Scanning Thread: Resurrection

I can try. Do you have a regular selfie that I can look at to give you a scan. I’m not so great when I don’t see a real photo or not in the presence of the energy

Anton wanna trade?

I got something like that read this

I’ll trade

Alright let’s do it

You first and what would you like for me to focus on

For you I feel a very dense and compressed energy, that is similar to magma? It glows and burns like magma yet remains hardened like a rock.

To me this speaks of a very grounding energy, possibly connected to the underworld or hell for that matter. Energies primarily yin based.

Anything in general.

Anyone want a trade? I’d like a scan.

Sure if you go first?

Sure anything you need to be scanned?

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Nothing in particular just what comes up I suppose

I feel your wings have been growing. Your ability to soar through the spritual realms have been growing with ease. I saw you spiraling quickly into the air. Then coming bacc down shaking the ground around you. Symbolizing your aggresive nature and your ablity to completely destroy your enemies. Enemies being those keeping you from your goal.

I hope this is good and is true for you. I can do it again or add on.

Edit: you were very spot on with my enegry I’m connected to hell on as very deep and physical level.

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As am I :wink:

Nice work!

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Thank you

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@TheMagi let me know if you need an image

If you want, it might help. And sorry doing some work atm. Be ready soon

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Can anyone scan these pieces of jewelry for me please? Will scan back, I’m not great at it, but I’ll give my best shot.

Red Cinnabar dragon

Hey sorry it has taken me so long, I shall be giving you one today though!

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I see a cloaked figure with large dark dragon wings. I don’t know if I’d called them completely black but definitely dark-colored. His cloak is dark tan, almost sand-like color but sand is too light to describe it. It seems to have frayed edges.

Under the cloak, he seems to have other dragon-like features though he is clearly humanoid. Dragon eyes that are yellow-green, small horns, there is a tail the color of the wings. His skin looks human though there are some serpent-like qualities to the face (Scalely bumps, etc).

He seems to be dressed in almost ceremonial attire, outfitted with a dark cloth cover with gems, gold, chains, etc. A belt on his waist and an ouroboros symbol (Though it wasn’t just a serpent, it had wings and such like a western dragon).

He held a staff made of oak wood. It was thick and it formed a cradle at the top with a pulsating fire resting in it.

He was standing on the top of these large peaks that seem to stretch forever in the sky. On a peak near him, a black and dark green dragon sat atop of it. It was bowing its head but out of respect and not subservience. It seems to be very close to this cloaked figure.

I saw another image of this nest strung out and dangling in between all these peaks. It was like a giant ball of spider webs. In it was a burning force identical to the one coming off the staff. It was almost like a beating heart and the cloaked figure was trusted with apart of it.

I’m getting that the cloaked figure was you. It seemed pretty peaceful the entire scanning. Some fearsome imagery but an overall inviting feeling. I don’t know if it has anything to do with a particular situation, an astral image of you, or maybe a place in the astral that someone wants you to visit. Whatever it means, it seems to have a good connotation to it.