Discussion About Legacy, Genetics, Descendents

(Edit to mention this was split from a topic about having relationships while on the LHP, where some members were not sure it would be right for them.)

I have a question, though, and no offence intended to anyone personally, just a thought: isn’t choosing to be “forever alone” just so you can have sigils of Lucifer on the walls or whatever, putting some really quite self-indulgent stuff ahead of a certain duty to your own ancestors and descendents?

To carry your bloodline forward?

Yes, we ARE spiritual beings, but we are having a physical experience (as the old saying goes), and suitable physical forms are needed in which to have that experience.

Most magicians who speak publicly are quite proud to have had one ancestor who was a witch, or more, and we know that genocide, erasure of entire families, was attempted in the past when witches’ children were also murdered or forced into outcast life, or sent into convents and monasteries (along with the psychically gifted) which was the early-days equivalent of being sterilised.

Not everyone is cut out for parenthood but I am concerned we’re encouraged to live in the moment for selfish gratification, and discouraged from thinking we have any duty to our ancestors and to our potential future descendents, to pass on these gifts instead of selfishly hoarding them for really quite petty reasons.

I also wonder to what extent our new consumer goods - books, altars iconography, and so on - play a factor in whether to bring someone into our lives, marry them, and raise a family, and whether someone 300 years ago communicating with spirits and keeping it somewhat undercover would have had that same barrier and same self-neutering tendency, all because a date may squick at their “satanic” books?

Remember folks, you can always hide a lot of dark stuff in seemingly normal new age items like crystals and meditation, which are socially acceptable in most places, and this has precedent, the slaves in Haiti did that using Catholic iconography.

i would be horrified if anyone chose their edgy interior decor over passing on to the next generation, the tendency to be psychic and want to do magick.

That souls incarnate in families that share a vibrational resonance and genetic potential is attested to in the Tibetan Book Of The Dead, as well as more modern sources: it would literally be the dream of those who want to enslave mankind if we self-selected out of the genepool.

And go from tragedy to farce, if it was just because we can’t give up our altars and materialist accessories. :thinking:

I realise this is controversial, but reframe the exact same thing: “Society says you may freely do magick if you agree to be sterilised so that you terminate your own bloodline” and the situation would become more clear.


I see where you come from and I agree for a part.

I even put energy/healing in the birth of my little niece. Parents been struggling for years in 2 countries, to have kids and now she is there. Of course I compliment the parents and medical advance. But I’m sure the healing/blessing ritual helped. One time I was with her the spirit even came.

So in my case a relationship didn’t work but I never say no if something does pop up, i even work on that. But it hasn’t my full focus anymore. Because people get more selfish and arrogant too. I just can’t stand that and I ignore :wink: .

And i’m not afraid of my magickal story because I believe I can truly explain dogma and the real person does understand.


Nah, at least not in my (or our) case. Some things are not meant to be and I won’t put another living being willingly at the risk of my really shitty and weird parenthood only to carry a bloodline forward :smiley:


In the hypothetical scenario that I would give relationships another try, I would just conceal it and:
a)Get rid of my books and just have some basic stuff around
b) Pretend to be a LaVeyan Satanist who’s interested in mythologies and world religions… who happens to meditate a lot.

May the next evolved spirit find a proper womb with a proper bloodline. This bloodline here had already seen enough BS. Whatever gifts I have, my nonexistent child would be put in this world, in this place, with my genes.
Ain’t about the material and other trinkets.
Sorry, I guess.


Thank you for this, Lady Eva. And I completely agree as soon as I began to learn about the Slavic practices of ancestor worship and suddenly my Dziady (ancestors) filled me with the desire to make more descendants here and now, to continue my Slavic heritage. They even transformed my sexuality from gay to at least bisexual if not completely straight. Which is something Jesus was unable to do despite years of asking. I didn’t even ask them, they just showed up like well-meaning parents and asked, “So, when are we getting grandkids?” And I’m grateful for this gift.

Bog Veles and I had a nice chat last night where he gave me a prophecy of the future. And at the end he said, “You will create a Rodnover dynasty…because of your desire now.”

Slava Bogum!


@Lady_Eva, I can see how this perspective can be controversial, but I am very glad you brought it up. And I must say, very eloquently written.

