How to get rid of a succubus

Ask Lilith to handle her? I mean if she’s lilith’s daughter Lilith will possibly look into it. Only “low” energy succubus require sexual energy as sustenance. “High” energy ones only do it for fun, intimacy, some don’t even care for sex like that. You could try and form a friendship just as a typical guy with female friends as well. If Lilith doesn’t handle it and you still do not want such friendships, try a lesser or greater banishing.

I’d also like to give you a bit of advice, holy stuff is nothing but MMO garbage lol. Unless an angel of the Judeo pantheon comes and does its thing, it won’t do much, infernal dark energy beings aren’t fazed by human holy stuff unless it’s actually charged with that elemental light energy a pantheon like the Judeo one has, or just any decently charged banishing/tool.


I agree with Rungr, if you don’t wa t the friendship then ask Lilith to take her, or do a greater or lesser banishing. But just so you know, succubi are loving and playful. I know mine are wonderful and they keep me company. But hey, in the end it’s up to you and what makes you more comfortable. disappears in glitter and Ryan Reynolds body pillows


Ask Lilith to take her back. Or threaten to call Lilith on her if she doesn’t leave. I trapped one in a box not long ago by threatening to call mother dearest, so thats a viable option.


Is there a report of it? I’d love to see the details

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A physical box? Or are you saying she only had two options?

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So this thread doesn’t get derailed, here’s the thread.

Sooo....I have a succubus in a box


Try to be patient during your’e difficulties and try some new higher priestess/high sorceress’ Godnames: MSoraiya("Em-sor-i-yah), Marianthi, Xrisanthi, Esmoraiya, Ellianthi.

Stay hopeful, you’ll be fine! Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

In Jessa Sviryani & Mariya’s name


Why? Because she doesn’t have sex with you?

There’s more to these wonderful beings than sex, and she might have her reasons to not engage sexually with you until she knows what you want and what you need. Now, there’s a big difference between our “wants” and our “needs”. You probably want sex, right? But somewhere on the line, your succubus might stay and refuse to engage sexually with you, because she sees through you. What she see is, probably, that sex is not what you need at the moment. So she studies you, figuring out what she could do to satisfy your needs and when she finds out, she will take the necassary action to go forward.

Why people go the “cast them out”-route so quickly is beyond me.

Figure out what you NEED first, before you throw the glass in the glasshouse.


I agree with you succupedia, i have 2 ubi and they know me better than i know myself, I used to think they’d just have sex with me, but after a few days with H. I realized they were just like you and me. To the OP just try to form a friendly relationship, talk to the succubus, find out more about her, who knows, you might even end up falling in love with her. :blush:


Before anything I must say thank you so much to all of you for your advice.

So there are 2 routes to take here. Bond or banish.

Now bonding is certainly an issue due to a lack of communication I cannot simply understand her on the bases of her grabbing my crotch everyone I sit or lay down their has to be at least a bit of verbal communication of some sort, you know there simply isn’t enough direction in the relationship and I do not know how to communicate with her, so if there is a way I’d be grateful for that.

Now the banishing part is a little tricky since I don’t know the slightest thing about magick nor am I in the position (religiously) to perform it although I would like to know if you could give me a step by step guide to performing

Guide to Banishing:
Guided Lesser Banishing Ritual - YouTube 3

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I must say alot of people on this forum say that succubi are and so on… But my problem wasn’t necessary the halt of sex but instead the lack and refusal of communication I never got a straight answer out of her I held a pen over a piece of paper and asked her name and she always draws out this symbol of sorts then regardless of what I ask her she moves my hand to doodle out the same thing, she gets me very agitated and angry in any attempt to communicate or anything, but that’s not all, if you have worked with a succubus then you know that they touch you and then you have arousing thoughts, which is also not a problem but she always gives me very perverse thoughts about children for godsake. I find her very stubborn and provocative. Like she enjoys screwing with me and very disobedient in nature. But I’d love to hear from you

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Do you have any pics of the symbol she keeps creating?

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That was a long time ago but let me see if she will make it now

HERE IT IS, I redrew it of course

I can’t sense anything rather than a friendly/playful vibe of some sort… Honestly…I dunno.
What seems weird to me is that I didn’t feel any sexual energy emerging from it… Hmmm…


Wow that’s interesting that you can tell just by looking at an image (I am a noob lol)but is it some sort of language or is it a demon doodle of sorts

It is called “intuition”. :slight_smile: And the few times I’ve used it in here, I have had positive feedback. And it has proven to be spot on irl ,too.
But I don’t wanna talk about myself in this thread lmao
It’s a symbol. Demons and other entities have their own symbols (which we in the occult call “sigils” or “seals”) that are used to contact them. It is possible that it’s her sigil. Or ,I dunno, maybe it has a deeper meaning that only you can find…

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Very interesting stuff, well Thank you soo much, I have to say you are certainly correct in term of what kind of succubus I asked from Lilith I wanted a young, playful, jolly type of girl (the adorable cute kind) although a new concern has arisen today in my dream I don’t want to get into it but I was yelling at people and even fought one lol but I felt aggression like never before then after that I walk into an office and bend over a chair to use the computer and immediately start getting humped from behind (embarrassing I know) but that made me think that it maybe an incubus because during the time she stopped having sex with me I used to ask Lilith for other succubi and incubi for one night stands and the night I called for an incubus, it was the same kind of humping from behind which makes me think that there might be several spirit attachment TS on me and something worth mentioning is that once I called succubi to me directly instead of through Lilith, I know dumb move although I don’t think it actually worked that time but regardless I heard that you can fight demons by Astral projection and kill them that way but I would like to know if that actually works and is there any backlash for killing a son or daughter of Lilith. Thank you

The best way to deal with the sons and daughters of Lilith is either threaten them to call her if they don’t comply or asking her directly to get rid of them for you. As for the concept of “killing demons through astral projection” I am not so sure about it…