Should Black Magickians Remove Their Chakra System?


In my humble opinion, the very thought of removing the chakras is simply not wise. For thousands of years our ancestors have emphasized and taught us the importance of the chakras. If they were to be removed, it would be written in an ancient text. What on Earth would make one think removing astral organs is even healthy? Its very easy to say, im going to remove something I was born with on my astral body because, hey, i cant see or feel it for the most part so lets experiment. Well I dont think anyone here would volunteer to remove their liver or heart would they? Removing of Chakras, something we are all born with, just seems very careless, again in my opinion.


I agree I asked a guru and according to him you will die in a month if you actually destroy them now he said it’s possible to thin the walls of them to let their energy flow free however you can get very sick from doing this


Hmm interesting concept. I’ve seen another black Magician heavy in hermetisism talk about pushing dark energy into her chakras and transform them but I’ve never heard of pulling them out.
I’ll lerk this post :wink:


Like removing one’s heart. Not smart.


Very interesting topic- I must admit I “perused” all the posts so I apologize if I missed it but yes I have the same question and was of the same understanding


I understand the concern people have. It’s likely that most won’t agree with my perspective but I think this is a false reality matrix and from that perspective the chakra system could be part of that. It’s possible the chakra system could be a limitation on our energy and vibration. It’s also possible that because you were born into it, you have to follow its rules and be subject to having chakras in order to move energy through your body. Removing them then would cause you to deteriorate or quite the opposite, vibrate right out of this reality to a higher plane. Who knows? Only people who have tried can really answer that. Holy men and philosophers can only speculate based on what we’ve been taught and the limited experience we’ve had within the consensual reality matrix. I think it’s foolish to live and put faith in absolutes when we really don’t know anything for certain.


True but it could be an unnessisary risk that could be fatal.


You’re right, it could be. That’s why I haven’t done it. Someone who isn’t me will have to be that guinea pig :laughing:


Yeah I ain’t risking It i mean in theory it works but i dont know if theory will work here


When I first started meditating consistently, I started feeling a building of energy that felt like it was coming down into me from above. It went to where they call the 3rd eye or the ajna chakra, then my throat, and then down to my heart. This was all before I had even heard of the different chakras or their supposed locations. I wasn’t even focusing on any center, just doing mindful meditation being aware of what was going on in my body.

So in my experience there is definitely and energy system(at least for me) that coincides with the chakras regardless of my belief or lack there of concerning them. I was raised in a christian household, so I have no other explanation of why they would be there unless it’s a universal principal like gravity where it doesn’t matter if you believe in gravity or not. It is still there.


I’m thriving 4 yrs and 2 months on from letting some snaky dude I never met before inject venom into mine from his fangs because he came out of a video I watched. :smiley:

The specific effect of that, joking aside was to invert the energies associated with all of them, which fits with the matrix theory, like unlocking the regions on your DVD player. :rofl:


Your story had me wanting to let that same snaky dude bite my chakras too, but it sounded to me like your chakras were changed, not removed.


E.A. even talks about doing it in the soul travel course.


I tend to agree with serpens_album and Veritas_Magicum…I mean yeah, anything I can do to lift whatever veil I can, separate from ‘source,’ and escape repetitive cycles sounds good, but I want an idea of some stuff that will really happen too, instead of just an idea of the objective.


Doesn’t mean I wont jump into a crazy looking experiment, but having done so, and having relied so much on awareness of chakra, I just don’t feel like I’ve gathered enough info about it to be willing to try it myself yet-yknow, if that is a something I’m on my way to doing…


From what I know the chakras were made by man not the ‘source’ and because of such things I believe that doing so could cause some serious health problems I mean think about it THOUSANDS of years ago chakras were made but it was never mentioned about how they could be destroyed this shows that such a choice is unwise


But what if they were discovered? I was skeptical about chakras and kundalini before, and still found my way to teachings about chakras and kundalini having a lot of validity. I wanted to know more than I wanted to have new beliefs to hold on to. Do we create chakras ourselves or are they there because people way back then created them within theirselves and they got passed down to us?


I saw the construct you speak about. The individual consciousness experience itself within this construct, conected to other beings but still being contained nonetheless.


Belief has a lot to do with how one perceives energy. If you believe in the usual 7 chakras, then that is what you will experience. If you follow a system that incorporates 12 chakras, that is what you will get.

The energy body has certain areas in which energy flows or pools more strongly than other places. However, the actual objective existence of the chakras is questionable. In my opinion they are just a concept for the natural pools of energy within the whole etheric system, as the dan tiens of Taoism correspond to similar places, though not exactly the same as the Hindu system.

In China, there are stories of certain monks and masters who have developed what could be called “medical clairvoyance.” They can literally see through the body to the inside like an x-ray and even further into the etheric body. Because the Taoist system does not use “chakras,” they have never seen any, so I don’t think they are part of any sort of “enslavement system” that was somehow grafted onto humans.

The energy healer Donna Eden, in her book Energy Medicine, talks about the human energy body consisting of nine different energy systems, the chakras and meridians of Hinduism and Taoism being but two. She calls the meridians the energy highways, responsible for moving chi throughout the body, and the chakras as the energy stations, similar to gas stations that dot long stretches of highway. The chakras house energetic memory and act as regulators for impaired or dirty energy that might effect your body. They are the two systems that tie the most into the physical body (and probably why they are the two most written about) The other energy systems are more subtle and not tied to distinct places on the body, and thus are not as easy to manipulate consciously through the tapping of various points. However, the subtler systems are still affected by anything done through the meridians or chakras.

If Eden is correct, I would be very curious to see what effect removing the chakras would have on the other systems of the energy body. I would assume the energetic workload on the meridians would increase, leading to possible burn out so it would make perfect sense that the energy body would compensate by creating a new, bigger chakra in the chest as @Faustus mentioned he was experiencing.

I am very much interested in learning more about the effects of removing the chakra system and hope @Faustus will keep us updated.

As an aside, the kundalini can be accessed through the meridian system so the chakras are not needed for it and I don’t think their removal would effect its rise.


He only mentions it later in the course after you’ve already awakened all your chakras and says that the chakras come back on their own or in their own way, so it’s not forever, at least not how he does it. Because it’s later in the course, he obviously considers it a more advanced practice as the course is step by step with each step building on all other previous skills you’ve learned.