Mandela Effect

Have any black magician experienced mandela effects? A watched a youtuber say something about the universe playing tricks on some people by changing their past.

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Yes this happens from time to time. It’s not so much a trick of the universe, imo, as I don’t see why something as ineffable as the universe would get personal like this, but if you follow the school of thought that suggest either:

a) you are manifesting your universe every split second, so if you change your energy, your manifestation, or maybe, your perception, (and perception affects reality) is shifted slightly to match or

b) there are billions of parallel universes, you are in the one that fits your vibes, so, the ones very close in vibration can be a bit different, and if you change your energy you switch to the altered version

… then there can be some minor differences.

I had some other thoughts on it here:

There’s also the theory that the business at CERN/Alice effectively created sorcery events that affect the vibes of the whole planet enough to make changes many can see, usually small things that are cosmetic, like spellings and colours.

The biggest Mandela effect I had was a purchase from a Thrift app that vanished. After I unpacked it and put it away, I went to get it and it was gone, and so was the transaction in the app I bought it in, and so was the transaction on my bank statement, and the seller had never listed it, it no longer existed anywhere but in my memory. I bought a 2nd, but the 1st never did show up.


I say the universe can play tricks on people because one of my mandela effect experiences was misfortunate, which was of a favorite anime tv series of mine. And the whole vibration paradigm sounds a bit white-lighty.

My UPG, when it comes to Mandela effect, is that it might be bleed through to parallel realities, just as dreams, outside the normal data dump experience, could be as well.

I’ve had a couple that I’ve experienced in my life, but one of the cooler ones that I have never heard others repeat is I remember a different beginning to the movie Master and Commander. Where it starts off with him getting the commission of the ship from an Admiral and then meeting the doctor in the bar where he hires him to become the ships doc. I have asked numerous people and watched the movie dumbfounded several times since and have never heard or seen these scenes played out again.

Do you think spirits can cause things like this?

I wonder if de ja vu is connected to the Mandela Effect? But aside from that, my family and I have all experienced various effects ranging from the popular “I see white people” from Scary Movie through to seeing the funeral of Nelson Mandela as a child and buying things as a family that we all remember that we no longer have / cannot find / no proof of purchase.