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So, I wanted to talk about something that’s been kind of shall we say boggled me as of late. For the last year and a half I have tried my best to get laid. Even with the help of Asmodeus who has opened doors and opportunities for me to do so and the aid of my Lust Familiar that he beckoned me to create which I did. I still find some weird circumstances that keep happening every time I come close to getting laid.

Last year when this started I had several. I was about to meet this one women which would have been a FWB (Friends w/ Benificts), relationship but that got canned mostly due to covid but here’s where it gets interesting. I’ve talked to these two ladies for over a year now and I believe that due to my familiar my relationship and circumstances have evolved and there’s something really astonishing that’s going to happen once it’s resolved, but here’s where we get to the real weird stuff.

While I’ve been waiting for the certain circumstances to resolve with the other two that I won’t mention here. I’ve tried to get laid with other women for the last month. I’ve talked to many but every time I get ready and everything setup to meet up with them and get laid. Circumstances that prevent me from doing so keep happening. Like a certain process can’t be completed or other reasons. This has happened several times in the last couple weeks. Hell, one of the two girls I mentioned prior was suppose to come home at the end of the month to meet me but was unable to due to certain things.

It’s like that every time I get ready to get laid and am a few days from doing so. Something keeps preventing me from doing so. I’ve had a theory for a while that if I’m to get laid it’s gonna spark or awaken something in me and someone or something doesn’t want that to happen. Ever since Asmodeus came to me and has prompted me to embrace my dark sexual side which is very dominant. A side of me that I’ve known to have since a teen but buried it deep into my shadow side. It’s like something fears me of getting laid. I’ve always known myself to be very sexual of nature since I’m a Scorpio and Scorpio’s are known for their ambition and high sex drive. Which I do have, especially; with certain rites that I’ve undergone.

Anyway, I wanted to share that and see what others might think. Do you guys think that something is preventing me from doing so or something else is at work here? I’m scheduled to possibly get laid this Saturday if everything works out and the lady that I’m doing it with lives only like 10 minutes from my house. I just hope that this one doesn’t fall through.

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Ironic, I just viewed that log shortly after writing this.

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Heres another one my dude

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Yeah, I’ve read that one too but like I said though. It’s not that I can’t get women to talk to me and get things scheduled. It’s these unforseen circumstances that keep coming in to block me from actually getting together with women, especially; from just a few days out to get laid.

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I think everyone experiences what you’re talking about to greater or lesser degrees. I had a great relationship fall apart because of virus restrictions and I was miserable for about a year until getting back together with her recently.

I think the virus restrictions poured a pitcher of cold water over this kind of activity for pretty much everyone.

Just keep trying and cast a wide net and I’m sure you’ll prevail.


Thanks, I just looked into the one with those spirits. I might call upon a couple of them tonight for help.

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Thank you! Although, I think the virus is just the tip of the ice burg. While most restrictions are no longer in affect in my area now. I still just find it weird that some other things just keep happening. I think the idea of me getting laid falls into something within my higher self. I discovered my true name several months ago thanks to @C.Kendall but still can’t yet figure out why I’m being prevented from doing so. It just boggles me.


Hers some more spirits that may help.

materialists as a small, singular point of intense light. He brings the clearest of truths to situations and materialists smooth resolution to any situation. Extended rituals with Glas’yos helps erase paranoia, anxiety, and depression.

raises spiritual vibrations to the degree of curing illnesses, resolving problems instantly with incredible smoothness.

silences the weeping and gives joy to the ill at heart,
His positive vibrations are pure, and cleansing every negativity away from the magician, or the magician’s target
Chant : Dirrigugim

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It could be blockages within yourself manifesting in your situations. How much do you put getting laid onto a pedestal? Sometimes a change of perspective is all you need to make life flow easier. Stop thinking about getting laid like it’s some difficult task you need to accomplish, and start thinking about yourself as someone who could gift women with sensual pleasure.


I actually put a lot into wanting to get laid.

Are these spirits in the Book of Azazel?

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the first two yes

TUTU is from Simon Necronomicon

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Honestly, you may want to consider doing a working with Vine from the goetia. Vine is a master of tearing down walls and blockages in your path.


Thank you!

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Could you provide Tutu’s sigil?

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This might be more of a mindset thing than some failure of magick to manifest what you asked for. I get it, the desire to have sex is quite consuming, especially if you are highly sexual and enjoy that aspect of human experience more than the average, and especially if it’s been a while. Covid, etc, whatever. I’m not judging your potency. Sometimes that’s just how things go.

Something which helped me a bunch was a “sex magick destruction” ritual. I got the idea from The Masterworks of Chaos Magick. Basically you do a normal sex magick ritual, but instead of aiming to manifest something with your sigil, you aim to destroy a goal that you have. I did one of these to destroy the goal “to have sex” maybe like a year ago or so (during covid time).

To be clear, that is still something I want and seek out, but the ritual was surprisingly helpful at reducing the driving need to please let me fuck. This helps a lot when it comes to speaking with women and meeting people with the mission in mind. If you aren’t tripping over yourself to put your dick in someone, it makes it a lot easier to chill and not get in your own way.

Sometimes magick takes a bit to fully manifest a stable long-term result for you. It is what it is. You can find the lessons and gain something from the experience, or you can freak yourself out, learn nothing, and probably go nowhere.

And honestly my dude, it’s certainly not a replacement for the real thing, but a male sex toy is probably like the best $20 I’ve ever spent. They’re using a different material now that’s cheaper but still quite good, especially if you get one of those heating rods to stick in there too. Women all have huge cocks with companion apps that micro-control vibrations nowadays, no shame in a pocket pussy. Yeah, I said it, and yes I’m laughing. What a weird combination of words.

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I get what you’re saying. I’ve actually been performing sex magic to help with me in these situations as well and I have bought sex toys to help before as well.

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