How to reverse a curse with Sabnock

Hello people, i share this information to all because it’s very useful and works very well. When another magician/witch or any person with knowledge of the occult attack you, and you need to reverse the curse upon them, Sabnock will return all the malice to the sender, and if you will, he can protect you very well.

(Put all this stuff in the altar, before you start)

You need :

  • A Violet candle (Gamaliel Colour)
  • Incense
  • The sigil of Sabnock
  • An Egg
  • Be naked or only with intimate clothes
  • A Bowl with water.
  • Offering (If you will, I recommend)

Light the Candle and Incense

Call Sabnock with you prefered method (I use the sigil and enn method)

Thanks sabnock for coming.

Start to roll the egg in all your body.

While you say until you roll the egg in all your body :

" With the help of Sabnock, my defender, all this Malice and Curse that was in my body, return to the sender, with full force, of all that malice i stand clean and free"

  • (Be aware that sabnock is supporting you.)

Do this in the whole body, and when you finished, break the egg and put it in the water, so you can see the curse that you body had. (wait 5 min).
While the egg in the water takes his form, you Ask Sabnock to return all the curse from the bowl to the sender, (You can use the previous phrase) And if you will, you can ask him to protect you from another attack. (Optional)

Thanks Sabnock for his help, and close the ritual with you prefered method.

Drop the egg of the bowl in the toilet. And that’s all !!!

(Sorry for my english.)


Pretty cool, thanks for posting. Have you used this to good effect?


Yes, I returned several curses to a witch and she never put again curses on me, so its effective. And when you call sabnock for protection, the sender become ill.


Good Evening Rode 92 my names Gee nice ot meet you.
I have looked into the ritual and done some research on Sabnock.

Sabnock is a Great Marquis of Hell who governs over fifty legions of demons and is the 43rd demon listed in the Ars Goetia.

Would it be wise to ask a demon for help reversing the curse back to the sender ?
as i am religious and don’t want to betray my lord Jesus and ask help from a demon .
I have a succubus attachment witch i want get rid of without making it worser for me
any suggestions Rode ?
I am at the point of ending my life this attachment is driving me the wall .
feel week and drained sleep all day and wake up 3pm in the afternoon then i am up to 4am in the morning even then i cant sleep in the same bed as my partner as i will not let me sleep with her ?
when my partner gets up at 6am then i can sleep in my bed otherwise i cant sleep with her .
After she goes to work i can fall asleep within 10 mins and sleep all day .its dark when i sleep and when i wake up its dark again and my curtains are close all the time like it wants me in the dark .
when i draw the curtains and let the light in i have headaches and i then end up i dark parts of the house to avoid the light .It does not let me go out of the house if i do i get dizzy and headaches
i dont want to be around people i like it on my own i have stopped all family members from coming to my house .headaches start 3 days before the full moon and sexual desires and urges get stonger until after the full moon about 3 days again and the same on the new moon it starts 3 days before the new moon and 3 days after at this stages i am more vulnerable for sexual attacks while sleeping and wake up with semen down my pants.when i know its going to attack i feel the sexual urges come on and then i put salt down my private parts in tissue and insert it in my foreskin so i make it useless for the succubus as its no good they don’t like salt.then it will attack me when i am not expecting it .
my energy is very week drained out i listen to bible ,quran and been to mediums priests voodoo priest in africa called a marabout is a Muslim religious leader practice voodoo very bad person
he sent goat horn and talisman for wear and black water to wash with for 2 weeks .
once start washing with this water i was hearing voices like someone left the telephone receiver by my side .basically he made a voodoo doll of me and was speaking through it to control me and pay more money .but i have a muslim priest told me to through the horns and talisman away in a river and say go back were you came from and told me to wash with holy Quranic water for 41 days so break the voodoo curse as the marabout is a very nasty psychic medium who was listening to you through the doll he has of me.So there for i was OK and stopped hearing voices .but the problem with succubus continues .

holy water payers bible Quran doe not do anything to this succubus the Muslim priest that helped me has tried for 3 years . he say that he never seen anything like this before its a different species altogether he keeps giving talisman to burn but nothing is working .

someone say that the succubus use your energy and its impossible to remove it your self.
I have to have salt baths every days to build my energy then i happens again.
i have tried all the oils pine oil lavender basil and about 50 others
medically i am fit and health i have brain scans for tumors and everything else and im all clean fit and health .

they have remove portals imps evil spirits sent to me through black magic from my stepmother and my real mother both practice black magic they both really hate me .I no what your going to say surely not your real mother ? very evil women my real mother left me when i was 8 yrs old with my grandmother
to bring up and all her life practicing black magic to hert her enemies and inflict curses and hexes
she has dark serpents, and shape shifters working for her and very good with voodoo doll making he has master the art with voodoo dolls .
she hates me for choosing to be with my granmother and she hate my partner .
I catch her blowing knots on the road at my partner and son i seen her doing it i nearly drove the van
over her but forgave her and did not speak with her again,
if you can help in any way please let me know sorry to bor you with my problem

kind regards


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Hi Bro, you can use Demons of magick book method, and invoke the demon using the names of god and the Shehamphorasch Angels and Angelic emisaries, so you dont betray Jesus or your faith. Forcalor can wither the magick aimed at you, i dont recomend to reverse a curse and enter in a magick battle if you aren’t experienced in magick. So start removing the curse first. Remove and Protection, first. Then with practice attack if you need.

Other method to remove demons, and magick aimed at you of your sensation sphere and life is invoking Saturn Planetary Forces, but this is RHP magick.

A good start is perform the Lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram can help you a bit. But if the attachment of the demon is too strong with you, need a more powerful ritual.


Excellent, I recommend this. Awesome and simple. Thanks to you and thanks a lot to Sabnock.

Interesting point although member no say country, I tink it’s a few works on him.he did not mention Amazon authors, but a lot of spells to fight back.which are a little weak.i in his case I tell you tis did you try Quora,it’s a Arabic book again withchraft,? then move on to Gordon books, even the Maximilien lafayet guy.against witchcraft book will help,and about sex spirts mirrors,above bed and salt on corners,wen they show up,try get so mad,use tat opportunity to send them back to caster.

Amazing and thank you for sharing.

Please how do I work with Sabknock for healing?

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