Simple English Demonic Evocation Guide

@Lady_Eva I have a couple of questions,

  1. Can spirits help with problems such as being overweight or improving skills, gaming for example.
  2. If so, who are a few I should try.

Yes, though they may make you stop:

… where the gaming makes you sit in your ass, having just one more unhealthy thing, then you’ll start The Plan™ tomorrow. :smiling_imp:

And if you think I’m rude, or too confronting, welcome to demons! :laughing:

Hathor if you need a bit of self-love and grounding (search my poists for her name for my ideas, or just i ngeneral for other people’s).

Also, I get a gut feel this mighty awesome being will help you:

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@Lady_Eva one more thing please. Is it possible for them to retrieve an item I have left at a relative’s house, I left a knife and am currently able to retrieve it.

Not sure, try asking:

Try to clear you mind of expectations and reasons about how it happens, and you should get it back. :+1:

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So how would I call upon the angel, I have the seal drawn but I am clueless. Please excuse my ignorance

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Same method as above, only in place of a demon, imagine a cloaked white-pink figure with a golden glow. :+1:

Repeat “Angel of Lost Things” instead of an enn.

If you can’t visualise, or think you might now know how to, read this walk-through I did with a member on how to use images and structuring in magic.


As you know, I’m new, when doing this, and visualizing the entity, will I actually see him or will it just be an image in my mind @Lady_Eva

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You have to use your godlike creative power to project the imagined (at first) image of the spirit, as I explain in the first post that gives them a kind of “house” to move into.

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@Lady_Eva ok, and one last thing, since this is an angel, does the time of day matter.

Nope, between 2pm and 5pm in the afternoon is slightly better, but ANY time of day will work for the Angel of Lost Things. :cherry_blossom:

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@Lady_Eva Ok. I get the feeling I’m gonna have real trouble doing this. Will it speak to me? Sorry for being such a bother btw

Did you ever play as a child, playing at being, and get really into it? :slight_smile:

Do that, or make like you’re acting the part in a play, invest in the “imaginary” qualities, don’t expect it to be “real.”

This is to overcome ideas of failure and also, why a lot of us who got started as children have done really well with our magick, because at that age fantasy and “reality” are less clearly separated… :thinking:


I just tried twice and I can’t do it…

Do you know who Elvis Presley is? :slight_smile:

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Yes, why?

Okay, so if I say “What does Elvis look like?” can you imagine, in your mind, a BIT of how he looks - the hair, the sneer, the wiggle or maybe a white suit (Vegas)?

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Not necessarily, I’m not sure exactly what he looks like

Okay so please name me a famous person, ideally no longer among the living, who you can imagine what he or she looks like. A fictional character is fine, maybe even best, like Santa Claus.

Can you imagine what Santa looks like? :+1:

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Yes, lemme guess, imagine that figure, it’s not necessarily imagining a person, its imagining altogether. I do not have the best imagination.

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If you can:

  1. look at a picture of Santa

  2. close your eyes and imagine him there in the corner of your own room right now

  3. repeat that, with the image of a demon, like the one I gave above in the first post, or an image of an angel off the internet…

… congrats, you just started to learn how to use magickal imagination, visualisation, and structuring. :+1:

You created an image in your mind, and held and projected it, at will, as though it were in your reality.

L:ike any skill, it will take time to feel comfortable with it, but I now refer you back to THOROUGHLY read my first post in this thread, which has all the rest of info you may need. :smiley: