep others in cages.”

Make of this what you will.


Y’all are really assuming I am much more compassionate than I actually am. You want to talk about throwing death curses left and right but suddenly are bleeding hearts when I take a succubus captive, one who I gave ample opportunity to run away peacefully mind you.


Power over others is a really nice feeling, the mark of the superior being. :+1:


I like to consider myself a benevolent dictator.

Also as an addendum I should point out that it was @Sethana who initially pointed out it could be a succubus early on. Credit where credit is due.