Pls help not a hoax/joke im serious


As I always do :wink:


Try to close your eyes, relax, and visualize that you breath light, and a ray of light comes from above and penetrates your sashasrara chakra, use this energy to cleanse your spirit from any energetic disturbances. Once you feel ready, expand this energy and create a pure white aura/shield which is impervious to all damaging things…It is important that you are strong enough to ignore everything that happens around you while doing this, and dont let fear obscure the power inside you…

If the turmoil is too much, you must make a banishing ritual before/after this internal work. I dont know about those…

I didnt extract this technique from any source, it is just something i made up and works with myself…Hope it is usefull.


Not sure which “Websites” you’ve been too. I can agree that most Social Media “Witch” groups are pretty narrow minded so i do understand your hesitation however this site is the real deal.

I have had this experience myself at about 17. Afterwards i did in fact tell whatever it was that even though it tried to protect me (in my case) this wasn’t okay and i would not allow it again without permission. So far never happened again.

If you’re against it, it won’t do you any good. You’re belief is important here.

And this is the voice you need to ignore.

You’ll probably need to do a serious banishing and cleansing of yourself as well as the entire home.
So you’ll need to find ritual for personal cleansing you feel comfortable with and take it seriously. As for your home i’d recommend two things, Sigils (look up here some good threads on Sigils for beginners) in every window and door (they can be very small and so easy to hide) then a simple banishing.
I’d recommend the Lesser Banishing Ritual first but this one can be done after on a regular basis to keep shit out.

Get a bowl of warm water, put salt or sea salt in it. Now you’ll need to seriously concentrate on imagining your energy (like all the powerful and good things about you for example) going into the bowl. Stir it with your fingers.
Now go around the entire house, sprinkle the water with your fingers hitting the walls, roof, floors, and cracks where the walls connect. After that make sure to put some in all the door and window frames. Now a lot just small sprinkles like before. (this is from a Youtuber names EA Koetting)

The one thing i’ll say is if you think this is Hocus Pocus or Fantasy it won’t work for you. You need to try hard to be neutral or positive about the results because you can sabotage it and cause it to fail.


You’ll have to get over the fear. With such a strong connection already I’d do a proper evocation of this being. This time I say “evocation” not invocation since you black out so much from possession. I’d have the room set up (including a chair or two) and seriouslyget to know this yellow eyed being.

I don’t know what you’re afraid of… harm, sickness, death, hells, torment? Meh! Don’t be passive here and face it and question it. Not knowing is worse than knowing.


I have to tell you that I’m having similar experiences, you are not possessed you have something within that is awakening and it’s about time you know what was meant for you, your destiny I know what it feels to blacken out and find yourself doing something else entirely.


Fact is many of us got our start by learning to deal with stuff like this in our own lives. I don’t think that many here are going to automatically assume that you are trolling. unless you actually start trolling. Then all bets are off.

I have experienced blackouts exactly twice in my life. Both resulted in someone’s ass getting kicked. Except for the black eyed kid, I have experienced similar things in my life. Some of that stuff still happens. It just doesn’t bother me anymore and I know how to deal with it if it does.

The way I see it, you have two choices. You can get rid of the spirit presence via banishing,cleansing, and just telling the spirits to fuck off. Then go back to your normal life. Or you can dive into the rabbit hole and try to communicate with whatever it is and see where that leads. learn banishing and cleansing either way.


I just came home from going to the club with my nephew and the same happened although it was different. I could control it this time. My nephew is like 5foot 8 and im 6 foot 2, a guy pushed my nephew and said he was going to beat him up because he stood in the way. I said do i stand in the way. he said yes so i said do something about it, i felt alot of rage but could control it. I saw that the guy was getting his friends because he was shorter i guess. i blacked out and when i woke up his friends were apologizing to me for the ´misunderstanding´. I have no idea what happened but i guess its here to protect me since i only black out when my loved ones are in some kind of danger or me myself is. should i still try the pentagram? How can i make contact with the spirit?


I sometimes (rarely) hear his voice in my mind but i don´t know how to maintain it and make conversation i guess.


Just relax and empty your thought as best as you can. We often can’t hear them until we shut off our daydreaming and internal dialog. The fact that you can hear him at all is helpful.


I remember asking for help when i was little (dont know the date) so i dont know if its got anything to do with it. But there was a time were i was viewed as kind of a monster because i was strong and really tall for my age. I was skinny but didnt know my strength. (thats what people told me) I kind of asked to become a monster since everyone already thought i was. I remember seeing something but i dont recall it to be the exact same as what i saw when i was laying in bed.


Just spitballing here, but this is probably the point of origin for everything that followed.


Ok silent us one of the regulars on the faurm do a purification of your house and self with sage and tell them to leave leave no dark corner unturned if that doesn’t work create a circle of salt around your self light some white candles and call out to it and ask it who n y it attached its self to you then you need to banish it salt holy water throw a bible at it rubbing alcohol or some thing u do the sage everyday for a week. U should be fine even if you do a salt circle around your bed u should be able to sleep sleep with the lights on…not really me telling u to but if I was I’m your shoes I would I’d b scared shitless


Burn some sage
Sprinkle some salt
Perhaps consider contacting King Paimon

Fucking relax, it seems a lot scarier than it is.


I tried to undelete the comment but it wont let me so here goes again. I woke up with a name stuck in my head which was something like asmedai or something like that. I don´t think im going to repel him since he only protected me and my loved ones i guess. and when i look him up, i see nothing so i guess he isn´t that dangerous. Major thanks to everyone that helped if i have to live with random shit happening in the night i guess it is what it is and thats the prize for protection. TY all


Glad you’re feeling better :slight_smile:

You’re welcome to stick around, you have what most new folks would love, clear contact with an entity that might even be your patron.

there’s a lot of historical posts that could help you improve on the communication and turn it into a working partnership. I think there’s an opportunity here to get quite a lot more out of it, if you wanted.

Also, next tune you see him, you can just tell him, ‘thanks man, but no way am i meditating at 3am, can you not wake me up at night? Thxbai’

Good luck and all the best!


Please don’t forget to introduce yourself, @G_H, It is a requirement on this forum.


Asmoday, Asmodai, Asmodeus, whatever variant spelling, it’s all the same spirit. You’ll find him in the Goetia. Here is his sigil



TL;DR he’s being haunted or has some kind of parasite maybe. But what do I know


i kinda did right? That whole story is basically my life story haha.


thanks, i´m going to clear up if its my guardian demon tonight.
Made my own pentagram today so i hope it works haha.
i read that you should sit in a circle and have 72 names of goetia demons on paper and just ask 1 by one. way better then throwing fishguts on hot coals haha. Another ty to all the people that helped figure it out :):smile::blush: