Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps 3.0 (No Tarot Please) (Part 1)

No, it’s just something I have to figure out. It’s more complicated then it intially comes off as.

Outlets, yeah, but the matter and issue at heart is something I have to deal with eventually.

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So you just want to make it on your own than huh? … Well you have been not successful in that, i would try to get help or a input from someone else other than just yourself.

I woul like to help you if you want it of course.

But well it is your life your decision.

It is bether to do it in the younger years where you are fresh and more in plasticity than when you are older and stuck in your old ways.

Just sayin

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I don’t intend to do everything on my own, no worries, most of it is not completely magick related and I want to keep my posts/threads on this forum magick related. Although I have done some energy work/shadow work/etc to help compliment what mudane things I’m doing. Thank you for the offer to help though. :slightly_smiling_face:

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It is my pleasure and calling to help as good as i can, Seeker. :blush:

You can pm me if there is something and i let you know at hand if i am compitant to help in these matters or not.

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Scan please thanks

I was asking because it seemed like you just wanted to be scanned. I’m willing to trade, and most people are even if your very new to scanning. However people are much less likely to just dish out free scans.

Here is a guide: :slightly_smiling_face:

@Mind_Seeker20 i’m totally new to scanning wouldn’t be able to give accurate information i just wanted to be scanned sorry to bother you

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This power sensing thread is the perfect place for practice. If you don’t practice then you can’t get better. I started out totally new, but with practice I got more experienced. People will trade with you, because being willing to trade with others even if new shows effort on your part. Just trying to help.

Yeah your first scans may not be totally accurate (or might) but thats what practice is for. As long as your putting in the effort, people will be happy to scan you back.

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I’ve been watching the scan threads since a while now, but I lack confidence to even try honestly. I wanted to give it a shot once, but got busy and couldn’t do it.

@Mind_Seeker20 Just curious but, when you started scanning for the first times, did you see images or it was more like feelings ?

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@Mei I usually see images i try to connect my third eye to the respective person then i colerate with my intuition , if it feels all right IL write it down if not look for more xD you can try on me a scan if want .

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I tend to get both images and feelings. Often the feelings invoke images to me. Like if I feel dark energy I will see a visual of darkness along with that, if I feel heat then I might see fire. Something like that.

My senses tend to overlap alot. But feeling and “seeing” tend to be the strongest for me.

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Its 2am for me, so a bit tired for this but the only thing I’m really getting, is a strong forest vibe. But it could have been influenced by your name or pfp. There was some kind of watery feeling to it, and that’s about it. I think my stronger sense would be feeling, more than seeing that’s for sure lol. I never really scan people, I’m good at sensing how people feel but that’s it.

Not gonna lie, I am super curious to know what other people can see or feel about me, but I would prefer having a real trade (in which I can actually give something consistent). Feels more right to me.

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Sure. Sorry my daughter got sick so i had other stuff going on

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Trade anyone?

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Looking to expand my abilities, let me know if you want and what you’d like scanned

I’m gonna be doing two trades so I can’t. Sorry.

You don’t have to trade back bro

Ok? Well that’s up to you then. I could always try and trade you back later today. It’s just I’m gonna wanna take a break after my two trades I already have planned. So I could trade you back after said break.

If you want to scan back you can, it’s not required, I’m just trying to expand my abilities

Anything you’d like to know in your scan

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Hmm try just a general scan, you can use my profile pic to scan since it’s me - that should help as a focal point.

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