Slowly starting to lose myself to a permanent possession

I’m going through a rough spiritual transformation where I’m finding things out about my past and who my soul is and It’s very hard to accept and understand as a human. I’ve had many past lives as a negative entity. These lives were meant to grow and learn from, even though they were negative.

My spirit guardian is slowly telling me things about my past because It’s important for my spiritual development in this lifetime. My spirit guardian is an ancient God (cannot reveal who as many on this forum have communications with him) and has shared with me that my higher self is also an ancient God that many worshipped and still do, and that I reincarnated into a human for an important mission.

During the past few years my body has always been fatigued. My spirit guardian has told me that he is merging my physical body with that of my higher self (which is a negative entity).

Is there anyway to stop this process from completion? I feel like this is going to be some sort of full on permanent possession. I did not approve of this or give it’s permission for my guardian to merge myself with my higher self. I asked them to stop but they said the process cannot stop. And that it’s for my highest good. I guess I gave my permission before I reincarnated.

I am scared of what a permanent possession will be like. I already can talk with my spirit guardian in real-time all day long. And they also put words/thoughts/ideas into my head. And they are already starting to control and move my body. I feel like I am slowly losing myself They are writing this message right now even though they know it’s in my highest good. I am not accepting that. What are the pros and cons of permanent possession? Any side effects? I feel like I will not be myself once this process comes to a completion and I will be fully controlled and my old self will be gone.

Any advice would be great. Thank you.


Without knowing who the guardian is, I can’t give proper guidance as to which spirit you can turn to


So…you realize that there are a lot of signs of this just being a parasite telling you what you want to hear, right? I mean, if you’re a god, then why would another try to take you over? How would that benefit this mission you’re supposed to be on? And why would you believe anything a spirit says that’s trying to overtake your free will?


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That’s some big red flags right here


Major red flags here. Why are you trusting this entity when it’s literally making you sick? You should never trust anyone that hurts you and then tells you it’s for your own good.

There are classic parasite symptoms here, from telling you things to massage your conscious ego mind, promising the sky and delivering trash for years, to the draining and fatigue, the persuasion and emotional manipulation.

None of this is how human spirits even work, it’s telling you outright lies.
If you wanted to merge with this other spirit, you are completely capable of doing it for yourself, you don’t need it done to you, and if you have to “merge” it’s already not you and nothing to do with you.

Yes! And I’m glad you’re thinking this way. It sounds like your intuition is saying the same thing. Only you are the real god that you actually are, your subconscious is the god you telling you you’re what’s real, and you are right to pay attention to it. You’re being eaten alive, get the fuck out of dodge as fast as you can.

Quite rightly. It’s very much not your guardian, get rid of that thing and it’s cuckoo in your nest, which is probably it itself in another guise, and do it with extreme prejudice.

What they tell you and what YOU want for your highest good are two different things. I don’t see how it can be in your highest interests. What seems to be happening is a walk in and you will be chucked out of your body and it will live your life that you built. You’ll be essentially dead, but not free to move on in your ascension, but kind of like trapped in the trunk of your own car. Conscious and helpless in the dark.

Major banish and cleanse, attack this “guardian” with all you’ve got, take back your power and your magick and don’t let it use you against you. Actively try to kill it. At least it will drive it away, at best you’ll kill it so it doesn’t pull this shit on anyone else.


Possession is actually a skill to be able to achieve full possession especially by your higher self i think is unlikely to happen in this lifetime. I dont think your higher self would even want to possess you, after all it is your highest self. It definetly could be an imposter or parasite posing as your guardian and higher self. Simply banish it and move foward.


how can i message you privately and i will let you know.

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You won’t be able to PM until you’ve been on his forum a bit longer and gained basic trust level.

Don’t forget your intro, that will help. Read a bit and like some posts, it’s doesn’t take much.

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I do not trust this entity. I know who it is. I have a full on Wikipedia page about myself. But my spirit guardian says this entity is my higher self and that’s why they started the merging process for the past two years. And that’s it’s an important mission for my soul because I am this entity. I have tried banishing it but it does not work. I’ve talked to professional psychics and healers, who could not get rid of it because this entity is part of what makes up my spirit guardian. My spirit guardian is made up of four spirits, one of them is my higher self. Me. There is nothing I can do to get rid of it as I’ve tried everything already.

No, a god has a page that this parasite has led you to believe is you.

It’s given a sense of purpose to keep you trusting it and needing its guidance and direction so it can keep using you for its own needs.


Exactly. You could be right. I do not know for sure. I just know I don’t trust this process and what is happening to me physically. And i do not trust what they say to me. But i do know they are slowly taking over my body and I don’t want to off myself because of it either. I do not know how to stop it. I’ve tried everything to get rid of it. Banishing, working with professional healers. Nobody could get rid of it.


You could be right. I do not know for sure, it could be mind manipulation. It is a negative entity after all.

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It’s a total lie. You already are your higher self. I can’t make this any clearer.
It’s not what it says it is and neither are you.

Mind games. You’re not joined at the hip to any entity, you have NO need for a guardian, they fully optional. It’s a relationship like any other not an obligation. One that is not reciprocal. It’s bringing you nothig you couldn’t have got for yourself. This is all larpy bullshit they’ve brainwashed you with. Time to break free.

They couldn’t get rid of it because they bought into the belief, and it has fed on you so long it’s strong.

Such nonsense. And yet they tell you you’re a god?
Make your mind up are you a weakling that can’t clear his own energy body of parasites or are you a strong spirit capable of standing up for yourself.
If you truly believe this, sure, you’re hosed, it’s in your hands, not theirs. That’s why they have to play you, they know what you can do it you decide it should be otherwise.

So when banishing doesn’t work, and other people are not helping, now you bring out the big guns and stop asking nicely.

You kill it.

I like fire, myself. There’s a ton of posts here about how to attack and kill parasites. Take a gander and mull it over.


What’s the best method I can get rid of it then? I am tired of all the manipulation. I’ve tried energy work already to get rid of it but nothing works. I am very strong willed. I am not a weak person. I have a lot of stamina and willpower. I’ve increased my vibration, done energy work, banishing, went to professional healers. Nothing worked.

thanks, ill do more research on killing it.

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I’m not blaming the healers, they’re not trained to even see parasites let alone deal with them. This is more akin to an exorcism, but you do it your own name you don’t trust anyone else with something this big if you can help it. If a job’s worth doing…

Humans are amazing beings, outside of the whole forgetting thing, we are like deity level spirits with on board nuclear power plants that constantly generate energy these lesser entities can only steal to partake in. It makes us targets from all kinds of wannabes all the time.

I hope it goes great, I have worked well with Samael on this kind of issue as an advisor, but in the end it works the best if you just do it yourself.
I watch them burn up white hot from the inside, push the remnants deep into the Earth and repeat at every level of being I can find them in. Say “now show me the mental level” and you’ll get vision work to root that bit out etc. Keep it going until there’s nothing to find.

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Call on Lord Yeesch. He is from the legions of King Paimon. He hates parasites and imposters. Use the search function. Meditate upon his seal and chant “Yeesch come, Yeesch come.” Until you feel his thick presence and tell him the situation. He’s really good. Told me I had 8 parasites for 6 years and that whole 6 years I was always drained as fuck.

Lord yeesch will kill them himself because he loves doing it.

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