Relationships and the LHP

I solved this simply by getting married before I ever got involved in the LHP. I had just graduated from college and was not looking forward to a career. I guess that doesn’t really help people still dating though.


I was in a long-term relationship before I started practicing magic. I was always interested in the occult but I didn’t really jump in until recently. I haven’t really said anything to my boyfriend about it, though I have a feeling he’s going to have to find out at least a little bit eventually considering we live together. He did find my tarot cards when he put something in my bag one day and he wasn’t upset by them, but he did ask me what they were. He was also raised catholic though, whereas I wasn’t raised with religion at all and didn’t step into a church until I was in my 20’s, so our view of spirituality and religion are totally different though, so I don’t know how he’d feel about the lhp. I imagine a little uncomfortable, but I have started moving my crystals and candles into our house to ease him into at least the idea of magic in general if he does start to ask more. To be real though, we don’t really discuss religion much. It hasn’t really come up, and I’m a slightly secretive person as it is and tend to feel a little weird when people know 100% of my business.


Mine is the same way.

I used to resent her, because I felt superior for being intent on changing and taking responsibility for my spirituality- while she was seemingly and still is, hurting and uninterested in anything outside of the mundane. The things I’m excited about and eager to feel and experience she averts from. The mental disconnect can cause me to feel really lonesome.

It’s useful though, to be with a down to earth, average person because they can remind you of what reallys important, what normal life is, and keep you grounded. Keep things simple.

It’s not enough sometimes though and I wish someone was there to indulge my stories and fantasies and Magick experiences and go down the rabbit hole with me.


I have tried many short relationships and 1 long. They all ended.
In each ending you learn your true path.

I was always different then other people (high sensitive, dreamer). Well that does something in a relationship too.

So now it’s simple let’s:

  1. Stay alone
  2. Living apart together with someone who resonates.
  3. If it really resonates maybe living together.

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I don’t mention it, at least I haven’t so far (3 years in, probably never will). If I felt my SO could understand then maybe, but I doubt that.

I mean, he likes fooling around with my tarot cards but that’s all.


My girlfriend just says
“I don’t want to ask questions and I don’t want to know”.

Easy for me, easy for her.

I’m worried about my kids asking in future, though. Although I know the truth, they’ll be brainwashed at school and want them to chose their own paths.


I’ve always thought that balance is important. What is the point of spiritual attainments if you segragate yourself from what makes you human?

As Lady Eva has written elsewhere, when you begin to reject the physical world, the physical world will begin to reject you.

In some sects of Taoism, they would not accept you as a disciple unless you were well grounded in life, with a career and a family. In some of the literature it states that only after 40 years of age can someone succeed. After obtaining immortality, you were expected to return to the world. Almost all of the 8 Taoist Immortals were warriors and adventurers.

Relationships are important, no matter what path you walk because the whole point of spiritual Ascension is to be more connected with the world, not less.

EA talks about Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and how it relates to magick in his books. Among that hierarchy is connection with other people. It is a basic building block.


OP, Im not in a relationship with a human. It was never anything but infringing on my entire existence in every way.

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It is suicide to have relationships with a non black mage.

If there is a child the other parent will easily go to court and scream “child molester” and get the child and massive child support.

You will lose everything.

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The first part I can answer the second one is tough.

As for the first part my partner is a strict non believer and is scientifically trained as part of their line of work. The weird thing they are fine with internal workings like meditations, Qi gong, etc because most of it can be measured and proven objectively that there’s something to it. But as soon you burn the incense and dedication rites and talk about entities and about summoning them - the argument is you can’t prove their existence because when you attempt to set up the conditions to prove it in an experiment it falls apart. As I do either of these stuff I’ll eventually get a lot of questions why I do things and for what purpose, then you just bare with it and tell it like it is.

So what I did to solve most of the above problems was saying that, I do all of these workings because they haven proven effective in many ways and they work well according to my own experience, if you want to know what it’s like go ahead and try some of material and ser what you think. And if you want to know more about why I do it you can always ask me and I’ll tell you more.

So the summary is: It’s a good idea to be open about what you do, but you don’t need to tell them anything unless they ask you about it.

As for the last part, that’s a sensitive thing for many people and hard to accept. They only that I would do is either wait until you are sure you can trust them (which can take years to determine) or you don’t say anything.


My ideal girl doesn’t need to walk the LHP but should be open minded to magic. She definitely needs to be skilled with a sword and look hot slaying her opponents. I have her back. She has mine.

About a month ago I did some candle magic with a small list of what I was looking for in a women. Two days later she appeared. From the initial looks of things everything seemed perfect :white_check_mark::white_check_mark::white_check_mark:.

As we were getting to know each other she mentioned one evening that she was a devout Christian that prayed morning and night and attended church every week. At that point I had to tell her that I work with Lucifer and asked if she was fine with Lucifer being welcomed into the homestead. To my surprise she said she was fine with that. I was like “Damn that’s some strong magic I cast.”

I slept on it over night so i could respond and not react to that news. That morning I ended our newly formed relationship. I’m happy she accepted that so I didn’t have to look up a spell to break the one I casted.

I’ve been meaning to create a longer more detailed list for the next and last time I’ll perform this type of magic. At least a 100 details about my dream girl if not more. This new list will include working with Lucifer lol.


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