Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps 3.0 (No Tarot Please) (Part 1)

She really like sex,i think that she is maybe succubi.That man you see is always behind me in bed.Can you speak with them,and ask them what i write you?

Why don’t you do it yourself?

My problem is i cant hear them,i only feel them on me,their touches,bodies etc


Thank you for scan,i work tomorrow,i must go sleep.

If you want just ask them too help me with clairaudience,good night😉

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I have no idea what im supposed to do in this, but im curious as to what may come up.
I’m open to what ever. Let me know if I need to do anything.

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Do you want a scan or do you want a trade?

I have intimate connections with several demons every night.
Is anybody here able to help me learn more about them? Thanks.

A scan i guess, anything i do for that?

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Nope, I’ll do a general one.

Take everything with a grain of salt and only what resonates. I’m just writing what I see:

I’m taken to a park, with a waterfall in it. There’s someone taking pictures and having fun, playing with the water and splashing it on their friend’s/family’s face. I’m not getting anything energetically yet, but there’s a very peaceful vibe to it all, very summery. The usual nature sounds and the sounds of the waterfall. Not getting much apart from this ^^

There’s a tutorial on this forum on how to scan:

Anyone up for a trade?



Hit me up


Down to trade?

Interesting, I have no idea about the waterfall, the only thing I can think of is lots of years ago as a kid my family and I went to a park with lots of trees to go see a manmade waterfall. I had a tantrum that they didnt take me to it though I was playing on the playground so we went to go see it. DIDNT get to it since I found a kitten and demanded he was ours and his name was Hunter because he hunted us down.

Also when I looked at your profile icon last night I tried to do a scan myself, I just saw a typical firemans axe swinging and the annoying orange but with like orange peel limbs.

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I’d be up for one.

Interesting :thinking:

You want to go first?

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