Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps 3.0 (No Tarot Please) (Part 1)

I could.

You both can @Mind_Seeker20 @MagickVigilante

I will reply as soon as posible as i can.

I couldnt stay sirious bc i just really look some years younger than for my age. I come across as something like 18. When i looked back i came across much older than my actuall age but now.

I feel literally like baby. :rofl:

Maybe its becuase i am pushing myself really on yoga vampirism and various qigong practices.

My recent photo.

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I’m working right now, but I can scan you when I get home.

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Take your time seeker.

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Your Scan:

Okay, the very first things that seems to pop out to me the most is this very serpentine energy about you. The energy is coming from you, so it belongs to you - as far as I can tell. Internal.

When looking at your energy it comes across as almost pinkish/with a hint of orange? There’s a blue/purple but I first noticed the pink most. Your energy also has some “tendrils” to it that could be used in a preditory manner - Aka to take energy from others.

The pink color actually seems to give you this “charismatic” aura to you – I’m wondering if you’ve done some sort of energy work or something similar to affect the way others perceive you. Either that, or it’s naturally there.

Names that come to mind (when scanning you for possible entities around you) are Lucifage, Lilith (perhaps). There’s another entity just looks like a really big snake type of creature (I know the entity but am running blank on the name right now).

When scanning you I see quite litterly a trophy. From this I am coming to understand that you have your eyes on a “prize” so to speak. I get a sense of you feeling like you’ve already “attained” it but it’s just a matter of when. There’s a sense of confidence with your practice and your goals - you’ve attained the skills to get what you want, now it’s just a matter of when and how. You are capable.

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Anyone want to scan?

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Hit me up, I’ll get you back tomorrow


Would you like to trade readings? @Bardi_othrvitki

Thank you, thank you.:blush:

My Lord.

You came on point.

Except by Luicfage i suppose. maybe he is interested who knows, for now…

Yes i know i have deep inner sence of an serpentine creature or being. Wich i feel since my past spiritual deep gnosis and enlightenment very conected and transformed unto. It could also be my own refined Kundalini(also known as serpent energy or goddess Kunda also a serpent) energy playing itself out literally a Naga Archetype or as the Serpent.

I pray daily some parts of a prayer book unto lillith but have not worked with her deeply. The big serpent can also (i am sure) be Amaymon as the black Serpent i work with him more deeply for now a big period of my time daily, in my 666 project ,it is not finished.

It is more likely amassed together with the old evoking Mass off the outer calling of my personal Naga or demon we could also say in that way, this apparent huge Serpent you perceived.

I dont think and feel its leviathan it doesnt come across as like him.

Yes i did (and do) alot of self talk, reprograming and affirmations to understand and to speak with people more. And people finding me in some way or another attractive a.i. Charismatic. I assure IT WORKS!

Yes i am a achiever, and i am a winner! :muscle:t2:Not in a big Global scale, for now (hehe) but i assure you this I DO A LOOOOT OF spiritual, mental and physical exercises and work to be in this happy and fullfilled state i am in right now even though i am stuck at home i feel proud and happy about myself.

I feel happy alone i dont need particularly people or a gf around to feel whole or fullfilled in some way or another. I am whole and it means alot to me other than just clown societys money and riches and status and blablabla i see this as a perk when one fullfills his true will and purpose on this world WHEN hes made or desiring for that. But well it is too shallow for me to see it as a personal goal right now to just be rich and of such. Being well of and independent wealthy is good enough.

I think a big part of this orange energy is cultivated in my qigong practices in my belly regions tantien so the sacral chakra is also strongly strenghtened by this. And the purple is my psychic abiltys in action when i perceive certain spiritual manifestations and realitys that happens some days stronger some days not so strong around me. Highly intuitiv and a spongebob for energys and entitys. Thats why the blue energy is my shielding but this one is more a aparent one. I have of course more bc of my manifold sensitivity.

Ps yes i like to succc my enemys dry of theire vitality, happyness, and health i dont take shit from nobody. So my poisonous theeth are a little thicker and sharper than that of an usual Hunter type Serpent.

Good work Seeker!

Naga bless!

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It is night and i see a cresecnt moon above an ice cold see illuminated wich is illuminated by this moon and it glitters. All this in an old like european fairytale setting in an old spruce Forrest.

