Shifting realm.


I know it says to make a post to say background etc but I don’t want to sway answers, I want to ask for advice.

I will say,m I have a background with Magick, evoking/invoking etc.

What does it mean when reality starts to glitch? Things happening that I know are not me seeing things due to tiredness.

Things appearing out of nowhere, items disappearing but that is not a new thing as such.

When I say things appearing and disappearing I mean like Mandela effect type glitches.

The effects have slowly gotten stronger. I can say more if it helps.

I just want ideas from you lot, again, I don’t want to say too much as I don’t want any answers swayed by anything I say.


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When these happen to me there’s two main causes, one is the Fae playing silly buggers, but they do this to small metal things like keys, scissors and knives. If this is the case, you can ask for them to “help you find” the items and you’ll usually find it right where you already looked.

The other is switching universes due to your vibrations changing. Manifestation magick causes this sometimes, and the more magick you do the more it can happen. You can also cause it by accidentally moving through a portal. The things that change are usually minor and don’t seem very relevant or helpful, but something else about that version f the inivers is better in sync with your new vibration so you’re now manifesting in that one.

As an analogy, I liken it to changing lanes on a six lane highway… you’re still on the same highway, it looks almost identical, but to be able to take a given exit (get a result) you had to get into the right lane. It’s hard to change too many lanes at once, but bit by bit you move over to get where you’re going. It’s not really important that the road itself looks a bit different as long as you’re still on the right road.