QnA with Jesus The Ascended Master

As I walk on the what I consider to be the middle path seeking knowledge I come across the ascended master yet again. You see, I am studying the early church and Christianity as a whole in school and we are on the topic of baptism. What is baptism?

Jesus: Baptism is a cleansing, a spiritual rebirth, it is not limited to what is seen as the JCI perspective. Just as there is a baptism of light, so too is there a baptism of dark. One cannot be complete without either. When it came to the time of a baptism of repentance, simply it was that of acceptance.

The very truth is, I, as part of the “trinitarian” dogma, exist as savior. I am no savior unless saving is to bring insight and knowledge into man. I exist as a solar god-sun of the supreme, son of the unknowable. You exist in counterpart as “Satan” so to speak. Being an energy of pure lunar energy. You hail to the light, yet also are in complete and utter darkness. For you bring light into the night, Mani, Khonsu, Su-en. There is much to learn and so little time. Focus on what is important to you-your own knowledge, do not focus on what Yahweh is and what isn’t. For the divine Gautuma Buddha is me and I, him. For in that time they sought out the lama and the lama was me. It is as above so below, we are not disconnected from the spiritual for we are spiritual, mortals are not looking for spirituality, spirituals are looking for mortality


frowns but the whole point of Gautama Buddha’s awakening was to escape the cycle of samsara. He has dissolved the five skandas and lives in Nirvana where he can neither effect nor be effected.

If he truly incarnated as Jesus Christ, there is a problem, and he is no Buddha.


I believe he meant in similarities rather than as an incarnation of Gautuma. He was prone to using parables in his teachings after all


Or that he(Jesus) was a bodhisattva that mantled what buddha was trying to teach. Not too sure what he really meant by that @StewardofSophia


Super galactic oneness this Christ consciousness that god wanted us all to have as evident by his great compassion for all sentient beings, blah, blah, blah.
Complete Bullshit.

Christianity is a made up religion. Jesus didn’t want people talking about what miracles he did for them John 9:6, but these assholes couldn’t keep their mouths shut. Jesus knew that if he got caught doing magick he would get the death penalty because witchcraft was forbidden. Why couldn’t Jesus have died for everyone’s sins when he was an infant and King Herod was trying to kill all the new first born babies? Why wait 30+ fucking years to do it?

Christ’tards will come up with the craziest bullshit to explain their death cult.

Get your head out of your ass, stop fucking around with this Jesus bullshit and move forward. Stop trying to connect the dots. The Bible is fucked up and can’t help you.

The whole purpose of Christianity is to suppress man’s ability to become a god, even if the daffy bastards interpret that as a witch or a sorcerer.

Meditation and yoga were at one time considered to be Satanic by Christianity. Owning a bible before the Gutenberg press would have gotten you burnt at the stake. It’s all bullshit.

Buddha has merit because you can actually accomplish miracles from his teachings. I would go with the Vajrayana, where all the cool shit is. Investigate the Six Yogas of Naropa.


With all due respect(I’m still reading your post to this thread) you cannot say it is a made up religion. Unless by made-up you mean Man made.

I study this religion and how it’s early beginnings began because I am a philosopher and it’s the only thing they teach at my school in regards to philosophy. It allows me to be philosophical. I will agree that it limits mans ability to become god. How do you control people? You make them fear the unknown but with all due respect, this was a thread I made for questions to the real Jesus and not the one people have made as “son of god”. Hell he refers to himself saying “I as the son of god” in reference to trinitarian dogma not “I am the son of god”.

Like, I get your hatred for Christianity don’t get me wrong but if someone is happy enough being a christian and being on the right hand path, let it be. Of course, challenge their view but do it in a respectful way.

All he, the ascended master told me was to focus on self-knowledge and not on Christ consciousness


The compassionate “God” is just an egregore in my opinion. that same “God” would have people be enslaved and destroy other cultures because “he is a jealous god”


I can’t let it be.
They are a viscious mob, and are constantly looking for a witch to burn.

Wear a pentagram necklace and experience this “love” they preach. They don’t train their minds, they have no awareness, they can’t recognize delusions before they are affected by them.

The Pentagram is a symbol of occult knowledge.
It’s how I bait them, I am a walking target. Please come tell me “the good news.”

Fucking with them is the only way to educate, in the heat of battle they realize that god does not protect the “faithful”.


