Powerful Love Ritual

Fairly certain its fine as OP doesn’t say the current or previous relationship status has to be rigidly one thing or another.


I will try this ritual today. I understand Friday would be the most effective day. Is there a particular time that this should be performed?


I had a friend do this spell for me, but something must have gone terrible wrong. He did comeback for one lovely night he cameback and he was a completely different human being than before. It was like invasion of the body snatchers, now my friends I’ve known forever think that because the kid who did it didn’t like the one the spell was to be put on that it effected it. He was agressive and demanding, when back in March-April he was kind caring even loving even. My friends said if it is the spell not just him being a jerk the next moon cycle he’ll try to contact me again. I truly love this person this man and I was wrong to ever try and mess with his free will, now the only thing I want the only thing I care about is restoring him to his former self again.


In the hour of Venus. For example there is this software http://chronosxp.sourceforge.net/
Aside from that, in general, planetary hours may be calculated for a day by dividing “magickal day” (dawn-sunset) and the “magickal night” (sunset-dawn) each one in 12 hours.


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I do apologize if it is to soon for me to ask but with this spell is there a certain day or a certain time I do this on? I have read the feed but I dont know if I missed it or just didnt read it. And how big do the pictures need to be for each person?

I’ll keep this ritual on the back of my mind to try in a few days or weeks maybe :+1:Gotta read it several times to memorize the steps.
Too bad there aren’t that many feedbacks of people who have tried it, whether it was successful or not.


I performed this spell sixteen days ago as you can see from above. I didn’t have photos so I used the technique mentioned further above and had a square with full name and dates of birth on. Other than that the rest of the instructions were followed closely at 8pm gmt on a Friday.

The likelihood of this person engaging was extremely unlikely for very many reasons and after the spell it got worse before it got better. I was blocked out of the blue! Anyhow, just last night, this person was on the phone to me for an hour and spent all night texting. Confided things in me I’m pretty sure he’d never had told anyone. Things that if I wasn’t trustworthy would ruin his life, told me he loved me and cared about me and I’d going to help me financially and with my business. This is true as he’s in a position to and has never let me down that way before.

Okay, a lot of the conversation was sexual and you’ve got to take declarations of love with a pinch of salt. It’s a long way off obsessive love, I’m sure but it’s certainly not a bad start. I won’t go into details about the situation but I’ll say the chances of this were about 1-3%. This was only yesterday but thought the feedback might be helpful in terms of having the faith necessary.

I had summoned Sallos a couple of weeks previous for a similar reason so…

Hail Sallos! Hail Astarte!

Now I need to keep my word to them and fulfil my promises!


Thank you so much for sharing your experience !

I was already set on doing the ritual but this is a great boost :slightly_smiling_face:

Having more than enough faith is the hardest part since I’m a beginner but it’s a work in progress


So update, I did the spell yesterday, around 2 a.m.
It went well.
Did it in my living room and once I was done, I moved the candle and heartgram/pictures in my bedroom cause I didn’t want to leave the candle there.
Took all precautions needed to set it far away from all ignitable sources and let it burn all the way while I was sleeping.
Let me tell you I didn’t sleep well at all. First, I felt very energized, and I kept having flashes of the target and me together running through my mind. I woke up like 3 times with a need to get up and look at the candle/heartgram and pictures, It was kinda weird, like I was drawn to it :thinking:

Finally I got up, burn the heartgram and pictures, scatter the ashes outside.
Now the whole “not lusting after the results” part can begin :rofl:


Hope it goes well. One thing I didn’t mention was that I’d kept the candle (it was in a jar) and other remnants of the spell in a cupboard. Out of frustration and lost hope, I threw the candle in the bin. I tried to burn the squares I’d written our names and birthdates on, but there was a plastic element to the card I’d written them on so they wouldn’t burn. I ripped them into little pieces and threw them in the bin. I got the call less then an hour later! You probably did the right thing with the burning and disposal afterwards!

I am also a beginner too in terms of LHP and spells. I’ve long studied metaphysics and consciousness, which has assisted. I’ve had increasing success with manifestation, quite astonishing in fact when I think back. So I’ve upped it a gear and looked into LHP rituals and demonology. Again, might be reassuring to know I’m beginner too so worth mentioning.


Did your studies in metaphysics and consciousness help you for manifestation ?
I gotta say I’ve not been really successful with this yet but I’ll keep on trying for sure.

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Absolutely. I recommend The Master Key System by Charles Haanel as a start. You can find this and many other texts (some I’d recommend and some are a bit tacky and basic) for free on psitek.com. If you have a look on there, I’d say stick to anything published 50-150 years ago, there is more a risk of the modern, trite stuff (such as The Secret) not actually helping at all.

Most of these texts are very RHP but are still relevant and give you a good understanding. It also depends on your style of learning, i.e if you’re an avid reader or absorb things more quickly visually or aurally of course.

There are LHP texts I could recommend too but I find the RHP ones are a better beginning point.

I’m sure many members may have differing opinions on this but this has been my path and has succeeded rather well.

I can recommend more texts if you like but I suppose the writer and style preference is subjective.

If you are having problems with faith and ‘letting go’, I would recommend ‘Transcending the Levels of Consciousness’ and ‘Letting Go’ by Dr David Hawkins (I’m sure that his name - it’s been a while!).


Thank you so much for the suggestions ! I was looking for that type of thing actually so thank you :innocent:
I’m gonna start by the the last one cause faith and letting go are my biggest issues I guess.
And yeah, like many I read “The Secret” but didn’t like it much. Way too preachy for me.
Books which claims they’re gonna change your life are usually the ones who don’t :joy:


Update: this has worked well thus far on a completely different level. Many thanks to Conner Kendall for this.


scry is seeing into crystal ball. It’s like gazing with soft eyes.

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repeat 9 times 'in astarte’s name …etc… Or from the beginning '(name both name) you shall fall in love… etc… ??

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here is an update months later after initially doing this spell

things have been good and i can say it has succeeded. i did alter it quite slightly for what i wanted to see from it- but in all i would recommend using it if you see fit. since then i’ve done small charms to just ensure it to be healthy and stable.

only thing i would point out, is that since people feel their emotions quite differently, especially with romance, be prepared for the ritual to show itself in a variety of different ways and evolve into the result in a variety of different ways.


Didn’t get answer to my question so i’ll do the spell more thoroughly the Whole request. And let’s see how that goes.