Please help

I performed a short but thorough pentagram ritual to open my personal hell. I had channelled 2 sigils and an Enn of my own personal intrusive thoughts, my dissociative side and my trauma. The entity was real and its been plaguing me. It has a name, and I kept both the sigils and went to sleep. I had a horrible dream, and now I genuinely feel like I cannot trust anybody. Can someone, please, for the love of whatever help me take control of this malevolent entity?

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Why the fuck do my posts never get any comments, i actually need help this time, shit

That’s so cool.

Why didn’t you open your personal heaven? Maybe that could provide the needed counterpart.


Maybe so. My personal hell is for sure some kind of demon but i dont know, i used some universal demonolatry symbol and channelled his name, Enn and Sigils. I wonder how I could do that for the opposite

How would you normally end the ‘conversation’ with a spirit?
Try to close the seal, burn it (unless you want to keep it laying around) and banish with LBRP and see how you feel then.

I was joking about the ‘so cool’.j
But my question was serious. Why would you try to interact with your personal hell before or instead of your personal heaven.
My advice is LBRP or if that isn’t to your liking try the Star Ruby

Listen work on any type of solar banishing. Lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram on any type or form. Or any other banishing ritual. Take a cleansing bath for about a week. And then a protection bath for 5 days. All this done while lighting a 7 day candle for the first work of white color anointed with uncrossing oil and uncrossing powder. For the other five days a red candle anointed with fiery wall of protection and blessing oil. This should do the trick.

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Maybe people would be much more interested in your posts if you gave them more alluring titles ( that of course wouldn’t be irrelevant to the topic you want to discuss). Just saying.
In my experience, I usually don’t take a second look at posts with a similar title.

And frankly, I can’t quiet understand what the problem is. All I got was “personal hell” , “entity” , “seal” , “horrible dream” and “help”. The way your post is worded is just not working from me.

So please, explain the problem a little more thoroughly and start from the beginning , so I can offer advice.


@Mystic-Void Please help

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Dammit, I easily fell for that. @Littleshart

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Ok yeah im sorry, i typed it out in a bit of a rush. What I essentially did was perform a short ritual of which the purpose was to pull out an “inner demon”, or whatever you would call the negative or baleful half of oneself. I did it with the intention of being able to take control of it and being able to use this malevolent spiritual energy to my will. I did this by drawing a pentagram on a piece of parchment surrounded by some universally applied demonolatry sigils that I pulled from VK Jehannum’s site, and also a sigil that I created myself 4 days ago in a seperate ritual. I lit some white small candles, placed an offering of blood orange and drew a clavicula nox, and meditated for some time while focusing on my intention. I noticed a change in energy when I started to have memories of every time I witnessed this bad side of myself come out, so I called it forth. I could feel it come out of me like an energy. I channelled its sigils, name and enn. At one point while coming out of meditation, I even saw a face. I closed the ritual, blew out the candles, folded the parchment and wrote down the sigil. I slept not long after. This is when I had the dream (Im not sure I wanna go into it) which involved me seeing one of those sigils i drew right at the end of it. I woke up dazed and neurotic and i felt like I couldn’t trust anyone or anything.

I don’t even know if this entity is a demon or not. I mainly work with demons, ive worked with Astaroth, Gargophias, Belial, Lucifuge Rofocale, Mephisto and more but this is new. This thing has pure psycho murder vibes, its pure fucking bloodshed and I want to pipe it down forever.

I ought to try the star ruby

You made a new entity, as being a creator being you can do that, and you changed your mind. I wouldn’t banish this, I’d kill it.

Design a ritual where you bring it, bind it, burn it and destroy all of it. Scatter the discarnate ‘ashes’ to the winds or bury them as deep in the Earth as you can imagine.

well, it does sound ideal to kill it, but its been with me for a very very long time.

Usually when one performs a ritual to evoke one’s personal demons, the goal is to name, bind and control them.

I think you erred when you went to sleep after the operation instead of binding the entity and closing what you opened.

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yeah, I probably did. I am gonna perform a full banishing ritual tomorrow on thursday, the best day to invoke Moloch. Im casting the fucker into the fires and maybe that would teach him a thing or two.

Well you externalized and potentiated your trauma and feelings. Gave them concrete existence. You should try Modern Magick I O B method you finish what your started. It has worked well for me in the past. You must be careful many of the black magick teachings make huge assumptions about the base knowledge of their audience.

I’ll keep this in mind but ive long solved this problem with Moloch

Sorry I know this is older, but I would be grateful if you explained how one might do this and what the benefits are?