The atmospehric colors are white silver, glitter, dark ocean blue, pastel blue normal blue. And many other variants of blue and it is very cold.

And a ice queen is emerging out of the see sitting on its spiky icy throne giving you the kiss before you get drowned and eaten by her mermaids. (In the next days (also general) you should look after your back when interacting with some type of alluring woman or females be it physical or spiritual).

It came across to me as a trap and predatory like youve been seduced in some way or another for more selfish reasons and also not good intended ones. I see your skeleton floating now above the see. You should also go not to deep in your subcounciousnes and its deep instinctual depths as you are right now you can also be eaten in that way.

Also your feelings of frustration and just stiffness and coldness should be worked upon. When clearing ones emotions one needs warmth to melt the metaphoric ice away so it can flow again how it should be. Take care of yourself emotionally and physically i feel youve been neglecting yourself in that matter too much.

It is allright to cry and feeling a loss sometimes take your needed time listen to your intuition more, than unto your literal hungry cuthulu calling from the dephts to just eat you up. No. You must grow for a period of time to come out alife and stronger not just survived or even more dead than before when you do that.

So in conclusion.

There is emotional coldness and distance also frustrations.

Some type of female energys-entitys be it by you and or outside of you is not well intended unto you. Physical Spiritual mental all matters.

There is a trap set for you some is set by another and some are set by yourself (unrecognized part of your ego) i think just bc of your frustration you feel you want to extremist style pursue your inner dark dephts but doesnt take precausion to strengthen ones basic needs or emotional wellnes and physical health and power before you do that .

You think you will get stronger trough that before you go above the mentioned basics, but what i saw it will be the opposite.

I tell from experience, some spiritual workings are really draining of energy so take precautions.

There is needed growth in the aspect of Emotional warmth and physical health to breack this ice so to say and clear your waters of this supposed queen(Man are you simping?) and predatory mermaids.

Geting emotionaly clear and runing.

Bc belief it or not everybody has emotions. Some more turbulant or plenty than others and it is best when one comes clean with it. Bc we are generally speaking not logic creatures. If we feel bad or cold our decisions will be also more based upon this sheme of feelings and only further this trait also in our subcounciousnes. Of course if it is desired than go on. But something is telling me it is not and you feel it also that way thats why you want to extremist dive into it and solve it. But ah ah aah☝️! There is some needed growth before that extreme pursuit ma dude.

Of course i am not your Mamör but please for the sake of yourself and your sure potential.

Take care of yourself first, Seeker!

Naga Bless!


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Hmm, this one stumps me. I have a spirit lover but I don’t think she is behind that? I also could somehow see it being people in real life?

Yes. Plenty.

I’m not sure by the “another” part, but I am well aware of my own “inner dark depths” and how some of my past attempts to reconcile that didn’t go well. Your right about the basic needs.

True. Especially in the emotional area.

Lol no, I don’t even know who this supposed “queen” is. It’s not my lady - I don’t think she’s a queen and she feels more earthy, but has connections to water - alittle dark too. But she hasn’t harmed me and has helped me so I’m honestly confused. The whole queen thing worries me alittle honestly, the whole skeleton thing is kinda grim lol.

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can someone scan me…thanks

Trade or you just want to be scanned?

Yes it must not be your lover so to say. Maybe even people outside of you.
But what i know emotions are conected mostly to the feminin aspect of oneself maybe that is the malefic part thats manifested as the trap of frustration and coldness maybe this IS the queen and the mermaids who eats you up metaphoricaly.

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I am actually having a lot of conflict with my own inner feminine energies or whatever you call the inner feminine and masculine parts of ourself. Does that sound likely? That (Currently) is the cause of most my current frustration. Emotions too.

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Do you have any outlets to help yourself in that matter?Or have an idea how?

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No, it’s just something I have to figure out. It’s more complicated then it intially comes off as.

Outlets, yeah, but the matter and issue at heart is something I have to deal with eventually.

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So you just want to make it on your own than huh? … Well you have been not successful in that, i would try to get help or a input from someone else other than just yourself.

I woul like to help you if you want it of course.

But well it is your life your decision.

It is bether to do it in the younger years where you are fresh and more in plasticity than when you are older and stuck in your old ways.

Just sayin

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