I have seen a number of people here who say they are abandoning the physical/mundane world to focus on ascension, power, development, etc. This is quite Gnostic, and I personally don’t agree with this binary view, which usually posits the spiritual/psychic as superior to the physical/mundane. I personally believe both are intertwined.

We are meant to enjoy this world. And the challenges that come from it helps us to grow. I honestly believe that RHP hermits don’t get very far in this lifetime.

I have also noticed that whereas RHP groups often heavily promote marriage and families (unless they believe sex is sinful or distracting from God), it’s not uncommon for LHP groups to be more open to “I’m not going to start a family because I can’t find a partner compatible with LHP”.

However…throughout history, witches and sorcerers have married, had families, and still survived. It’s a very Western notion to be open and proud of everything, but we Easterners are more adept at doing what we want but hiding it. “Saving face” is a major element in our culture, and such deception is not considered immoral. At the same time, it’s a Western concept of doing whatever one wants, but Eastern cultures have certain expectations on people that have to be met, or one is considered an outcast. Getting married is one such expectation.

So…I do not always agree with the concept of “I must find a partner that knows everything I do and is okay with it.” It’s nice to have such a partner, but not necessary.

That said, these are just my opinions and perspectives. I do not judge those that believe or do differently.


Not everyone needs a hubby/wife and 2.5 kids. This may be the exact time for ppl to buckle down and choose their spiritual ascent over social expectation.

I dont agree with you…it sounds controlling of the free will people have to dedicate their lives to magic. Its our path to do with as we choose…not out of obligation to this or that dead person or because pressure to pass it on


Shamans…for instance, in many societies…give up family life to do what they do best. To keep focus where it belongs. Priests give up family life for the same. Nuns…same. etc etc

So, if I choose to marry a god and have spirit children instead…who is to say that isnt the best way to walk my path?
Or to do neither.


Shit. Some people just want to drown their sorrows in Starbucks, Facebook, and reality TV. It’s foul to everyone of my senses and is against everything thing I believe in on all levels. Sadly, it’s just a symptom of the plague of Occult Montheistic Gnosticism controlling every aspect of everything in modern life. There are very few people who care enough to abstain. The rest just go with the flow.

I’ve just stopped caring. People slowly but surely fall by the wayside. It’s disheartening, but is t everything.

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Contrasted with in Judaism where Rabbis are encouraged to have many children. And the rate of Jews receiving Nobel Prize is absurdly high compared to other races. Every generation the Jews gain a collective half point of IQ because the smartest individuals are encouraged to breed and maintain descendants.

We’re doing the world a disservice by self-selecting out of the gene pool.

Slava Bogum


Well…Id call that moralizing.
And What they do…eugenics of sorts.

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I think we should get back on topic anyway. How to deal with relationships as an LHP in a mundane society…

It’s not Eugenics, it’s a result of their view on sex. Sex is a gift from God, no man should be excluded from it. On the Sabbath, the most holiest day of the Jewish week, one of the recommended activities is to have sex with your spouse. It’s one of the most holiest activities that you could participate in. Even Rabbis and Sages.


CLEARLY…none of us are Jews and likely never will be. Nobody is going to hold me to the standards of ANY Abrahamic or other religion…for that matter. Thanks for the world religion course repeat from my senior year college course. Fist bump.

Im LHP. I am ritually sworn to serve the hierarchy of my Crowned Prince. Not breed for him or my ancestors…human or god. Nor have I been asked to.

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You’re the one who brought up Abrahamic religions first. Referring to priests and nuns of Catholicism. I was merely providing a counter example of what happens in societies that don’t neuter their most intelligent practitioners.


I did, as examples of religious figureheads that give up family.
Back on topic, Steward.

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Well, about being or not being alone, it’s your own right to choose. Period.

But I understood what @Lady_Eva mentioned and I agree with her. Well, in parts…

Since you’re a magician (even RHP), if social abstinence is a thing that you want to do to improve your magickal skills, then do it. But if you’re doing because you want to hide your intentions from everyone, then you’re wrong in my opinion.

It’s really easy to hide these things from people (since I lived in a Christian family for so long, I can tell it). You can even ask help for some spirits. You don’t need to be mentioning what you do anywhere you go. It’s really simple to ride it.

