Santa Muerte, who is she?

I’ve been looking into her and I’m very curious. Who is she and what’s the best way to work with her?


This was helpful to me.


She’s an angel, saint, goddess, Death Herself, the grim reaper, witchdoctor and everything in-between. She is praised by followers for her power and shunned by the Catholic Church because of her necromantic and magical undercurrent. Everyone says the best and simplest way to get in touch with her is through her image, and a candle. I agree with this. Devotion work makes your bond stronger to her too.


Thanks y’all. I really wanna work with her. This info goes a long way


She probably traces to an old Aztec deity who has “rebranded” in vaguely Christian trappings, kind of like what happened with the Virgin of Guadalupe. She has some sort of connection to other skeletal figures in other traditions. She has particular appeal to the outcast and downtrodden - the people the idea of Jesus should reach in Christianity, but never seem to get reached because of the bureaucracy of the Christian churches.


I read a lot about her, communicated with her and worked with her for a while. As far as I know, she’s the saint of death according to christian catholic understanding. She’s not death himself. She’s his saint, his angel or spirit. She accepts everyone and can be called for anything.

There are two ways to call her, by praying to the christian god and ask her blessings to get the prayer accepted and answered. The second, is to pray directly to her or ask her help as a spirit of death, in this case, death is the one who’ll answer your request. The second option is the one prefered by non-christians of course.

To work with her, you need an altar, any basic altar would do. With picture of her or statue. She likes coffee, alcohol, cigars-cigarettes, flowers, real money, or anything you can give with love and respect to her. But don’t be cheap! And she hates it when her altar is shared with other deities or spirits, but if you have to, then she’ll accept it from you.

You don’t have to keep a permanent altar for her if you only need her help for specific request. She’s fast, powerful and the more you give her the more you’ll get from her. If you have a good relationship with her, she will take care of you very well.

She has three main aspects. The white, Black and Red. The white is used for anything… positive. Like healing, finance etc The Black is used for more aggressive needs, like baneful magick and protection. The red is usually associated with love and romance. It’s recommended if you’re starting to work with her, to use the white aspect. The energy from the black aspect of Santisima muerte could be too strong if you’re not used to it.

The best book I found about her is called “the grimoire of santa muerte”.


@PrinceX , you have really said it all, i really do have an attraction to her too, but just a little afraid to make mistakes, for after all she is Death. No one would want to piss her off. Just another question, since you have worked with her and i believe that you might know a bit more from experience, can i just petition her straight forward without introducing myself? How would she take it, or do i need to be giving her some offerings for a while before i ask for anything in return say like a month of free offerings to build a relationship and after that say if i no longer keep an altar standing for her, should i expect her WRATH, because i heard somewhere else that you need to be committed to her before you come to her for anything else she would be pissed off and mess your life up. You also said that she is fast and powerful, how fast do you mean minutes,days or weeks? Any other information shared from your experiences would be greartly appreciated by myself and others. Thank you!!!


Glad you wish to work with her. She doesn’t need introduction. You can start working with her without waiting for anything. She doesn’t like wasting time. But it’s important that you start your work by honoring her with prayer and praise, at least until you have a good relationship. If you can spend couple of days doing that, praise and prayers and quality offerings, before you ask her anything, that would be perfect. With offerings, they doesn’t have to be expensive, but they must be the best you can give.

As long as you’re working with her, yes you should be committed to her. Don’t ask another spirit to do the same thing you asked her to do… that would be a huge mistake. She probably wouldn’t hurt you unless you was extremely offensive. She’ll just ignore all your request for while, maybe send few “warning” visions or dreams. But she wouldn’t harm her followers.

While you’re working with her, you should have an altar for her if you can. You should “work” on it. Consider it an offering in itself. Do the best you can with it. The most important thing for her, is to honor her and show extreme respect, but without fear or weakness. She hates both.

You don’t have to explain anything to her. She doesn’t like that. Straight to the point is the best way to work with her. But with absolute respect and honor. That’s the key to get your work done.

