Sigil of Lust

Hello! Do you know if these videos are home entirely, or if they’re just not displaying in the forum?

Hello, I’m new to the forum and I already made my presentation.

My introduction is on the forum.

I want to use this sigil.

Does this sigil make me attractive to women?

If I want to attract many women, do I put my photo on the sigil or not?

How safe is it to use?

Is protection needed to use it? (Luna Servitor for example) or is it not necessary?

In the past I used morphic fields, binaurals, affirmations, subliminal files WITHOUT RESULTS.

My goal is to ATTRACT WOMEN.


Can i use draws instead of photos as i have no photos of her?
P.s. it it also related to moon phases or can be done in waning also?

So this is a new one. It is attuned to King Beleth’s Energy. Its purpose??? To make everyone around you want to fuck you. Please don’t ask me what are the limitations as this is limitless. Use with caution. I suggest you meditate with it first to absorb the energy. Enjoy.

@DonaldJames616 tell me your impressions.


Shadow doctor be like “use with caution “ knowing full and dam well I’m gonna go ham and cheese with this sigil and make everyone and they granny wanna fuck me :sneezing_face::sneezing_face:
Na but foreal bro I’m so excited to see you’re firstly back , and dropping heavy work .
But this looks insane .
I’m going to create a log in my phone notes purely for this sigil and come back in some time to talk about , meditations with it , results , etc etc
I’m working heavy with sitri right now so this feels like sitri giving me a little gift in a way as well . Let the fun begin ladies and gents


When I decided to make another sigil, I contemplated prince Sitri. I think this is a sign. Ill work on one with him. Will post soon.


Hail sitri
Hail king beleth !!


The posting link below I think is related. There should be a combination or “super sigil” of some kind that contains plenty of energy for attraction and lust that may eventually lead to sex. @Shadowdoctor and @succupedia are onto something.

Maybe creating a sigil with the combined power of Beleth along with that of Asmodeus should be brutal! :sunglasses:

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Is it supposed to be printed and taken along?

You can if you wish but its not necessary

You’re right, it will be strong and brutal. I have contemplated this but there are sometimes repercussions when using Asmodeus’ energy for sexual lust. For this reason, I did not use his power.

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That sigil looks like a dragons face a bit to me

I realised that after it was done.

@DonaldJames616 … Here you go. Attuned to Prince Sitri. It will give you a powerful aura of sexual lust.
Beware if you simply use this and walk around, you will get noticed… sometimes the right way… and sometimes you’ll give out a creepy vibe. It is what it is. Use it in accordance with all other mundane methods of seduction.


Excellent work !! Using today


@Shadowdoctor at first when you said “may give off a creepy vibe “ I was like bro what are you talking about LOL
But then I was just talking to this girl in a dating app
And also before I get into that (let me give advice, every time I’ve ever even gotten laid off a dating app , I send less then 5-10 messages and they are usually over that night
Or I get there number
Plan something
And only text them hours b4 hanging out . It has nothing to do with dating strategies cause that shit corny to me . And like more so to do with finding someone who’s just fucking DOWN . I’ve never once flat out sent a “let’s hook up text “ i literally just invite a woman over . Nothing is assumed . And yet . 90 percent of the time . I get laid haha .
Anyway I texted this girl let’s hang out
This girl gon tell me “I wanna get to know you first , I don’t wanna loose a kidney “ LOL
At first I was like whatever I’ll keep texting her , but then after a few messages I had the really strong urge to just un match her . I’ve never had that happen and it felt so weird to have someone project that onto me .LOL( moral of the story , that sigil works . Not at all upset about this situation. I find it fascinating.
Besides. I know if it worked that ONE way . I know it’ll work the other way too . And someone’s panties are going to be soaking when they see me LOL
Hail sitri . I’m never not up for a lesson or experience or test from him

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Now fast forward . Matched another girl. It’s going EXTREMELY WELL . Like so so good HAHA . Hail beleth and sitri

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Glad you’re having fun with it.

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Looks like I’m the first person to be able to once again write a successful working . I feel like firstly before I get into that . I’ve seen so many people fail in love and lust magick . And at the end of the day it’s because they have weak will , no confidence, and 0 ambition to achieve success in spell work. Yes I said it . Crazy right . Most witches I talk to have 0 drive to manifest ANYTHING . Specially with this kind of magick . You people give up so easily . Please work on that . This isn’t me trying to be a cunt , I just want others to see that they need to ACTUALLY try . Y’all seen my on and off posts in here . I ACTUALLY TRY , and don’t give up . Success for one spell doesn’t work ? Fuck it ! Lesson In that , time to move on to another person or working .

NOW let’s get into it . I’ve been working with sitri very close for a few weeks now . And it’s not a coincidence @Shadowdoctor all of a sudden came out with two sigils for lust magick . Now mind you , it almost feels like a gift from sitri , and even the doctor because he knows how hard I go with the limits of his work !! And I’m here to tell you , he JUST DROPPED THESE SIGILS 4 days ago . And within those 4 days
Meet somebody very quickly on bumble . Like REALLY FAST . I’ve done both of these sigils , bloody’d them up . And had them under my bed . It’s safe to say they are open and activated . Anyway
She picks me up , yes she picks ME up . HAHA
Girls love bums lowkey idk what to tell yall.
Anyway , we go to town , have a few drinks
Drive back to my place
Watch a movie
And yeah…definitely mid way through we start touching each other and one thing leads to the next
We had the best sex I’ve had in a long time .

So there we have it !! Please keep your questions to the doctor . Yes I’ve had success with his work . But this is HIS work . Ask HIM questions . A lot of people were coming to me for the first sigil and the success I had and I don’t wanna make it about me LOL

This should inspire you enough to just realize how to manifest a situation for yourself without having to be spoon fed directions !!
Best of luck
This shit works
If you doubt it , that’s a you problem mother fuckers HAHAHA