If You See Something Say Something

(PSA Begins)

Most of you have seen the title of this topic about alerting authorities about possible terrorist acts. Yes, we live in a crazy, unsafe world. The astral realm is no different.

Young children are more innocent and don’t have the “dogmatic filters” that life (read: society) puts on them as they grow up. So they have no understanding yet of what is a spirit, demon or whatever. Ever had an “imaginary friend” when you were little?

Now, think, were they imaginary? Until your parents told you “That’s not real, stop playing around.” All that astral sight and creativity was lost.

Encourage your child to tell you what she/he sees. Ask him/her what these spirits are telling her. Just maybe they are using her to communicate messages to you?

Place a guardian servitor over him or ask her guardian spirit (angel, demon, godform) to watch over her. Teach her a simple banishing spell he/she can sing when s/he gets scared.

Don’t unknowingly close the door on your child’s gifts because of fear.

Just as in the Material/physical realm, be wary, use common sense and practice safety.

(PSA Ended)


I know for certain that my imaginary friends were imaginary, I even called them my imaginary friends. Though, there was a recurring villain from my childhood days of playing imagination that was based on a character from a recurring nightmare.

I later named him Soggy the Dark Clown after a Yu-Gi-Oh card with a similar name because he reminded me of the character from my nightmares who was also a clown.


I started seeing spirits when I was eight. My grandparents were catholic and I was scared to death to say anything. They used to say dont tell people you see things or they’ll put you in a mental hospital.

i ended up blocking my own psychic abilities and had to backtrack as a teen and challenge what my beliefs are.


Same here. I think I might have seen a single spirit during those early days, but beyond that definitely all in my head.