She works relatively faster than any other spirit or deity, according to the majority of people who worked with her, myself included. Can’t give specific time range, it depends on the required work. But for example if a specific spell you’ve done before many times and usually gets results within 30 days, expect her to deliver within 10 days or less.

She’s very specific. She’ll get you - exactly - what you asked for. So remember to be very specific with her, more than any other spirit you worked with before. What you need to really think about is the reasons you want your request done for you. Death can use anything to hit its target, it doesn’t care how… keep that in mind.


@PrinceX all I can say is wonderful, thanks so much for your response, you have really answered the key questions I have had for so long thanks again. But one more thing what if I halt working with her for a while, say a month of no longer working with her and take her altar down. Will she be willing to work with me again if I go to her with a request.

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I also heard somewhere on the Internet that if you ever cheated on your girlfriend or spouse she will not work with you since she is identified as female and will find it offensive. Please confirm this thanks!!!

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Thanks so much, gald to help.

Yes you can take the altar down, as long your intention is clear from doing that. Better say thank you prayer and give her an offering with it.

I think they’re right about that. But it depends on what you asked for. If you asked for relationship and love then she’ll probably hate it if you cheat on your partner. It would show that you reject what she gave you and may take it away.


@PrinceX thanks for all the advice and tips. And most importantly your time. Really appreciate it all. I just a bit curious are you still working with her?? :smile:

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Sure you’re welcome anytime :slight_smile:

I stopped for a while but now I’m back working with her again. She’s really amazing


@PrinceX great soon I will want to start working with her too!!!


Hi @PrinceX sorry to bother you again i am making things ready but, something just crossed my mind, whenever, i pray to her at the altar do i need a candle lit? What color would be best and can i just snuff the candle after i pray to her? Or i need to keep it lit for a while before. Can i still use the same candle the next day for devotional prayers? How long does the glass of water stay on the altar and other offerings? Can i just talk with her after praying or only talk with her without praying? What if i am travelling for sometime maybe a week or more what do i do then because, i can’t be there personally to maintain the altar. Or can my partner do that for me? Can my partner pray with me at the same altar or she needs a private one to herself? How do i know if Santa Muerte said no to my petiton and request? Do i need to take a cleansing bath before and after praying and working with her? Thanks again for your help, and sorry for so many questions at once. All these just came up. Thanks Dato


Hi, no problem at all, happy to help.

It’s better to light the candle when you’re praying, but it’s optional, after that it’s better to snuff it you don’t have to leave it burning. You only need to keep it burning if that’s part of a ritual, a several days spell for example. You can use the same candle next day.

Water should be changed daily if you left water for her, other drinks and food offerings should be changed when they start to decay and change in colour or smell… when it’s obvious that they need to change.

If you’re traveling or away from home, you can leave something that would last for long time. Like alcohol, cigars or cigarettes, apples etc or no food at all. You don’t have to give food offerings all the time or everyday, that’s up to you. Most important to keep something at her altar and pray to her daily or couple of times per week.

Your partner can take care of her altar for you, and he can also use the same altar to pray to her. You can pray together if you wish.

Ask her to give you a sign to know her answer, you can ask her to make it clear so you could easily understand it and be sure that this is a sign from her.

You don’t have to take a cleansing bath, but you need to prepare well before you pray to her unless it’s emergency. Nothing out of the ordinary, clean clothes, clean place etc She loves to feel that you treat her with most respect. That’s the point.

Hope that helps, Good luck :slight_smile:


Thanks so much you helped me greatly! !

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You’re most welcome anytime, wish you all the best :slight_smile:

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Hi @PrinceX ,back again with some more questions. Is it important to verify that the Most Holy Death will work with me? To ask when I pray to her and what if I don’t get any answer, will it mean that she is not interested in working with me? I plan on making prayers and offerings for a week before I ask for something from her. What do you think? Also how will she take it if I just make a potable altar from a shoe box and close it after I’m done with prayers. I want to know from your experience thank you


Another thing is the Most Holy Death, always present when you pray to her or she just listens to the prayer because, I don’t feel anything when I was praying to her.