Scanning Thread: Resurrection

Can anyone scan me please? (Entities , gods etc) I’m new to all this so I don’t know how to scan back sorry.

Thank you. I can’t create new PMs tet, so PM me if you’d like your reading

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@Xag_darklight up for a slightly challenging scan?
I need a scan done on a parasite that’s harrassing me. Lady Eva tried to scan it and didn’t get much, only its here and pretty strong.
Her words not mine lol. Also there may be an incubus around here, im not to sure.

So if you feel like it can you try to scan this annoying bitch?

Im seeing a healthy tree, its huge, strong unyielding the wind wont topple it over, roots deep in the earth, I see a full moon in the sky. Theres water, lots of waves, a storm is brewing.
Scanning is fucking weird lol. Im sorry this isnt alot, my first time scanning.

You didn’t ask me, but I’m getting teeth.
Lots. Of. Teeth.
Thick cables of muscle.
9 eyes of various sizes and placements.
It’s oppressive just trying to see.
I’m not super great at scanning but I’m not going to lie, I really don’t like this.

Edit: looking harder, I think this is just what it wants to be seen as. Not what it is.

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I’d have a scan. :smile:


I’ll give it a go tomorrow, im exhausted right now.

Go for it.

Also, @anon33099313 sounds good.

Does anyone want to trade?

I see a hooded figure walking a long road alone, reminds me some of how the grim reaper is depicted, lightning strikes near by. He keeps calm and walk onwards into the darkness. He’s in no hurry.

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Can I be scanned? I’m curious of the result.

I saw a womans eyes that morphed into a wolves face. Then I saw a woman singing. She was light complected with dark hair and what looked like purple highlights. I also felt warm, red energy when I scanned you.

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Thats awesome thanks :slight_smile: you were pretty spot on cause im a female with dark hair and light skin. My favorite color is purple (mainly dark purple) i think the warm red energy comes from the fact that i like working a lot with the element of fire. And i’m a musician i don’t sing yet but i want to learn it eventually.


Thanks for the feed back. I’m a musician as well. Never learned to sing either. Don’t keep up with playing like I used to. Still play on occasion though.


I’ve been slacking too myself lol. Been trying to get back in the swing of things.

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I walked to my old job for about 4 years. 6.3 miles one way, and I often had to walk in the dark.
On an unrelated occasion lightning struck about 50 feet away from me.

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Do we just simply reply here to request a scan? I would appreciate one.

I’m not sure you learn to sing like you would an instrument I believe you either can or you can’t. Most closet singers just simply didn’t have positive reinforcement to continue pursuing that passion. It became a tired old thing to rip on anyone that was caught singing when in reality they probably DID have the talent. I know I for one thought the same and as an instructor showed me I couldn’t be more wrong.

If you have the talent, take vocal lessons to improve your range and projection. Always sing using diaphragm, not throat unless you are going for some really niche music. I do both clean singing and harsh, high and lows of each spectrum and they both balance each other out. You can absolutely destroy your vocal cords with harsh singing if you do not take care of your voice, but through doing both styles you will drastically improve your range.

Choral music was my entryway into performing music, as well as a big part of gaining self-confidence in my own abilities and talents. For the range example I was talking about, I was a double bass. I am now able to do Baritone or Low Tenor. I wanted to weigh in on your desire to sing because too many people do not follow their passions. If you feel called to something, go to it.

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Anyone up for a trade? I have something I need confirmation on.

Does anyone want to scan me and see if theres any link to any entity, sigil, symbol on my soul? Please and thank you. Im curious to know if I serve any entity.
I can scan back, but im still new to this, so I may not be very accurate.