Slowly starting to lose myself to a permanent possession

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@spiritjourney read it all the way through please.

You know you had past lives as a negative entity? How? Just because your spirit buddy says so? Dude (or dudette) wake up and realize 1 very important thing negative entities do not reincarnate as a human being.

First off negative entities are almost always non human entities. They were never human. They were never gods. As a nonhuman never been human entity it is impossible for it to be your higher self. Your higher self is was and always will be a human entity because my friend YOU ARE human.

This spirit buddy thing says you were a negative entity and reincarnated as a human. Think about that for a second. A powerful non human entity gives up its immortal undying existence of manipulating feeding on and harming humans to reincarnate as a weak frail mortal human being?

Not in a billion years would a real negative entity give up power and immortal existence to become a weak human that can catch the flu or covid or common cold, can get heatstroke or frostbite or hypothermia, can get sunburned, has to settle down into a non aware state of sleep for approximately 8 hrs every day.

That thing is not your friend! That thing is definitely NOT your higher self.! Listen to these people. Fight it. Get rid of it.

I know about possession and even if this thing is making you feel all loved accepted and special it’s doing so to trick you into letting it live through you feeding off you until it sucks you dry and kills you or makes you do so.

You need to get rid of it. So take the people here’s advice accept their help if they have any to give and get rid of it before it gets rid of you from feeding on you.

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This sort of thing happened to me in the past, but with spirits I trusted enough to summon. The idea is to let go of your ordinary human ego-self and to allow a new way of being to arise.

Side effects include awakened magickal and psychic abilities. Assuming you aren’t dealing with parasites, that is. If you are then all that will happen is the spirits will provide you with “flashes of insight” that don’t actually mean anything or do anything to improve your life or reduce your suffering. They tend to sound vaguely “profound” and like you’re peeling back the curtain, but there’s no substance to it, no impact or influence on your life beyond making you feel like the spirit is on to something and that you are embarked on The Great Work.

Whenever you say “permanent possession,” there is this sense of there being a self already there which can be overridden. All that is there is the illusion of a self. When you dissolve the human ego-self, it does arise again, sort of. You realize that your experience is simply your experience, and you put less weight on the concept of who you believe yourself to be at this time. This means that you let go of what your surroundings have forced onto you for your entire life and begin to see and make decisions from a place within yourself that is untainted by external influences.

You could say that most people aren’t “plugged in” all the way. They reside in a state of non-awareness. Perhaps the more self-reflective ones have some awareness of the surface of their mind. What a process like this will do is pierce through to the most fundamental consciousness or state of being, and from then on, your experience will flow on from an awareness rooted in this way.

If you undergo this process with capable spirits, all you will do is let go of ignorance and delusion, and in so doing discover a peace and a new way of being that lessens your suffering more and more. This is not how most humans live. If you can accept that, then perhaps you should consider further if this is the sort of process you would like to experience.

I recommebed the universal circle. No parasites or imposters. The spirit bound to it is molzaz hyroth ( I might be spelling that wrong)

This sounds like a parasite but I’ll talk to Lucifer and let you know

I spoke to Lucifer, in the vision he showed me you have an entity with a red cone on his head that’s messing with you.

He then showed me the Archangels around you protecting you, so call the Archangels, use Damon Brand’s Archangels of Magick

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That is not true, I went to ones specifically trained in negatitve entity and parasitic removal, (trained in exorcism). It was not cheap either, and I went to more than one healer and nothing worked. So you can’t just make that blanket statement.

thanks I will do research on that.

This is incorrect, my situation is different. There are certain circumstances where a negative entity can reincarnate as a human if they want to decide to change there polarity from the negative service to self-polarity to the service to others polarity. Read more about the Universal Law Of One Books from RA. There are many YouTube videos about the law of One. And my spirit buddy is an a spirit guardian who is an Ascended Master. It’s not some random spirit guide.

As to your assertion they are not Gods that is incorrect. They believe in the service to self-aspect. Huge egos. They see themselves as Gods. Many demons see themselves as Gods. Demons are negative entities tied to the Earth plane, do not have access to the Universal consciousness, and feed off humans for energy because they cannot get it from anywhere else. Once the Earth shifts from 3D to 5D, they will disintegrate, and go to other dense Earth planes, unless they want to ascend and serve the Creator.

Your higher self is not always human. My higher self is a reptilian from Orion. It’s not human whatsoever. This reptilian is a negative entity. My situation is 100% unique and different.

