Protection spells on narcissist

I’ve been going through YouTube and reading some of the forums on here about narcissists. And how love spells and stuff like that do not work on them which is true however I’m trying to protect myself and vanished one does anyone have any pointers on how to do so?


The best way to protect yourself from such people is to be as far away from them as you can.

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Yeah I know that which is why I posted in here how do I get rid of them?

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By walking away?

If that isn’t possible, there is the freezer spell, people here says it is good.

And, by the way, please introduce yourself as you have been told.


A restraining order or order of protection. And the spirit you want to summon is Duke Eligos he specializes in legal matters so take his sigil with you when you go to the courthouse. The Lawclerk will explain everything you need to do and what papers to fill out.

Why would I get a restraining order? I’m not in a situation where I can do that I’m trying to actually find a spell. This guys a threat to my money not my life and I’ve already been to HR and they did nothing so now I got to take a magical approach.

What is he your boss or coworker or something? Also its King Paimon you want for this btw.

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Well to be honest there’s two one is a boss and the other one is a coworker. I’m not gonna lie the one that was a coworker I did like at first but being an empath I already saw the signs ahead of time. Both of them want me not to sound arrogant but they want me in the bedroom. And literally are trying to mess with my money because I won’t give it up. Now I know people would just be like well quit your job I’m really not in a situation where I can do that right now and to be honest with you I’m not just fighting for myself. And I like the job I shouldn’t have to move they’re the ones that should be gone or stay out of my way in the one that’s a coworker does not get that. I’m sorry the situations a pain in the butt long story short I cut the coworker went off and now he’s trying to creepers way back into my life through other people that I hang out with because I cut off a group of people just so I wouldn’t have to deal with them another snake is doing anything in his power to get to me. And the boss is just a creep who wants again is trying to abuse his power to get me in bed with him.

I’m hearing that you’re being sexually harassed but HR didn’t act? If you’re in America that’s illegal and you can file a complaint, and depending on where you live you may also be able to file a complaint with the local government or court system. It’s illegal for the firm to not act on your harassment complaint, which means you can sue them - also they have to take it seriously or they can be fined 100s of thousands in the US at least…You should have received training on this if your firm is big enough.

Daemons don’t do your work for you - if they think HR complaint is your route they’ll help you, but you must act in the real world to effect the changed you want to see. They can help influence HR to fix things.

Also seconding freezer spell, sour jar to stop them being into you might be ok, but risks them becoming enemies and you don’t want that either - depends how you word the spell.

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This right here :point_up_2:! You need to get an attorney involved so once again Duke Eligos. Sexual harassment is a huge deal don’t take it lightly.