Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps 3.0 (No Tarot Please) (Part 1)

Thanks for the feedback

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hehe true , very good :slight_smile: i have strong forest connections :hugs:

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Want me to scan you

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Perfect who shall start?


Your Scan:

The first thing im seeing is well two things, but they tie together. First I saw two arms with chains attached to the wrists but then I saw with force the arms (presumably attached to you) break these chains thus freeing themselves. There’s seems to be some sort of “break through” going on right now. Some old ties that weren’t serving you are being released, and your own autonomy is being recognized.

The second message is one of over-reliance. Despite the progress shown above, I see that there is still some uncertainty over your own ability to independently do things yourself. So there might be some over-reliance on others. More specifically on spirits you work with. I see a need to become more independent in your practice.

However the message overall is good. The old ways are starting to shed, to make room for growth and new ways that will serve you.

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Thank you bro

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No problem :+1:

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Want me to scan you again? Anything specific?

If you really want to, but another important thing is to take breaks between scans. It helps you recharge. If you do then general is fine but I won’t be able to trade you back till tomorrow. Although I do suggest if not taking a break now, then after you scan. It’s like grounding after you do ritual work.

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Sure man, don’t worry I take breaks, and don’t worry about scanning me back, when you can.

If you do scan me back tomorrow, I’d appreciate a scan on my spirit guides

So you want a general scan?

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Sure , general is fine.


I saw a door

Tarot card the Empress

A tomato jumping

The colour purple

You shooting someone

The door was at the beginning of the scan, the entrance to your soul
The tomato could represent you getting in touch with nature, but this time, you should eat more veggies
The colour purple was the ajna chakra, it’s active, looked pretty active.
You were shooting your old self, killing him.
And the card of the empress could represent your relationship with Lilith, she is there, like a queen, guiding you @Mind_Seeker20 what do you think

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Very good :slightly_smiling_face:

I do need to have more veggies and fruits in my diet :unamused:

I’d say everything was right on.

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It’s too bad not much was new tho lol

However if I may make a suggestion, don’t be so harsh on your old self lol

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How about you start, this is only my second time doing it so I want an example. are we just using intuition or can we use tools as well such as runes?

The symbolism was new and can be applied to many things. I’d say your doing pretty well so far. The images that come up while scanning someone are symbols, it’s your job as the scanner to figure out what they mean. Sometimes they are literal and other times there’s a message or something behind the symbol.

Like if you see the image of a sun, it could mean that person has connections with solar energy. It could also means things like enlightenment, vitality, fire…etc etc. The list goes on. Usually you’ll get an impression which can help decipher the meaning behind things. Now of course this is all based off how I tend to receive Info through scanning (feelings and images) there are other senses that can be utilized as well.

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Trade anyone?

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I’ll hit you up then I’ll chill lol

What you wanna know brother?

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I gotta say, your doing a great job with those breaks.

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Lmao, ahhh gimme a break, I like scanning :rofl:

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