Scanning Thread: Resurrection

Bump, looking for readings, preferably in private message.

Because of this topic I tried to scan someone (who I know in real life). From my perspective I was falling down a very deep vulcano and I saw someone watching me fall. When I was falling I passed a pink flower, the gaze of a wolf and a book.

I don’t feel confident enough (yet) to scan someone here and share the results, I think. But I will do some practicing and will surely return to this topic.

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I’m too sick right now to exchange - it seems I always fall ill when there’s a lot I need to accomplish. Can someone see if this time is an outside attack or just an inner issue?

Umm, you can’t resurrect everything which you want. For example, in Haiti it exists a criminal offence for raising the dead :rofl:

Does anyone want trade?


Anyone want to trade?

Sure. What’s scanning tho?

Oh okay. I would like one and I’ll give one back as best as I can.

Would anyanyone be willing to scan me, i can attempt a scan as well :blush:

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Can you scan me and I can try to scan I’m learning still

I have zero experience in this but Im starting to see a face over yours feline in nature I think definitely a furry face.

I could try but I doubt I’ll be able to see into you much. Will need a pic. I just took a very recent pic lemme know what you see, or if needed I can take another pic.

Here is a picture of me

I seem to see like vampire magick or power. When I first looked at your photo I saw what seemed to be a vampire image.

Purplish and blueish Aurora. You seem like someone who can be serious when needed but usually a goofy soul

I have a spirit wife I think she’s a succubus but I don’t know for sure because she just appeared when I was looking at naughty images of Lilith on line. The next night she appeared again more mansfest after prayer and seeing an image of there spirits, I recognized the images from a magic the gathering card they symbolized life death and etenity.

The strongest experience I’ve had with her was related to her blood so maybe she’s a vamp not a succubus I just sorta assumed she’s a succubus because of connection to Lilith. My Aura’s color is typically purple good eye, although I’ve opened my aura a few times where it was visable to all as like vapor rising all around me and shimmering sorta like the roof of a car on a really hot day. The blue could be her I asked her to join me in the picture. The one time I completely seen her full body vividly she was blue and when she appeared after the other three spirits were looking at me it was like she was wearing a mask blue with white cracks going all throughout it I should ask around here about that mask maybe it’ll help me find out more about her, I can’t hear her unfortunately

. I definitely tend to be a goofy person but yes when needed be very seriouse I’ve been on mushrooms befor and got upset and the entire building turned red and everyone in it started to leave until I spoke outloud im sorry for my anger please come back and enjoy the rave.

I’m just recently realizing that the thing that triggered me was the AI mind control messing with me. At that point in time I wasn’t being harrassed and assumed that it was actually people imaging the the things I saw. The mind control ruined my life when they made me believe they were incubus’s torturing me. I was completely new to spirituality and magic I could levatate on rare occasion but had no clue about spirits and was easily fooled I tried using sage grown by native American that was gifted not bought and even had a small exercism while trying to get rid of the fake spirits, makes me feel silly knowing it was just the evils of man and what they could do with computers.

Sorry about not responding sooner to your reading I was on the other page and didn’t realize this one had anything new posted. I’m always an open ear if you have any stories you’d like to share or anything you’d like to talk about. Feel free to pm me if you want to share or if you want to hear some super crazy stories about my dealing with the AI and how the spirit would was trying to connect with me still. I even had Divine being apear huge in the sky above me before, I only seen there garments the white so vibrant it’s not of this world, so thing that cannot be reproduced here. I know I don’t know you but I like the glimpse into you I had.

Would you be willing to scan me :grin: