Should Black Magickians Remove Their Chakra System?

Yea man to perform true sorcery gota access your natures. That’s where your own resaviours of pure energy are. I can tell you about your natures. You must discover them on your own. My nature is very thoughtful and analytical but I also have other natures like my beast nature which is very protective. As we act upon our genuine pure natures we manifest our true self.

Karma is a b**** and a skanky prostitute! :smiling_imp::wolf::tiger::frog::rooster:


I’m the same in that respect. Thanks for the clarification.


I’m considering this method as well. Have you had a scan or anything to verify your chakras are gone?

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No. You may or may not have noticed but I never participate in the scanning topic. Because reasons. What I do know is that something is very different. I’m still exploring what that means I’m terms of effects.


Right on. Keep us updated :metal:t2:

Anything and everything is potentially risky for a novice. Like it is far more worrisome to be shot at by a novice shooter rather than a pro.

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the concept of the chakras exists for energy control and balance to destroy them would be like destroying the universe’s balance system.


Is this the western concept of karma or the eastern concept of karma? My understanding is there has been much mutilation and understanding in the concept of karma in the West. Where in the East, while it may look similar at a glance/on the surface, has a whole different deeper meaning that is not accessible to or share with Western outsiders or Outsiders in general.

In short: the Western idea of and view of karma is all cluster fucked and wrong. ha.


I perceive the systems themselves. Im not into ideology honestly.

It also enables you to manipulate/use the universal energies to your advantage. Once you know the “rules” of a system, you can in turn use those rules to your benefit and rather than be regulated by other, you are the one regulating them.

Buuuuut to each their own and if the benefits of being solitary/disconnected out weigh the benefits of being connected- well there you are.


I didn’t realize it was ideology. My understanding is there are two Karma systems- The West and the East - that do different things though they are often treated as the same.

I could be wrong and it could just be ideology interoperating the one system in two different ways.

Ideology is a pain in the ass in that way.

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I hope I dont come across as demeaning when I say this but there are people who talk abiut2 ideas and theories about things and then people who experience them. Now I’m all about analysis ans getting into interpretations but I don’t do alot of studying of things when it comes to the occult. I find that many things in the occult can be accessed and sensed personal without the need for second hand opinion.

When I speak of karma, I mean those regulatory powers which govern over certain energetic exchanges. Karma works on the microscopic level relegating energies based on individual descisions and karma works on the macrocosm relegating whole pools of energy. For me it’s better to inner perceive than to tell someone about. My inner perception is clearer and more accurate than my words. That’s why I try to avoid ideology, because words often fail to express the fuller percent of what is actually true. Plus words can be very ambiguos and stir confusion.

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I agree with the concept of killing ideology. There are Eastern cults that are forced to rip pages out of their holy books and burn them so they won’t become too attached to dogma. Remember the old adage, “If you see the Buddha on the road, kill him.” It’s an analogy for being attached to ideas and putting people and concepts on a pedestal. However, we’re on a forum. We’re here to exchange ideas right? So we have to use these big concepts like the karma of the Eastern cultures and the Karma of the West as a means of conveying ideas to one another. It’s true that in Eastern cults the concept is very different. The Western idea of Karma makes me want to vomit, especially the Law of Threefold Karma bullshit. I’ve not seen a shred of evidence that this is real. Karma is one thing and one thing only, if it exists at all. It is energy making a complete circuit and returning to its source. It’s cause and effect.




It’s certainly not your cosmic daddy dealing out punishment for your wrong doing.


No, not deeming at all. Actually very helpful in understanding what you have said and will be saying later. Also that is one of the better definitions of karma I have seen.

You operate, work and practice based on feel- your feel- of things. Which is can be very hard to explain to others- let alone “teach” others because not all people “feel” the same thing. Where one may feel a strong hot feel, another may feel a warm feel.

Others work/practice based on…what would you call it? Academia, research and study? Which is easier to explain and teach because Academia, research and study is something that can be “seen” and “felt” more or less the same.

The only draw back that I am aware of operating by “feel” is that it is less structured and skips what many consider “the basics” which can take some of the punch out of the working.

Understand, the punch it takes out is like rather than releasing a category 5 hurricane force, you instead release a 4.5 hurricane force.

I mean, a 4.5 solitary hurricane vs a 5 “group effort”/“group regulated” hurricane…if the cost and benefits of one is more attainable/desirable than the other- there you are.


Yea more like a macrocosmic automation thats not actually alive nor personal.

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Theres this massive metadimensional construct made of light designed and built by the Continuum on behalf of the will of life. It controls so much of our reality and perception influencing us to our individual person. Karma is part of that grand mechanism. The immaterial fields of the planets are connected. All life is connected to this massive construct of light. Even our brains and minds are conected as we ourselves in human bodies are in fact light beings.


So I didn’t mean to turn this into a discussion that would derail this thread. Back on topic, I have heard enough discussion on this topic to become suspicious of chakras. It’s been speculated that they are part of the slave system of this matrix reality. I’ve just never wanted to fuck with my energy body in that way without knowing what would happen, so I’m glad Faustus is being a guinea pig.