Should Black Magickians Remove Their Chakra System?


True. This is presenting the information about chakras in a new light and perspective that never would have thought about with out the information I’ve gotten in this post thread.


I hope you all realize that the idea of the chakras is only a relatively recent addition to Western Ceremonial Magick and their use is neither necessary nor mandatory. They have only become part of Western occultism because of the heavy influence of Theospohy, whose founder, Helena Blavatsky, was a bit too enamored of Eastern mysticism (she was also the one who made up the mythology of Atlantis being populated by sorcerers who were punished for overstepping their bounds that a lot of magicians and New Agers seem to believe) and the Golden Dawn, who took the lore of Theosophy and ran with it, adding in their version of Jewish mysticism.

Every culture on Earth, has its own ideas about the human energy system. The Hindu chakras and the Taoist dan tien and meridians are only the two most well known due, in part, to accessible information about them.


You make an excellent point, but with INTENT being a major driving force behind magic, in theory you could adopt the system of chakra use, even if you have never used it before, and once familiar with it, you could then remove them to attain the result that this is supposed to accomplish. So even if it is new to western occultism, the removal of them could still have interesting results.


I agree. The make up of the energy/etheric body is very malleable and susceptible to thought and belief so whatever you believe you need will become part of it. The sorcerers of old had nothing whatsoever to do with the chakras, and got along just fine, but the system has become so entwined with magick these days that it is hard to find any workable system that doesn’t include them.

What I think would be an interesting experiment would be to remove one’s “chakras” and then adopt another form of energy network like the Taoist system of meridians and dan tiens, and see what happens.


The idea sounds similar to the goal of kinda yoga but instead of trying to remove the chakras they are slowly fused being brought back into one line of force. In a similar vein removing them from the overall equation of the work.


Also the chakra system is your life force energy to destroy them is to die. You can drain them to the point they cant regenerate but to destroy them would kill you


From my experiences so far they are energy centers and aspects of consciousness where as kundalini is depicted as the “fire” that sustains life which is housed at the base of the spine, in some texts depicted as housed in the root chakra though they are not mutually dependent.

If you look into pranayama (prana being considered in vedic texts the vital life force) it is generally talked about regarding breath control and the raising of kundalini. Similarly with some schools of qi gong that teach various ways to control of breath and body to control the energy in the body.


Yes but chakras and qi are described as the life force of everything including the self.


The sensation that i got directly after removing the chakras was that there was one powerful chakra in my chest area. Apparently this isn’t uncommon.


Spot on. You don’t see this stuff in western literature prior to the mid to late 1800’s. Now occult literature is saturated with it.


Chakras are usually described as the channels. Haven’t seen any systems or literature that speak of them as the energy itself. Qi as with prana is described as the life energy in some texts. From your posts it sounds as if the concepts blended from your perspective. Interesting but a tad limiting in application from my point of view but if ya are gettin results the cool.


The energy that flows through is qi rhe chakras are the channels and it works without limiting their effectiveness


That’s interesting because one skilled magician on here, I observed he developed a new chakra in his chest, I’ve also seen different energy centres on people when doing healing, and the “new” ze’al chakra is also getting attention.

It’s my experience that the system most people know, the 7 wheel-like structures, is a formalised depiction of genuinely-existing energy channels BUT that they are neither rainbow-coloured, though that system does harmonise with their energy, nor all in the same location for everyone.

Just because there is no mention of a thing in the human body prior to a date doesn’t mean it was created then, people didn’t understand most phsyical organs and their role and mechanism until relatively recently, and continue to discover how things work on the cellular and genetic level even now.

Removing the constraints to energy they may represent is another topic, and whether they’re part of a slave system; it’s certainly suggestive of something like that, that altering chakras was the first thing I was given from the Ahrimanic current (The venom of Azi Dahaka).


Qi is a missunderstood term for many westerners, the simple misstake is that we believe qi is one thing but there are many different kinds of Qi.
The Qi that = life force is Wai Qi If im not misstaken and that is a Qi that is in limited supply once drained we die, its a qi that we cant replenish according to TCM but the Word vampirism comes to mind. Now the chakras have no place in TCM even thou there are some similaritys with the idea of the Dan tiens and the meridians in the body.
The idea of chi and its movement resemble the raising of kundalini as chi is raised along the spine to the too of the head to energies the brain.


The raising of the “kundalini” in Taoism is called the Greater Kan and Li. It equates to the same thing as the Hindu concept, according to my research. It is NOT the same thing as the microcosmic orbit though which is a simple energy circuit of chi around the body.


Thankyou. I’m actually a big fan of Rudolph Steiner who was a contemporary of Blavatsky.


I feel like I should refer you to my Chakra merging meditation, It does much the same thing but maintains some of the other functions that chakras have (like energetic breathing and venting)…


The guy who wrote the article, sadhguru jaggi vasudev, is a legit guy. Believe me, I know him quite well. There are some useful info about chakra system in this article. Hope it sheds some light on the topic.


Every chakra has it’s own correspondences in your physical organs, glands, etc.
The Pineal Gland corresponds to your Ajna Chakra (Third Eye).


After a couple of days it seems that the initial intense sensations have evened out and lasted about a day.For a time during that day it seemed that the power was moving to my head. This morning I felt a sense of anxiety from out of nowhere. that also faded. I can still feel the single chakra in my chest as a subtle humming or vibrating sensation.