Utterly and totally the ascended master existed as a magician turned solar god(from what I’ve seen) and the one man has said he is is an egregore. Think about all the churches who have said “jesus is x” “My Jesus is x” and so on and so on. I have met plenty of great Christians who have genuinely been respectful. In my time as one I knew something was up, my higherself was kicking me into the right direction by leading me out of the faith but the thing is, you’re letting a vocal minority have your perspective on the majority. The minority that say “Burn the witches!” and the history (I will never doubt history, I know what happened at Salem" say that the Christians are not educated and so on.

Hell, the “love” that you’re talking about is their own manifestation of it. My times at churches I have felt intense energies there but it was not “godly” energy. It was a warmth however, it was positive energy. Now, you have your views on the religion and I have mine. Based entirely upon our own experiences with it.

I’ve always thought of Jesus the ascended master as being a buddhist for the most part anyway. How he spread his teachings which were corrupted over the ages were with parables because he knew the people would never understand the truth. To tell someone “this is different from everything you have learnt in your life, and your traditions” would give him an existing hatred for challenging tradition.

Even in Israel, on taxes, he said “Render unto Ceasar what is Ceasars and unto God what is God’s”
Basically saying “pay your damn taxes, and do your own shit in your religion”.

I see nothing wrong with Christianity as a whole but I see the issues within the sects and the corruption. The church/es today are nothing like what the early church would’ve been like.


Ostracism and shit talking is non-violent witch burning.

Jesus teachings have been corrupted by the church,
so why follow it?

Churches are not what they were, again why waste time with it?

Unless Jesus is your Superman, and you’d rather waste time trying to find some secret teaching that will elevate you too. You’re not going find anything.
Seek elsewhere.
Learn from the Living god, Archaelus.


Jesus was condemned to death because he was claiming to be equal with God. When he was accused of witchcraft (this man casts out demons by the power of Beelzebub), he made a very clear that his miraculous works were from God.

Because he was recapitualizing the story of Israel. Herod killing the children (which didn’t happen anyway, its a mythic addition that we have no other source for) is meant to draw a connection with Egypt just before the Exodus. Just as Moses was saved from death, so was Jesus. Jesus entering his ministry at 30 was another call back, because that’s how old the priests were when they were allowed to work in the Tabernacle/Temple. Except, Jesus himself was the temple, and he let everyone who would come encounter the healing, delivering power of God.

You need to learn about theosis, also known as divinization and apotheosis.

“For the Son of God became man so that we might become God” -St. Athanasius of Alexandria (298-373), Father and Doctor of the Church.

And there are many miracles in the Church, many times Jesus, Mary, and Saints and Angels have made appearances throughout history. Karma Yoga is the Hindu concept of living a life of compassion, kindness, and service. Anyone can develop siddhis from a life of devoted and dedicated service, this is how those Christians who truly practice their religion can develop siddhis. Even Gautama Buddha taught that by developing the four immeasurables: loving-kindness, compassion, empathetic joy, and equanimity; and having no other practice will cause someone to be reborn in one of the Brahma-Worlds.

This is incorrect. There were a lot of private owners of the Scriptures. It’s just that before the Gutenberg press it was really expensive to own a Bible. But, there was nothing stopping anyone from owning a Bible, and there were loads of vernacular translations that were approved by the Catholic Church. Tyndale didn’t complete the first English Bible (various books of the Bible were published separately), all he did was undergo the effort to make one whole Bible be translated into English, and it was similar with the other languages.

And that quote from Pope Leo X was a piece of anti-Catholic propaganda. He never said that.


Hey, I get it that many people following mainstream religions can be quite hateful towards people like us who practice magick, and you have every right to be angry, and I’m not saying that you should ignore and bottle-up your feelings, but throwing the hate back at them won’t solve anything. It’ll just make them continue to hold their hateful beliefs, and nothing will actually change. If nothing else, you could view them as an opportunity to practice your influence skills, something I have done myself.

These sorts of people will usually straight-up stop listening to you if whatever you’re saying doesn’t involve Jesus, but if you approach them under the guise of talking about scripture they are much more responsive, and while they may not agree with anything you say, you can perhaps sway them to being more open to these ideas. This is where it’s helpful to know about Christian Gnosticism.

I once approached some watered-down protestant church group waving about the typical anti-abortion posters with the (photoshopped) photos of dead fetuses and such, preaching their same tired dogmas. I was in a debating mood, and decided to speak with some of them. I figured it would at the very least be amusing for me, and it would keep them from harassing the women there for a bit.

The person I spoke to started the conversation with some sketchy scientific reasoning for their arguments (props to them for trying I guess), but I moved it along to their religious reasoning, as that’s what actually motivates them. I let them quote a couple bible verses, maybe made a short reply, but then moved the conversation to more theoretical/theological questions, such as “What do you believe God is?” If they’re fanatic enough to protest abortion in public, they will likely be happy to talk religion with you if you are careful.

