Simple English Demonic Evocation Guide

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Open, if you can imagine with your eyes open, is much better.

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I have never did constructions on my evocations since I was fearing of falling into self delusions but I am willing to give it a try now.Amazing post. :pray:

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Thank you SO SO much! This helps me alot :heart:

Hello, could you do an introduction? Open a thread and introduce yourself, its part of the rules :smiley:

You dont even need personal info, all you have to tell us is how many years have you practiced, what it was and what it is right now.


Thank you! This was very helpful to me :black_heart:

Thank you a lot for this precious information.

Hii…may I ask so which sigil you used for Lucifer… I cant seem to find it…there are two

You can usually use the V-shaped one, that works.

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Thank you…I will use it and let you know if it worked for me.

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Thank you for this, it is helpful. I have two main questions.
1- I found some videos on making your own sigil’s for different things in magick can I do this?
2. Are candles mandatory as right now I have a roommate?
thank you


Sigils, in the context of calling an entities function much like a phone number. Sigils, in the context of creating one for a desire (new phone ect) do not really work with what the post outlines. This is for sigils of spirits, not making up a sigil.
Candles can help, but are not needed. I have found similar success by just spending a few seconds imagining a candle. Hope this helps a bit!


It does help thanks, I have the sigils and the enns I appreciate the help

@Lady_Eva thank you so much for posting this.

Thank you so much @Lady_Eva :heart: