Post-Ritual Rain & Tiamat

Is there a connection between the unusual heavy rain some members have experienced, including in England, and southern Africa, and Tiamat? I am making this a new post so everyone can share and not accidentally be talking across each other. Please keep replies on-topic. :+1:


Thanks milady for this. Tiamat is the primordial ocean goddess it is her sign I am sure of it from the ritual.


Tiamat is associated with water if I remember correctly and also Leviathan as the feminine aspect.
Correctme if I am wrong please.
So if I am understanding you correctly the correlation with the heavy rains globally and the ritual is indeed Tiamat that might have been “angered” to a degree because she was excluded from the ritual (as derived from previous post)??
And these rains are a sign from Her?

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Not necessarily, it could be she’s just making her presence felt. It could also be Marduk, whose signature is the storm, and rain. I do not know. Words no-one should be afraid to utter, for they are the beginning of wisdom. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have experienced storms and rain in general post evocation, but to my knowledge I have no experience with Tiamat specifically.

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I think that whatever happened during the 23 Sept ritual specifically has definitely created a stir…
What precisely it is I don’t know but surely something has rippled through.

Interestingly @Lady_Eva names from the “Old Ones” pantheon like Tiamat and Marduk has been popping around recently to quite a lot of mages not sure if more people on BALG have felt same inclination more than regular.

Very interesting and possibly developing topic post ritual


I am just going to say this. How do you think it makes Her husbands(s) and kids feel when she is not included in this? Its their Mommy and Lucifer’s Red Queen so. Ask anyone of them about this and see what they say. I am personally getting all this shit hitting right in my face and I haven’t done a single ritual for it either so.


It rained here in Ohio as well! :grin:

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So Mr. Midnight came to me with this info last night. I thought I share it with the forum.

I personally call Tiamat, Babylon to me, she is the same being.

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Huh? I am so confused.

Just found this out. Hail the Red One (Dragon)!

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