Before you start getting esoteric with them, this is when it’s good to name-drop Christian Gnosticism, emphasis on the Christian, as otherwise again they will stop listening. They will almost certainly not have heard of it, and you can tell them it’s an old branch of Christianity that was around not too long after Jesus’s death (maybe don’t mention that the Church later branded them heretics, cause they were teaching that anyone could have direct experiences with the Divine, and that the clergy were not in-fact the ultimate authority).

So long as you can keep the conversation centered around Jesus, they are likely to keep listening. If not, well, some heads truly are too far up asses to reach. There are plenty of quotes (supposedly) from Jesus that are of a more magickal/esoteric nature, and though they will not understand them, they may at least be intrigued. Some topics you should probably just avoid, though. They may not like the idea that Jesus asked Judas to betray him after his spirit was translated from the flesh, for instance, because the reward for Judas was to become a powerful demon (iirc), and bringing up spooky demons is likely to immediately end the conversation.

At some point you could also mention your magickal practice if you want, but I’d just stick to any angelic work you do, as again, demons would be too spooky. I told this dude I saved my dog after he got hit by a car by calling on Raphael (the vets were very confused, he should’ve been dead) and I think he shit a brick, so at the very least it should be entertaining. You may even get away with teaching them some basic Law of Attraction or something.

Not saying that you have to do this, of course, but in my experience it’s better than being more forthright with your magick, as that tends to get you ignored, called crazy, or laughed at. Approaching the situation like this, where you gradually ease through their beliefs, ought to be much more productive, both for reducing their hate, and for improving your own practical skills. The demons can work influence through you much more readily the more naturally skilled you are, after all, so this could prepare you for other life situations that are of greater importance.

Again, not trying to preach. My aim here is to help improve our status in society, and also to share an experience you may find useful for your own magick.


although i enjoy this thread about jesus the ascended one. The only things i will comment on is this

  1. the energy in church is odd, not always good, think about how many people there go there angry or soiled in their moods and you may or may not be soaking it up.

  2. Although i enjoy the OP’s conversation with the AM Jesus. there were books about him possibly that were omited from the bible but here’s a list of books that were omitted 10 Books Not Included in the New Testament - Listverse

  3. Im a firm believer in grabbing these lost books just for the simple fact of soaking up the knowledge.

  4. Great job OP !!! Cheers


Gospel of Judas, Gospel of Thomas, theres loads of books that were removed because they went against dogmatic code and Catholic(Universal-Catholic was just a term, not as it is today) teachings. Yet, people find the papyrus scrolls they were written on. Even the dead sea scrolls as well!


I would like to find the books where Rumor has said that Jesus may or may not have turned a man to stone for disagreeing with him. But none the less i’d like to find them


The didache from that list I’m well aware of-we learn about it in Religious Education. Some scholars argue even as well, he was married to Mary Magdalene I believe and had children and he said before “To my wife and two kids”. If that’s the case, where is Jesus’ bloodline? Hidden?


That list combines texts from the Church Fathers and texts from Heretical Groups, while I’ve read all of them on that list (except Q, which doesn’t actually exist), especially in my stint in the Catholic Church. Within the various accounts of the Gospels, more and more mythic additions are made to each. The Gospel of Mark is the earliest, it doesn’t have any resurrections, and Jesus’ own resurrection is left as a vague mystery open to interpretation. The Gospel of Judas and the Infancy Gospel of James were both written very late. The Gospel of John was the last one written in the first century, but the Infancy Gospel of James and the Gospel of Judas were written well into the second century. And replete with mythic imagery as in the case of the Infacy Gospel of James (who pairs a 70 year old widower Joseph with a 12 year old Mary by the decision of Yahweh, eww) and the Gospel of Judas (which claims that women who believe in Jesus will become men).

While Church Fathers such as the Didache, Epistle of Barnabas, and Epistle of Pope Clement I are all valuable for their “Orthodox teaching during the early years of Christianity” there are many reasons why they weren’t placed in the final draft of the canon of Scripture.

If you wish to read all the early church writings, both orthodox and heterodox look no further: Early Christian Writings: New Testament, Apocrypha, Gnostics, Church Fathers

You’re welcome! :slight_smile:


Not turned to stone for disagreeing, but becoming a withered up corpse for destroying infant Jesus’ pools made of sand.

Go read the third paragraph.

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You’re going to have to provide a reference on that one. I’m not familiar with it.

It’s an argument I was told about, not sure if it’s a real thing or not. I got no source for it apart from dodgy mainstream media sites

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