Scanning Thread: Resurrection

Would also love to trade or be scanned :slightly_smiling_face:

I see a wolf etched on a full moon.

Chances are you have recently connected with lunar energy in one way or another, or the moon is calling you. Do some research on the matter and trust your intuition.

The wolf suggests a strong spirit. Family oriented, though maybe not your physical family. The question is whether you are part of the pack, or the leader of the pack. I believe it is a little bit of both. You step into either role whenever you need to, often doing a sort of dance between the two, and sometimes, you even play both roles simultaneously.

That’s just my take on the matter. I feel I am wrong on some things :confused:

The last bit of advice, when a deal seems too good to be true, examine it well and foresee the consequences however you can, whether that is logically or through tarot.

Edit: I said tarot but I mean divination in general.

2nd edit: didn’t link you for some reason @Radex

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Hey @AEther_K_D , could you scan me as well whenever you have spare time?

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Thank you so much man. I greatly appreciate the reading and advice! Its definitely very relevant to my life and lifestyle right now.

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I see a serpent twirling in a spiral as it winds through a Celtic cross.

First thing, it makes for a very very interesting sight because, it should be impossible, it would have to have so much extra skin and it would all bunch up but, for this, it defies nature and remained smooth.

Based on these observations, I’d say you have a beast inside you that you let out at times, often devouring the rats that snitch. The next thing, I believe that Celtic symbol suggests strength and courage. You may not feel this way, but you have the willpower to do anything and everything that you need to do. The snake defying nature suggests that you have a strong spirit that is always embedded in magick and often defying the laws of the known reality. Good luck that defies what is supposed to happen. Often, you feel that things are too good for you.

This being said, like most people, you get distracted by the negatives and focus on them most of the time instead of all the good that comes your way. I’m not saying you never enjoy the positives, if they lift you high enough you enjoy it for a moment, then something always brings you back down. or so that’s how you feel often enough.

These seem like conflicting paragraphs but, if you read carefully, you can see how both could be true.

The other thing to consider, one or the other could be on a subconscious level.

My advice, take it or leave it: do more grounding and energy work. Enoch Petrucelly’s book, The Book of Soul Retrieval could help, though you could get at least some of the information on this forum. Try chi gong or yoga. You will have more positive energy and thus you will feel more positive.

Other advice is, try writing down a few things everyday that happened that you are thankful for. This will help you to recognize the good that goes on around you. Even if they’re just simple things, it’s better than being ungrateful and not recognizing the positives.

Edit: not saying you’re ungrateful either :sweat_smile:

2nd edit: I was channeling Gusion who can kind of be harsh. But he’s really good at divination. So a kind of trade off… 🤷

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Damn, this is on point. I do have to do energy work but I am always getting lazy about it. I will definetly check out the book you mentioned. Thanks a lot.

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Anyone want to trade?

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I’ll trade. @NamelessOne

I see a starry night but the sky is full of stars that it illuminates almost everything. It feels like balance is around.

The air feels cool and their is a slight breeze that feels even cooler.

I see a large hand hand with knobby knuckles, thin fingers in proportion to the hand. The color of the hand is an off white and the finger nails are long. The arm is wearing a long sleeve, I can’t see who the hand belongs to.

The pointer finger has a necklace the looks like an old rosary (black)that is repurposed and it is working like a key chain for a large sliver key.

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Anyone trade?

@Brand_New I saw two triangles one on top of the other. Neither had a line on the bottom. Looked like the symbol for hills or mountians. Next I saw a moonlit pond. It was a big bright full moon. A woman was walking out of the pond. She was tall with blonde hair. She looked like an elf from lord of the rings in appearance. She pointed to the moon then opened her arms.

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I’ll have to figure out who the hand belongs to and what the key is for.

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That is an image that pops into my head a lot, in fact my pinterest is full of trying to get the way I see it down. I’m unsure if it is my GodForm or past life. But it pops up a lot when I think of Azazel?

Thank you.

Also the key looked like a skeleton key, which are the master key to open all the doors.

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Maybe you should ask him about it.

Scan trade?

I’m game. I got the scenery of a desert at dusk, violet sky covered in stars and sands as red as dried blood. I could see flames streaking across the landscape, leading a road to a series of pyramids. Random imagery of flies, locusts, a red stone of some sort, a horn, and foot prints disappearing as the sand blows in the wind.

Could anyone scan me?

Trade anyone?

I need a scan. Can trade a tarot reading.

@longlostredemption I am in. I saw a desert in the twilight. A lone traveler was passing through the dessert. He looked like a stereotypical Arab carrying expensive cargo. For some reason he was on foot. It was very windy so he was hiding all his face except for his eyes. He looked very wise. That’s all I got

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