Should Black Magickians Remove Their Chakra System?


The Chinese don’t believe in chakras, they use meridians which work as energy freeways throughout one’s body. In a way chakras seem to only exist as a mechanism for function and understanding. I am not convinced that they are “real” things apart from when the individual decides they exist and visualises them.

On a side note, I head about chakra removal a few years ago. A friend of mine woke me up in the middle of the night, told me he needed to remove them, and that he needed me to hold a shield up around him while he did. He was unsuccessful. He told me that one can also get them removed by certain weirdo reiki masters but of course one must be incredibly careful as it is akin to energetic surgery.


I have been working my ass off all week so I haven’t really had much time to do any magic or participate in the forums. It does seem that I have more energy overall and I find myself working like a machine. I am neither sick nor dying so I think I can lay that to rest. I seem to have a higher tolerance to alcohol which is strange. I also notice that I connect more with people and that I socialize more. Not sure if I like that but there it is.


The three dantien (each having three parts) do have some similarity to chakras though they are not an exact match.


Higher alcohol tolerance is also one of the effects of the kundalini Glenn Morris talks about in Path Notes of An American Ninja Master. It must have something to do with a greater flow of chi.

Sounds to me like you are experiencing some similar effects to that of completion of the kundalini. I am very much intrigued :slight_smile:

Please keep us posted!


Or accessible “misinformation” about them. It is always good to be reminded that these are relatively “new ideas” and not set in stone, just popular and accessible and not to become too fixated/attached to them.


Well I contacted a “guru” and they said that removal of chakras would be like removing your own organs you cant live with out them.
Not trying to argue but I dont think this was a wise choice


So I thought I should put this here. These are three comments I made in the TMW thread, slightly edited for clarity:

That moment when you are reading the “removing chakras” thread and and contemplating it, and you are fairly certain you just felt all of yours start bursting like rich peoples heads in Kingsmen. Woo that’s tingly!

I got this really funky liquid tye-dye/lava lamp thing going on in my body when I try and scan myself.

As it stands now, when trying basic Energy Manipulation 101 stuff, it seems to make it [varies types of energies] easier to access. Since it’s no longer restrained to specific pockets I just need to apply the right filters and I can isolate specific energies in much larger quantities.


No offense but I don’t care what the “experts” think should be happening. I care about what is actually happening in my experience. So far nothing negative.


Well you are right on that level. Chakras are extremely hard to remove if you are doing it yourself so most are just fooling themselves or simply changing the form and pattern to the chakras which is much easier or even more likely just their own perception of them.

There is a very good reason why removing or destroying chakras are primary targets in baneful magick. The meridian system really is just an extension of the chakra system as well the same as we have organs but then we also have veins and arteries. It was just never needed before in the past to mention these things as it was common sense type knowledge that the spirit would have to model after the physical and vice versa to be compatible but like many things common knowledge and sense today are sadly distorted.

In short removing chakras or damaging them is a horrible idea to do to yourself. You can modify them, temporarily merge them or alter their shapes and patterns to get boosts of power, or long term train them to new more efficient forms but intentionally fucking them up is long term going to fuck you up.


I agree I could never find the right wording


Yeah, no shit.


To move this from the theoretical to the practical, I propose the following for those who are either convinced it’s a bad thing to do or who are undecided. Find someone who you wouldn’t mind eliminating. Then work to remove their chakra system. Then observe the outcome. Do their lives get better, worse, or unchanged? Report your findings.


We should make a separate thread for this challange


How are you going with this!? I had my chakras removed about 1.5 years ago and its just the best thing. My life is 10000% mire peaceful and i am mych much more confident and at home in my own skin…


Yes. It holds you back. I felt the power moving. Through my whole body rather than only my chakras afterward. I jumped in enlightenment and psychic abilities pretty quickly. Easier to remove blocks too. I’d say it’s been 2 years since I did it. In can link the book if its allowed .


You can post a link to the book as long as it is not to a site where the book is pirated against copyright.


The pineal gland is a real organ. So unless you remove it surgically… I guess not.


The Book Of Soul Retrieval: How To Use Magick To Heal Your Soul


Interesting topic.


which would be a terrible idea and throw your whole hormonal system off balance… or not, its function isn’t entirely known