Sending spirits to attack

I would like to ask for some advice
my situation
I have been having sleep attacks for a long time
nightmares, sexual dreams,
ugly scary scenes like from horror movies ,fear of going to sleep as if someone were in the room
also great fatigue at any time during the day like taking sleeping pills
also close, falling off ,and vertigo extreme
I recently found out as someone told me
he sends you these spirits specifically someone from my family ,I know who exactly it is
I also often had dreams about this person
for example, in those dreams it was like he was burning black candles
and constantly about him,he even told me in one dream that he hates me, etc
also, when I look back, it started around when he was visiting us and he was sitting on my bed and was discussing something with my brother, I was in the kitchen with my mother at the time
and I remember that at that time 1-2 days the dreams started
what should I do in such a case?
I know that he practices some kind of magic, I just don’t know what tradition
I would also like to solve it with magic, I just don’t know what to use

I will be grateful for any advice


Hello, it depends on kind of magick you usually work, but if you’re comfortable with Goetic spirits you can call Sabnock, so he will not only protected you but he will also remove and reverse the curse. I have used this How to reverse a curse with Sabnock with some modifications but it really worked for me.

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You got several options. I have experience with these so I can reassure you they all work.

  1. Vine (Goetic demon) can protect, cancel curses, reverse them, expose the one that cursed you, etc.
  2. Hayiel (one of the 72 angels) can also protect you, and cancel, repel, and nullify curses
  3. Doing the Magickal Protection ritual (from the book with the same name) for 33 days, and doing the Sword Banishing every day when you wake up and before going to sleep.

Those three options worked really well for me.

Pick one and focus on that one only. There’s no need to do them all at once.


My first guess would be he got himself parasitised and it hopped over to infect you when he visited. Parasites will follow the line of least resistance and family members are easy targets. Is he having any nightmares as well at all? Unless there’s a reason for him making a dick move like that.

As well as the above, do you have any wards and protections like shields in place?

We have a bunch of ideas for basic preventative as well as active measures that are worth taking as practitioners, as attracting unwanted astral entities is a common problem. Which some basic walls up if he brings in more critters with his next visit (assuming that’s what happened) it shouldn’t be an issue, and you may naturally clear them off him as well if you warded the whole house.


thank you, I’m going to check it all out

thank you, I’m going to check it all out
and that about the sword is in that book?

it’s not a parasite, I did it ritual with Murmur
I have protection, but it lasts only a short time
I’ll look at the rest, thanks

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Yes, the Sword Banishing is in the Magickal Protection book.

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I’m with @anon6645274 regarding Magickal Protection. I have yet to work with individual spirits regarding protection/defense but MP is very comprehensive.

I’m in middle of Master Protection ritual (my second time, first time was in 2020). I wanted to remove and clear up any and all spiritual, psychic, magickal, energetic dross.

This time it’s following sequence in one sitting:

Sword Banishing (daily)
Master Protection Ritual (33 days)
Cancel a Curse or Supernatural Attack (33 days)
Protection Against Influence (11 days)
Remove Parasitic Beings (5 days)

You could figure something similar for yourself. Even with stacking five rituals, it’s hardly time consuming. MPR by itself is very empowering.

@Mulberry has a great point about parasites. I understand you already have protection in place, there’s nothing to lose if you try out MP.

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That one is GREAT. It’s like it lifts a blindfold and lots of truths are revealed to us within just a couple of weeks. I had an awesome experience with that one.


In fact, I got idea of using PAI from your post.

Edit: This post.

I have come to realize that to realize concrete results in real world (as in physical day to day), I must work on within. Though it maybe true for everyone, everyone brings different “quota” for different areas of our lives.

Somethings come very easy to me, some not so. So I am using a “brute force” (for lack of a better words) approach to engage with my “within”.

This forum is God sent. :pray:t4:

So thank you! :slight_smile:

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Oh my goodness.

It appears that you have a parasitic entity or set of them feeding on your negative mental and emotional state.

You could likely also have some form of magickal attack to deal with as well.

No worries. Banishing and cleansing practice, reversal spells and uncrossing candles could get things moving away from yourself and back towards this mysterious assailant. A good magickal attack if you have the name and likeness of the offending party(ies) couldn’t hurt either of you’re willing to fight them, because even a seasoned veteran may become more inclined to a fallback routine than to keep trying to prey upon someone who’s learned to deliver a good one two kick to the neck at them. My point was that all people have the capacity to become rather encouraged not to keep harassing us with magickal assaults and attacking our dream worlds if we hit them back and forth a few good time.

Also, parasites are allergic to the chemical properties of hyssop, rue, and various other herbal concoctions that have been used in the Catholic holy water remedies of hoodoo and vodun, santeria and etc

If you’ll just make up some holy waters for a bath time ritual you’ll start to feel that difference as soon as you’ve dried off, and it’s really that fast.

You don’t have to follow those prescribed rituals but to apply the principles taught by those traditions could prove to be of good use to anyone regardless of whether they’re interested in reading Biblical psalms and proverbs during their bathing and spiritual hygiene.

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