@anon88243269 Since you’re dating someone, I believe that you have two paths to choose:

1 - Tell it before it becomes too serious

2 - Just hide it since it will only bring pain and well, being sincere, no one has anything to do with your spiritual ascension.

From my point of view (I’m open to a discussion here) your ascension is yours to do. I hate to use it but Christians say that “salvation is individual”. Besides “salvation” that’s a point that I agree with them. Ascension is an individual thing, in every aspect. You can count on someone help, obviously, but in the end is all about yours.

So isn’t a cool thing discussing occult stuff with someone who is very contrary to it. That’s why you have this forum (and any other people that walk the same path as yours).

That said some physical experiences aren’t necessarily attached to your ascension. If you want to be with this person just do it. If he asks your religion someday, just say you don’t have one (which I believe it’s true). But live what you want to live. That’s the golden rule.


Hmmm. I would like to think the purpose of Powers is to enhance the physical. The physical to pass on lineage and Powers. Then continue the cycle. They compliment each other. Its like saying Go to Work (do magick) and then play (fuck and make a family a future).


Not everyone can have children and contribute to the furthering of society in other ways. I would love nothing more than to have someone to leave my books, writings and experiences to and who will either use it or cherish it. But in as much, its not worked that way so far.

I recently did cut someone off due to them moving my things and going so far as to trash certain things. Was that selfish of me? Perhaps. But it had little to do with the things, and I know my guides aren’t offended. But as someone who is extremely flexible and open minded and who has also lived a very very very selfless life, I’ve had to learn it’s ok to have something that I won’t budge on.

That’s not to say a person needs to be exactly like me - no, just accept it and respect it even if you don’t understand it. I don’t recruit nor do I push it on anyone. But knowing how I operate and how I love the flaws and the differences and can accept quite a bit, I expect that in return because most of my life I accepted far less than anyone ever deserved. That’s my self care and I can’t apologize for it.

Ideally, and I’m admittedly an old school romantic with outdated ideas on love, my perfect relationship would be that disgusting obsessed with each other, bonnie and clyde ride or die relationship. The safe space, the home and the person you know will fight the world with you to the end for better or worse. That sort of thing has disappeared and so being left with settling for what I would call “surface types” - well that to me is self gratifying and only satisfying the need for human companionship. It’s certainly not what I’m built for and it’s an injustice to myself and the other party to pretend its enough for me.

All things considered, I used to feel like I wanted to spend my life alone but I did that out of hurt. Lucifer has shown me the error of that and pulled me forward and given me clarity. Although none of us need anyone else, we are built for human companionship and I personally do far better when I have someone to invest in and love because I do it well.

To answer the OP, I don’t advertise it but there is always the question of my pendant or when I say something that doesn’t quite line up the way it should - ie, “thank gods.” Its such a complex thing because I can’t come out and say " I’m *****, I’m Luciferian, I love books, and long binge episode sessions." I don’t identify as a Luciferian or anything so its not so simple. But I know I couldn’t explain to someone, not even someone on the path my relationship to or my love for Lucifer. How do you explain to someone that this great ancient and misunderstood spirit who has been feared and bastardized for centuries - the spirit they more than likely consider the devil and the very definition of evil - came to you in your darkest hour and breathed life in you? How do you explain the love you have for your mother or for your children or anyone else? As Queen Beleth says, love and feeling are a language all their own. I don’t believe I’d ever find the proper words in all the different languages to make someone understand.


Well, date a luciferian or someone who is open to this kind of things. And if you are already married to a non believer then?! ---- Well, you know opening things up in a way that will make even a crocodile look like a squirrel is an Art by itself. Just don’t unpact it all at once on a romantic dinner.

@Lady_Eva yes that passing the right conductive gene is a legit thing. Remember the case where a person after practicing years of Hardcore stuff and being completely cut off from society for decades went to his guru to learn how to dissolve , but instead his teacher asked him to marry another serious aspirant and told them to have 3 children, When he refused he asked to do it as a repayment for all his teachings.

THose 3 children were probably the greatest spiritual giant in western Indian ever born within 3 centuries. Institutions they built and books they wrote is still helping millions of aspirants even today.