Simple English Demonic Evocation Guide

Thanks for the amazing tutorial!
I notice there is a lot of visualization for cleansing the room and even the summoning part. Why is that?
And should I close my eyes while doing this or just keep them open?

The original poster is no longer a (mod) member of this forum. But perhaps another person could answer these questions.
About the eyes open or closed, that doesnt really matter what is important is to make a connection with the spirit. If you use its sigil gaze sofly through the sigil until the lines change colors. You need to look through the sigil, not look ‘on’ it.

Could you possibly go a bit in depth on the look through it?

Stop, and look around you, choose a object in the room. When you done so, you will find that you will look normally to it. That is what I mean with ‘looking on it’ looking through it means having the same object in your field of vision, even the pupils are on the same location. But your mind/focus is not on the object. (blank stare) That is what I meant with looking through it. Other would share a different method, by pulling your focus backwards somewhere in the middle air. But that does not work for me.

Ah so it’s kind of like peripheral vision training too. I understand, thank you.


I am following these steps to evoke Duke Sallos, however I had a question, here it states to start the evocation after sunset, but Duke Sallos is demon of Day, would it have any effect, if it is done at night? Also, if I do it post 12 at night, would it be considered day/night? And Duke Sallos direction is west, so would that make any difference if I do this ritual facing west/south. I am sorry if I may sound stupid, I am new to this and still learning.

You can evoke at any time of day or night. Most people prefer night mainly because it is quieter and the psychic noise of people is lessened.

Midnight is considered the beginning of the night time.

The spirit is likely to arrive in the traditional direction, but if you’re not using a triangle, he would be free to move around so, no, it won’t make much of a difference.


Thank you so much for replying, so glad I found this site. I feel Lord Sallos directed me to this. I prayed this morning to him, I am really serious about this man I desire and want his help, and he guided me. I can already see a difference.

I have evoked both Lord Sallos and Lord Satan using this guide and it has been successful for me. Each time I saw a black figure on my window, and moving around my house. In case of Lord Satan, when I evoked him, the candle went off and I could see his beautiful black wings on my window, and I did not banish him afterwards, since he is my GOD, and I worship him, and just today I saw two goat horns in the sky 3-4 times when I was out with a friend of mine. It was most amazing experience and has affirmed my belief as a theistic Satanist even more. I would never back off from worship him, and would never want him to go away from my life, for he is more like a father to me. He is my true, powerful and almighty God. ALL HAIL LORD SALLOS!! ALL HAIL LORD SATAN!!


would you recommend vibrating the spirits name or chanting?

If you chant right, I believe it’s the same thing.
Vibrating creates more energy and make a bigger more noticeable “ripple” in the astral. But once you have a connection, or if you are calling a deity level being, it doesn’t really matter ime, both work the same.

If you’re calling in a normal voice or whisper and get nothing, try switching to vibrating.

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thanks this is the reason i asked

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I agree with the part about not saying incantations that you don’t know, but evocations can be performed even without open senses. Actually, evocations help to develop open-senses… But needless to say, you have to do it with caution (even with open senses) to signals of mimics, nothing that a banishing or Luna can’t resolve (btw, one of the best servitors on this forum)

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can you imagine and visualize with your eyes open or close ?

Either… think of people staring out of the window daydreaming: those people are in a light trance visualising their daydream. Personally I close my eyes. It’s a personal preference thing.

Lady Eva how do I summon a hellhound classe 1,5 can you tell my wits ritual and the summon in stuf wat i need please
Gr Death

I just came across this post and it is nice. The first time I summon demons, I thought they are not real but I experienced something unexpected. I used the triangle gesture formula found in the book called “Diabolic Pacts by Joseph Etuk” and the demon granted my wish within 24hr by making a girl that was looking down on me to suddenly fall in love with me.

The formula said that one should draw sigil and form triangle gesture around it…

It’s very simple formula but the results was amazing although I didn’t make any pact then until the spirit convinced me to believe him by granting my wishes.

It’s advisable to work with a spirit first and see how it goes before you think of pact.


Before you make any more posts plugging this book, @Denni, please answer the questions I asked you in order to complete your introduction.

This is an incredible tutorial OP! JESUS AND CRACKERS MAN

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