Should Black Magickians Remove Their Chakra System?

I recently stumbled upon this idea on YouTube. Some have claimed it’s freeing and that the seven main chakras are chains/rules to control you.

It is radical amongst the white-light new agers, which of course, makes it even more tantalizing.

Should we remove it and let all of out energy be free to roam through us and around us? Should we add another chakra center that would automatically balance the basic seven?
Do we need to focus more on kundalini and igniting it if we did remove our seven chakras or will our energy just be freer once they’re gone?



I just did this last night. The process made me slightly nauseous. However once it was done i felt a lightness and freedom that I had never felt before. i feel remarkably unburdened. How it affects my practice remains to be seen.


keep us posted @Faustus


Since this is more a category for E.A. I may make a separate thread for discussing this. @Lady_Eva what do you think?


@Faustus yes please keep us updated, but can you tell me what you did or how to do this?

How someone can remove his own chakras?


The procedure itself is very simple. I closed my eyes and imagined standing in front of my body. I then imagined that I could see my chakras. Starting at the Root chakra i reached in and pulled it out along with any connections attached to it. I then willed it to crumble into to dust, blowing away in the wind. Repeat that process for the rest of the chakras.


Isn’t the Pineal Gland part of the Chakra System? Isn’t that needed?

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I think the removal of chakras is an interesting concept, ive ran across it before whilst researching shamanism and ayahuasca/iboga ceremonies.

Thinking of chakras as energy regulation for yourself, it WOULD be freeing to remove them, but then, as previously mentioned, i think one would want/need another thing to adjust it.

But then again, without regulation you can manipulate a lot more at one time. It would be a risky shortcut for a novice questionmark?


We’ll see what happens. I don’t much care to go into theory of what should be happening. For the time being I only care about what my experience of it is. Could it be risk y for a novice? I really don’t know.


That is one of the best questions I have ever seen asked. You are on the right track my friend. Yes, we remove ourself from the chakra system because we abhor universal energy. Rather, we drawn energy from pure energy cores which are the capasitors and engines of our individuality. Each pure energy core processes its own unique energy which corresponds to one of your natures.

What’s wrong with it?

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I can respect that approach to the work.

Does the kundalini energy remain present or accessible without the chakra system?

And would the removal of your chakras make your energy more malleable for internal alchemy and whatnot?

It’s fine here, no objections from me, but if you want to make a separate thread, or move this to another category, that’s also cool. :+1:


The kundalini system is supposedly a different thing. I didn’t do anything to that.

I just tried some energy breathing for the purpose of answering your question. I don’t seem to be getting the sensation of being full of energy like before. Has my capacity increased? More work will tell.

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Good afternoon Lady_Eva how’s it going?

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Because it connects us with all things. To acheive certain states you must be severed from all things. Karma works through the universal energies. I dont like being connected to a greater system that regulates my energy. I like to self regulate my own energies.


Interesting, I never thought of it that way.

Unless you don’t believe in karma. I’ve seen no evidence of its existence.