Pls help not a hoax/joke im serious

Hi, i normally dont go on websites like this because i believe them to be incorrect and mockingly.
But i´m done with what has been happening to me the last years.
It started when my grandma took me and my niece to a camping.
I was 5/6 years old and still remember this like it was yesterday. (I am 20 years old now)
I was playing with my toycar outside when a kid walked up to me and asked if he could play with me. I looked at him and he had no eye white. Just black eyes (fully black)
So i told him no and ran to my grandma who came immediatly when i told her but when we got there the kid was gone. A week later i had a dream were i was in school and the school was completely empty. I walked to my classroom where i found my 2 best friends dead on the floor and 3 ´´people´´ 1 with white eyes 2 with yellow eyes. They ran after me and eventually chased me to the schoolplayground. They were shouting my name at me and trying to get me. so i kind of jumped off off a cliff. Im sry if it feels like im making this up trust me im not and i want/need help. Since i was a little kid, i always had vivid dreams where i could make things easily just by thinking about it. I could seperate reality from dreams. This one was different tho. It felt really real but when i jumped off the cliff i woke up.
ever since then when i walked in my house it felt like there was a presence sort of chasing me whenever i walked up the stairs. I was a tall, skinny kid with no aggresion problems at all. Then i started to hear voices. I was able to ignore the voices until my best friend got bullied on the schools playground. i blacked out and when i woke up i had the bully´s head in my hands and was smashing it against a wall. Remember i was like 10/11 years old then. I told my teacher i sometimes heard voices and they had a kind of frightened reaction when i said it. So they set up an appointment with the schooldoctor. Every time i walked with the schooldoctor to a seperate room, i kind of blacked out again and when i woke up it was done and i didnt have any problems anymore. I had vague memories of the conversation. But more about what the doctor said, and less about what i said. I didnt get help after that so i kind of learned to live with it. Fast forward some more years… and i got a girlfriend. Every time i saw her with another guy talking i had this sensational feeling in my body. Not a particular part of my body, no… Just my whole entire body filled with ´´rage´´ i guess. Not rage towards my girlfriend but towards the guy that she was talking too. Her sister told me i wasnt good enough for her and i blacked out again and apparently threw like 4 big boulders towards her.
At this moment my girlfriend broke up with me. (can´t blame her).
So we fastforward another few years. My best friend stayed over for a night. and we went and played games all night. My closet which is like 6 foot something fell over while we were gaming. It shouldnt be able to fall over since its square and 6 foot tall and really heavy.
My best friend told me i could be possessed or something, i didnt believe it at first.
So i woke up last week to find out my window(which has a locking system) was wide open and my stopwatch was beeping at like 3am 3.30 am. This has been happening every night at the same time for the last week. I cannot sleep anymore because im scared. its hard to admit but i am. but i was able to live with it for like a week or 2 so why am i here?
I woke up this morning and saw kind of a face at the bottom of my bed with yellow eyes.
Every time i close my fk eyes now i see the eyes. doesnt matter where i am or what im doing.
So i am crying for help please respond quick since i cannot sleep anymore. Ive tried googling the answer but most people are just trolling and taking a piss at me. so i hope its different here.


Welp, I can feel Silent typing away


And this is what i meant by everyones thinks im joking
im not! if you don´t have any solutions pls dont reply

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Hmmm. Listen buddy. You have misinterpreted what Im saying. I don’t blame you. If it happens you will understand but there’s no need to jump to accusations :vulcan_salute:

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What did you mean by it then?
I´m sorry but im kind of agitated by this.
If i dont get a solution by tomorrow il go to a church even though im against religion

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Like im reading online i should put fishguts on hot coals but like how tf is that going to help me lmao. im against religion because i feel its made for controlling humans deepest instincts

Could I get a tl;Dr? That wall of text is too much brohammer

No one is gonna think you’re crazy, slow down and explain things, then your problem with the thing, and then we can adequately help with the thing


For some reason this was my first thought, too :smiley:


whats a tl? il make one

okay ill make paragraphs

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Lol stands for too long, didn’t read. People say it when they want a quick summary over a lengthy story

okay ill just say what im dealing with right now.
every time i go to my room my window which has a locking system so if you close it its pretty hard to open, opens widely. I go to bed close my window i wake up at 3am 3.30am my window is fully opened its really cold in my room and my stopwatch keeps beeping. The first 2 days i stood up and just clicked the stopwatch to off. 3rd day i did that and closed my window, went back to bed and the stopwatch began beeping again. but this time i had a really weird feeling with it. i stood up again to turn the stopwatch off went back in bed and my window opened up again. so i decided ill ignore it, throw an extra blanket on me and slept till the morning. I have a chair which is at the foot of my bed. But when i woke up i saw a man with yellow eyes and a rly weird smile sitting in the chair with his face like 360 degrees turned towards me. i need help with THAT xd so if you know something else besides throwing fishguts on hot coals in my room i would be thankfull

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Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram

Look it up, there are plenty of articles sharing how to do it.

And then buy some sage, and smudge your house. Plenty of articles on that too

Welcome to the world of the paranormal


i keep hearing it isnt going to work but ill try :slight_smile:

You may also try to ask help from Goetia demons, there are some that specify at fighting with evil spirits.


Lol won’t work says who?


Then you have nothing to lose.
You have come to the right place to find the answers you are looking for. Open your mind calm your emotions let your intuition guide you. If someone make lite of what you are saying ignore them, if someone give you information that helps you use it.

Like DormiensDei said welcome to the world of paranormal.

Now embrace the Magick inside you and scare the bad Spirits for a change.


The incident when you were camping at 5 or 6? Sounds like you met a Black Eyed Kid (BEK) - googlable. It’s a known thing and you did the right thing. I wouldn’t say that’s related at this point, they usually take people’s souls causing sickness and death within months, and you’re still alive, so.

The dream sounds like the start of the rest of it, and yes it seems to me an entity has attached itself to you, enough that it can take full possession. You could try to ask it what it wants, if it wanted to hurt you it could have easily done so by now, but all it’s done is hide itself from teachers and wake you up…

Note: it does stuff to wake you up at the one time at night when it’s easiest to communicate with spirits. I think it wants to talk.

The yellow eyes is probably a clue - you’ve been watching Supernatural yeah? And Azazel in that show has yellow eyes. Otherwise, yellow eyes isn’t much of a thing.

Who said that? And why do they think the Lesser banishing ritual woldn’t work?
I don’t think so either - this is highly personal to you and is important to your path. You don’t get this level of possession easily and you had to give permission for it to happen.

My suggestion is, stop running and turn around and face it. Find out who it is, what it wants and whether it’s in your interests to take advantage of the situation. If not, you’ll be able to ask it to leave and it will go knowing that’s your conscious choice.


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I would but I was sleeping! DarkestKnight did the job! :grin: