Safety for young innocents

Hi, so i have a 4 year old son and am around other children quite frequently and am new to invoking and or anything deeper. from what i have learned here and with videos once you go in there is no turning back as well there more you will see gods/ demons around. are there rules set into place that we simply cannot see or barriers in keeping your loved ones safe? young and old? I have tried once to contact beileal and i didn’t really feel anything, never the less i still tool precaution in making sure to extinguish candles and in- scents at the end of things. i figured from learning from the videos that if nothing has happend it may not be time, i dont have what i need, or my mind is not clear of intent. so i tabled things. two days later someone touched me on my shoulder while i was washing dishes. but i never got a bad vibe and no one else was in the room. Now i have been told by a friend that something touched her and woke her up. she said it was a tall presence and the feeling was pure dread and that she has not been able to shake it. i know there is another spirit in her basement but its nothing like what she spoke of. I feel that i should look deeper into this but i also feel ill equipped at the moment seeing as there are 5 total Children when you include my one that 4 of which live there. not sure how to go about this? I have told my friend that in the videos that i have watched from others experience with the Gods/ demons that the dread feeling is something that they feel as well until they were more familiar. That the contact may also be wanting to help her in some way. however, it doesn’t make since to me when i never did anything in her home or near her children. so why would there be anything coming to her house? I have bought your Complete works book and am really excited about it. I have this really strong pull to contact again but wanted to know if you can maybe shed some light on this? thank you in advance!


You should gain some experience first before trying to summon major deitys from the Goetia. Don’t place fears upon yourself without first knowing what signs and liabilities await.

It seems obvious that a deity is giving you some strong signs. First tapping you on your shoulder means the deity wants your attention. The other signs are that your friend are being awoken and have fears, visions means a warning or sign that you have been heard, it could be a warning about your friend regarding many unknown factors.

I don’t see this as an attack or you should fear for your child or family, as it seems to want your attention both directly and indirectly. If your uncomfortable with these signs you might want to take your rituals in another direction or start with a more basic practice at least to start.


thank you for your reply. im not so worried of them tapping my shoulder as i am keeping my child away at least until he is able to understand. he knows not to touch things on my alter however i have not really sat things up the way i want to for this side of things. the set up of my apartment is well not helping me for those that are sensitive… my child and my other half. i was told of a red shield and or a programed shield both of which i am new to. im just not sure of were to get info on how to do do the shield. the other is I dont know really of what lower Demon/ god to start with? I have just kinda went with what i have been drawn to. the Kapoth and goetia are what I have been doing the most reasearch in. as far as my friend Im gonna wait it out and see how things go and go from there.

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That i even have to address that…

Children up to their 6th year are NATRUALLY in Theta state.
Yes, the very same state, magicians utulize by will,
to induce trance and commune with higher beings.

What that means? Quite clear and simple:
Your child knows way much more about those beings then you do.

The filters will kick in soon,
school aiding the re-programming to make your son comply into society.

Don’t be scared about your child.

There’s very few Demons who’re actually hostile towards children,
and those who are, clearly are outspoken about it.


And if you’re really that worried, start with what beginners should learn first anyways;

The general rule, for people on the RHP (not LHP),
is to banish EVERYTHING, they Evoke.

Just stick to that approach, as long as you don’t feel safe about it. :wink:




You can leave black magick at anytime; it’s not that ‘there is no going back’, it becomes a dedication.

A lifestyle, your chosen fate because of what prevails. Usually the black magickians who are sick in the head and have exploited that terrain their whole life usually go through nefarious means to prolong longevity and life force just so they don’t die.


Since you are new I would start with basic rituals for shielding and knowledge. If you do decide to get into ritual work you should ask for a sign if they will accede. Various demons all have identifers each demon has there own color, enn, scent and manifestation form as noted in the Lessor Key of Solomon. Usually when you perform several rituals invoking a deity they will send signs that you have been heard and will be acceded too.

Any deity you call upon will also want to know your reasons for your casting in particular if it is for baneful work. If you get this far with a ritual you should make an agreement or pact with that deity. Every agreement you make is different. Keep in mind there are 72 deitys in the Lessor Key of Solomon and each deity that you connect with will have different terms for each task or casting and only if they agree to do a job.

Why this deity is contacting your friend is unknown except that your child stays there. Seeing your reservations and much wisdom and research i would reccomend the tarot without elaborate rituals or calling upon spirits of unknown potential at least to start for devination and future forecasts.

If your concerned about your alter space i would create a portable alter that you can easily assemble and disassemble and place the alter when your done under the bed or closet, the same with your ritual tools.


thank you

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I know innocents are those of that see more… they are open with no walls… that is why i wanted to take the necessary steps in guarding him from what he may see, hear and or other. he is too young to understand. Im sorry i irritated you… it wasn’t my intentions. I did mention of the shield for the space to preform of which i had not heard of. I have been practicing magic for some time now and even taken interest at a very young age. there is a lot that i am aware of and was the main reason for the post. I just know that this level of the left hand path has some differences to the way i need to do things were as before i was not contacting Gods/ demons.

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most differently i want him to flourish in his abilities. he has come to me and told me of things before. I more looking for safe guards then say complete close offs. see i have used things like salt and literally peeing in all four corners of my property to show this is my area and those that are not welcome may not enter. while im more for candle magic and some ritual magic there are some areas depending on what your working with you may need something stronger. where magic beings are other things like to follow. both sides of our families have abilities.


That’s a start. You have claimed your territory. Now, sprinkle some salt water (your own “holy water” charged with your intent) around your house. Some garlic (even garlic salt) helps too. Especially sprinkle around your children’s room. Hang pictures of angels and/or saints charged with your intention of protection in the children’s room and around your home. Practice the banishing as mentioned above. Make an altar to your ancestors. Call on them to watch over you and your children. It is in their interest that their descendants, their bloodline is protected.

I read somewhere that you consecrate/charge iron spikes/nails with your energy (intent of protection), and nail them “in all four corners of your property”, that will also ward off malevolent spirits.

Search on BALG for other advice and info.

I hope this helps.

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yes thank you it does! At least i know im not too far off with tye safe guarding as from what i have always done. I have found a few places for coffin nails or rail road nails that i planned to get. Thabk you again

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I have learned over the years that most demons attack you alone.

There is another thing I have learned. There is one thing alone that hinders magickal intent and practice. That thing is love.

Love protects above all else. If you attempt a spell on someone who is deeply loved be sure to do it without the ones who deeply love them knowing. Because love will hinder you.

Love will bind you.

Love will destroy you.

Its a powerful strength and a dangerous enemy.

Me- I protect my family with my extraordinary love for them. And I destroy those who harm them (with magick, of course).

If you need anything at all, feel free to message me anytime.

Blessed be.


this was very nice to see… thank you very much!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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and yes i will contact you if i need anything. its hard trying to learn with limited sources.

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I understand completely. I’ve been there. I wish you the best of luck on your journey.


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you as well.

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Interesting. So Beaming Love at enemies will destroy them?


Love alone will not destroy a demonic attack or any magical casting. It will not prevent a hex or baneful castings either. You would be better off with strong shielding from your patron deity and than a return to sender.


This thread is a bit old, but I came on today with a similar question.

There is a youtube channel I watch Black Witch Coven, an d she recently had a video about newbies who have kids should not call upon demons until they are far along the path because calling them opens a portal and other things can come through and children are susceptible because they are so open.

She never implied that the demon or spirit was the source of any problems, just lower forms of entities.

This makes sense, that you should have the ability to protect yourself and your children from negative entities before you start calling things all willy nilly.