Satalos information etc

Good day fellow magicians

I have used the search function to research some more on Satalos as the name has been popping up quite a lot in my studies.

Would anyone be so kind as to maybe give a link or provide some more detailed information with regards to the spirit.

I feel the need to gain more knowledge on this specific entity…

Dark regards

You be better off looking about Tiamat. I don’t know this name at all. There is only 13 search results for it. And someone on here that is popular as only been using four times. And in the way you are looking for this said person only three times in the last 25 days.

Its fucking Tiamat. Look up the old, ancient primordial being for the answers you seek.

She is their mother.


Satalos is the serpent of the abyss.
The nine headed dragon of outer darkness, the infernal emperor, each head is each gatekeeper.
Satalos is the father, the beast, the cthonic and unholy nine headed hydra. Father of the children of darkness, (Children Of Darkness - Left Hand Path Magicians That Are Adept In Dark & Demonic Arts).


Thanks so much for this reply

I recently picked up the name again when I saw it used in the Sept 23rd big ritual…

If I don’t mistake I have read about it a few times actually but this was some time ago and also by a few popular magicians

So if Satalos is the nine headed hydra and each head referring to a gatekeeper does this indicate that Satalos is a “combined metagod” of some sorts or a separate entity altogether.


Dark regardds

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When are you going to acknowledge the other 3 gatekeepers and their Mother? Tiamat is their mother. Why are you ignoring her for? What’s the purpose? The Earth is her realm.

Also Lucifer’s Red Queen too, and a lot of other things too. She is the rightful Queen of the Gatekeepers pantheon. Actually other ones too.

They have a father and MOTHER!!! No wonder she hasn’t bother to show up to you.

By the way all your rituals without using Her are going to fail like on every other timeline you guys have tried this on. Give me a break.


Okay but the initial question was regarding information on the being Satalos to which you’ve replied and I will most definitely keep in mind if there is a connection as we go along.

However after reading @C.Kendall post it does seem that Satalos is different altogether.
If my memory serves me correct there’s a link to Lucifer and Satan more directly so than other specific gods. (Not talking about the 9 gatekeepers which also has a connection directly)
I will see if I can do some research on that and post it here

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They need BOTH parents to be called forth properly. Their Father is only one half, and their Mother is the other half.

Lucifer is using this very site and forum to call forth his wayward Red Queen back to him. That’s what as been shown to me.


Found some more info just now with regards to above statements

Not much else on the web actually however some YouTube videos on Satalos as can be seen in post


Is she a member? or is it more of a spiritual thing?

Its a total spiritual thing. I am so sorry for being a jerk on this thread. It is just I just wish other people knew half what I do. Its hard on me.

I just want to protect people from this shit. I am not lying about this. Tiamat is their mother and the grounding force for the Gatekeepers for this planet.

Balg as failed because they didn’t incorporate her into this path working. I hope Mr. Kendall knows I only want him to be safe and to succeed.

I only joined in the hopes to get this information out there to help people. I want to make sure people are okay.


Maybe make a new thread about working with her for this? :thinking:

Theoretically should be possible, maybe all the rain people mentioned (and we have a freak heavy shower outside right now, even though it’s been heatwaves all week) is relevant?


No worries @Purple I do understand.

Thanks for your input
If possible I’d be interested to hear more on your views regarding the connection with Satalos it might explain some more on that aspect as well…
And just to add I’m from the southern point in Africa and it has been hot as hell for weeks…
Since yesterday just pissing rain


Here you go folks:


Check out my thread about them as a couple and their kids. I shall be adding more info to it. We need to pull from the entire family, honestly.


There is more information you need. Namma comes before Tiamat. Not sure if you knew this information. I highly advise working into your spiritual path, if possible.

Namma, in later accounts, she is Tiamat.

Her name was originally Shenoma, meaning Beautiful Wind in old Atlantis. She as millions of names across this universe and the greater dimensions. I also call her Babylon or the Red One or Red Dragon.

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Thank You. This is the information I needed to know. I appreciate your help.

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This actually helps me with my current path working. I had not heard of Namma and am wondering if there is a connection between her and Naamah, as both seem connected to the earth. Only way to find out would be to evoke both. But I digress.

As far as Satalos and Tiamat, I am not entirely sure. I have worked with both but have yet to ask them about a relationship between the two, so I can only speculate. They have a similiar vibe yet very different. Yet another thing to add on my never ending list of exploration.

Is satalos a meta god? In my experience, yes and no. On one hand, he does embody the energy of the gate keepers but he also seems to have an underlining current all of his own. They definitely are connected and have a similiar agenda but I will have to dive deeper into his current to come up with better conclusions by working with him more.

That’s my two cents on everything discussed so far. To summarize, there is a lot that I still need to discover on my own, as I certainly do not have all the answers, but I have picked up my own Gnosis on this very interesting journey so far.


I hope you will share your findings on this topic.


I definitely will. It will likely be awhile since I am currently neck deep in my current pathworking with the Qliphoth but I will get there. It has struck my curiosity and hunger for knowledge far too much for me to let it go lol

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