Hello there. Old Frequenter of the Forum Mani. I am Enlightened

Hello everyone. Incarnation of Nannar here. It’s been a hot minute since I’ve been on this forum and a lot has happened in my life.

~Well lets begin off with a simple statement. I hope everyone is doing well. I hope you are all striving to ascend as are we all.

2020 wasn’t as bad for me as I would’ve thought. It was 2021 which was utter hell for me. I made the mistake of falsely believing my ex girlfriend was my twin flame. She was a cluster b who utterly damaged me. She fed off of my energy like the plague. We broke up in August of 2021 and for months I was in a depressive pit. She tried to cheat on me with a gay man.

I steered clear away from my ascention because of the pain. It took me months to get stronger again. Karma as it does, bit her in the ass. She lost everyone and everything. In her karmic justice, she tried to blame it on everyone else. It took many many months and a few friends along the way but, I figured out “the point”(if you have to ask what the point is then, I’m sorry you don’t understand what the point is).

In March 2022, I decided to clean up my room. I was reading Marie Kondo and the Konmari method of tidying. I found my old phone and it had all my old music on it. I went to the local park. I had a huge epiphany. The gods were all around me; Norse and Egyptian alike. Odin told me, “The world will remember you and your films but she will be forgotten across all time.”

The music I was listening to was some old anime tracks and a few old rock tracks(Rise Against mostly) and I just…felt so at peace. Now, I knew I was the avatar of the moon. If you’ve seen my old posts, you’d know that.(This will be important. Just wait)

Right as I was focusing on my goals and listening to my music, out of nowhere; clear as day, right above me was a full moon. In broad daylight no less! I nearly did a spit-take of my coke! “You will go to university. You will become the thing you want to be.” I was reflecting on my dream. Hell, I even found my old vegvasir bracelet I would wear.

It was also quite windy that day. Usually when the wind blows it signifies a change in my life. I always called it “the winds of change” and one of the lyrics to the song that the moon being over me was
“I’m passing over you like a satellite so catch me if I fall”

Then, a week later; its now St Patricks Day. My family and I come back home after watching The Batman movie. I bought some new cartridges for my vape pen and also four cans of Guinness. I have a conversation with my friend(we’ll call her Enki) we talk all night long.

We talk about “the point” the multiverse and everything about consciousness. I remember telling Enki, because she brought up causality, “maybe I had to be with my ex and break up with her because if I didn’t, I wouldn’t be at the point I am now”. I talked about what was holding me back from the collective consciousness.

My desire for a relationship. As soon as I let that go, EVERYTHING made sense to me. And I mean, everything. The universe, life, everything! I had finally opened up the seventh chakra. I let go of my earthly attachments.

I started taking my incarnation more seriously. This could potentially be my last life(if the plan Enki and I have put into place works). I’m the protector of humanity. I slay false gods. I destroy those who halter humanities ascention into godhood themselves.

There are gods out there, entities out there that don’t want to see you ascend. Be on the look out. Beware of who you “worship”. It took me, four years to realise the truth, Four years to realise who I am. Four years to realise I’m Nannar. the Sumerian god of the moon. He who protects humanity and sees them ascend. We will bring about the “new eden” if you will.

All it took was for me to walk through the darkness. If this Topic helps you then I’m glad. I hope you all realise the truth/the point and begin the path to your own ascension. Good luck. I know I did. If you have any questions about my ascention, ask me. If you feel a cold presence reading this thread, that’s me.

That’s the god of the moon watching over. Also, if you have ascended, feel free to share your stories of enlightenment here on the topic.

Good luck. Be the light in the dark world. Alash tad al-ash tal ashtu.


I thought it was the air-conditioning.



Sounds like the plugging-in happened for you my dude.

That doesn’t sound like a particularly effective strategy.

That’s cool I’m more of a star.

I agree

That’s good.

Not too shab

As yah do - LHP baby :metal: :metal:

thanks dude

I like to think that I’m always ascending. Always be ascending.

One day I realized I could influence other people’s behavior by controlling my own behavior. I regard this as one of the best ideas I’ve ever had.

I enjoy being beneficial and a source of pleasure for people, but I don’t really particularly feel the desire to go on a great quest for the aid of humanity. I appreciate that people do it cause I’m just not going to.

What do you feel you have to learn?


Good question. For majority of my time spending in the occult, I’ve usually stuck to my guns with Norse craft. I think upon my realisation of being Nanna/r-Sin, it might be high time I try studying Sumerian magick. I touched upon Egyptian magick for a while as well and I’ve also worked with the goetia (see some of my posts here) and I have worked on the right hand path as well (from an old qna session with Jesus the Ascended Master)

As of recently I touched upon buddhism. In 2020 during the pandemic(a great time to be a magician) I found The Midnight Gospel on Netflix.(That was also when I attempted to do the QA with the rest of the Goetia. I stopped on Vassago as previously, Agares had turned my body inside out in a dream and it terrified me.)That expanded upon my philosophy greatly. I always had the life motto of “life is shit, what the fuck are you gonna do about it?” and then in 2022 I found Albert Camus. Sisyphus, the absurd hero and how “one must imagine Sisyphus happy.”

I guess in a funny way outside of practising magick, I have to learn how to be a god.

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yeah. My energy often feels cool to the skin. Hard to describe. It’s almost like after doing a workout and you feel the wind on the sweat of your skin. I see your name is @anon39079500. I practised a lot of Northern Germanic magick on the early days of my path. I began here at 17 years old. I am now 21 as of May 17th.

Back in 2018, a good friend of mine told me at the beginning of my path, “You seem to have Freyja’s rainbow runes around you” which I found funny considering my mom’s side of the family, the MacLeod’s are seen as the children of Frey. That’s when I started to devote myself to Goddess Freyja. She helped me out a lot(see my Freyja journals) its taken me three years after all of what she’s told me to understand what she meant by the phrase “In time all will be revealed”.

it was also during that time that I was afraid of demons. I had left Christianity behind and I still had a naive Christian mind(at the time I was non-denominational but considering Catholicism. Honestly I think I made the right choice to leave).

I had made a naive decision to meet with Fenrir at the beginning. Good lord he was massive! Shattered my astral ribs with a singular bark. I had flew over Muspelheim in the meditation as well. Got nicked with a needle leaving a back pain. A sharp backpain.

I may travel back to the other nine realms again. I kind of miss it. It was during that breakup in 2021 however that I avoided my spirituality. Now I feel like everything is back in place again.

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Just so we’re clear, it was the air conditioning.


yeah figures. Like I say, my energy is more like the cold feeling you get after the wind blows on the sweat of your skin

I believe this is an underrated concept.

The angel/demon paradigm has been very useful for me in this regard. Integrating divination and spirit communication into life is good, but then there is the other side of things where you create intentions to manifest things, all while residing in the depths of your Godbeing and so knowing that everything is happening by your doing and that awareness far more than you can currently conceptualize guides you - the absolute Godbeing.