My higher self has decided to change it’s polarity in the service to self-aspect, and create a new aspect to the service to others aspect according to the law of One materials from RA. So in order to do that, there was existential circumstances which required the entity to reincarnate as a human to help change it’s polarity.

Thanks for your insights but you cannot dissolve the human Ego. It’s part of your human experience. You can however balance it out by doing energy work, meditating and other work but you cannot ‘kill’ it. That’s impossible to do as it’s part of you.

I also spoke with Lucifer and that’s not what he told me. He told me this is part of my spiritual transformation and that it is indeed my higher self, attempting to change it’s polarity in the service to self aspect to the service to others aspect, and it had to reincarnate as a human.

I would tell you who I am, but i cannot tell you publicly on this forum, but i do have my email in my profile so if you want to talk about it off this forum, then I would be more than happy to share with you who I am.

Ok bro, your call. Are you sure it was Lucifer you spoke to?

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Why would something outside of your self have so much authority on who you are, what name your higher self is and so on?
It seems mighty intrusive and fast. Spirits that care for you don’t mind helping you self study slowly, this does sound like something wanting to overload your ego and then destroy you.


I’m dropping this here because some things are similar.

There is no higher self as an outside, tangible entity. There is who you have been, who you are, and brief flashes of who you COULD be, when you act as though you ARE who you could be. But when you do that, you aren’t outsourcing to yourself as a higher being, you are BEING the higher being.

The higher self is an easy “in” for many entities. And if you think the Morningstar won’t let you have a parasite problem to see how you handle it, you’re fooling yourself. He’d probably let something impersonate him for a sec to see if you fall for it, and then keep an eye as things play out to see how you handle the situation.

If your spiritual work is not beneficial or practical, its time to “empty your cup” and pretend to be a novice and relearn some things. I can’t tell you what you were before in previous incarnations. But I confidently say that there isn’t a tangible, external higher self, and IF there is, it is operating outside the confines of any plane or space we can holler at. We can EMBODY it briefly, but that’s simply living up to our potential.

If you’re losing yourself, and its not personal alchemy cutting out the dead weight, then malevolence is at play and you’ve gotta solve the problem, then figure out how you got the problem to begin with.

So if a negative entity incarnates as human to move to the positive polarity, why would its end stages return to reverse that reversal?

Is the natural progression of you living life as you* not necessary for the “higher self” to be what it is? Why is it coming back and fucking with things? Even if the higher selves exist, why would they be able to, or even want to fuck with the stages that got them where they are?


Yes, he was. You do not know who my higher self identity is because I cannot reveal it publically so how could Lucifer have possibly known to look into my situation? I think he just gave you a generic vision of something completely random. If you want I can share with you who I am privately, there is an email in my profile. please email me, and you can validate it with him.

there are many things here that you said that have multiple answers. A negative entity can reincarnate as a human to attempt to move to the positive polarity. While it creates a new aspect, in a positive aspect. It does NOT end it’s former negative aspect. It maintains it and then has a dualistic nature. Both a positive and negative aspect. Many spirits have a dualistic nature. You will find that this is very common. Thoth for example, has a negative service to self aspect, and a higher Ascended Master aspect, so does Ra, and many others. This is what is happening with me.

Sounds like you’ve got things all figured out, best of luck on your endeavors


I’m a bit confused here, you came asking for advice but yet, you do not accept or even want to consider anything that’s being said. That “entity” is sugar coating you.

And I’ve met countless people like that too, one being in my family, and I can tell you that more often than not, they actually don’t know what they are doing, or don’t know what they are up against. I’m not saying the people you paid are like this, but it is something to consider and be careful of.


I even gave him a message from Lucifer, he doesn’t seem to want to listen, this is classic parasite work, it happened with me


Why do you think you will be consumed? Are you extremely unsure of your power and right to decide who you are? I think that perhaps if your spiritual patron is telling the truth, then this may mean that your mission in the human body was not in vain, you should take the process of merging into your own hands, you should accept it as inevitable, which may change you greatly. , but at the same time you must be the locomotive, the core and that key element, and have a greater impact than it will have on you. Basically, there is nothing wrong with merging if your personality is not erased and crushed. But it will most likely be erased and crushed if you resist. Imagine it as if you were hit on the head with a bat and you would lose your memory, and then start to remember with surprise what kind of person you were before, but at the same time being someone else.

But first, turn to spirit that brings parasites to clean water, as you have already been advised here. To be sure for sure.

good point and it could be valid for some people, but it doesn’t mean that’s the case for everyone.