Scan discovery

well i was wring about it all it wasnt pazuzu it wasnt even a male it was an ages women with long black over her face. The scanner said this who was @Susanne i highly recommendd
said this

"And she quickly came to me, but I see an androgynous being, with wrinkles, I don’t detect and specific age, and has the hair (long hair) covering half of the face."She said that she will detach from you if you make action, I don’t know what’s she’s refering saying that.

im so confused about the action she means

I wrote the above over a month ago because I saw all this stuff coming down the pike for you. Performing a task for this spirit might get rid of it. More likely it will have you just jumping through hoops.

More requests will likely follow, each one more ridiculous than the last. I wouldn’t entertain doing anything at all for it. Best to get rid of it before things escalate further.


^ This. Imo, too many newer occultists are parasitised, just in those I see on BALG, and you’re right you can’t say anything unless they see it as a problem.

I see way too much automatic trust for random entities as if these beings were wiser and wiser and higher than the practitioner just for not having a body. It matters who you;re talking to.
I know I can come across super cynical/jaded sometimes, but being suspicious upfront is a survival skill.


Banish, banish, banish.

No amount of scans or readings are going to help really. If something was messing with me to the point it could possibly get me in trouble with those around me (i.e the computer screen topic), then I’d be more focused on banishing it for good.


alright and the scanner said the girl was older and had long black hair the same exact girl who was in my dreams a while back before this mess

My advice would be to stop blindly trusting scans in the forum especially if you get a completely different reading from each scanner in a short period of time.
I say this with no intention to criticize or belittle anyone’s ability, but you have to remember that not all people in this forum are experienced in magick and thus, their skills don’t always suffice to produce an “accurate” reading.
Besides, the scanning thread IS a place for people to exercise their abilities, so it would be best to try and get multiple scans and not just one from a random person who offers a trade.

The same applies with entities. And -here- I will disagree with the popular opinion that you should trust the “higher rank” entities more than the lower beings, again without implying that any of the commenters here said anything like that.
No matter how powerful and respected a person may be, you’d rather have them earn your trust than just take their word for granted. The same applies with entities.
In the long run, a lower entity could prove to be more trustworthy than a more powerful one.


alright ill ask for more scans

thank you so much

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You are most welcome :slight_smile:

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You better do a banishing quick… Stop being oblivious… Reluctant… I’m sure you have a gut feeling of what you’re dealing with…
Did you do the ritual I pmd you?

yes i did

If Susanne saw the being… She scanned me pretty well and I scanned her almost on point too… So I recommend you accept what she told you and get to work

Or ultimately… Get the Sigil of Pazuzu… And call him forth

To meet this critter impersonating him

You have the answers in front of your eyes yet you can’t see it.

alright she gave me some threads i can learn .
okay i will sure do that what kind of candles do i need

i know i know

Let me get you Pazuzu’s sigil… That would be fun…

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ive been thinking about the wrong thing because when i was 13 i had a dream with a girl with long hair with blood out of her eyes ive had 2 dreams of her

alrighttt thank you