Simple English Demonic Evocation Guide

Can I print it?

So basically visualizing is like having an image in your head?

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Okay but if its just an image in your head, how in the world is it gonna move without u possibly imagining it to do so, unless it just works that way cause I have not tried it yet

I would hand-draw it, but some say printed is okay.


When you evoke a spirit YOU have to give them some energy so they can enter this world.

This means you have to IMAGINE a shape for them to take.

This is like making a house for someone to live in.

This is called visualisation , and you have to visualise things to make magick work.

There are other ways to give them that energy, but for this method, use the exact steps given. :+1:

You’re creating a house for them to live in, I explained that in the start of the first post and I have just repeated it above. :+1:

Nothing is “just imagination” - not even fiction.

Sorry lady Eva, i was just curious

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Idid this but nothing really happened, I tried my best to visualize, but the figure didn’t do anything, ot just stood still, did I do something wrong?

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No, it may take a few tries for you to perceive that the structure you have created is housing more than just the energy you put into it - but the spirit heard you call, so try to stay focused on that and ground yourself, think about something normal for a while afterwards.

Watch this if you mind keeps going over things:

Thank u lady Eva, and Satan bless