Please help me get rid of these tormentors!

My name is Brandy, Ive had devils around me all my life, they made me premature at birth and put all these signs and anagrams and codes into my familys names and birthdays. if youve ever read the bible, about Casting Jezebel into a sick bed, yea… ive had these christian “jezebel” spirits curse me. When I got older, 19. I became a Satanist and within a week i was getting lied to and attacked by devils, theyre possessing my body and attacking me on the outside aswell as the inside, they have humiliated me infront of family, for instance one time i was having sex with someone and i had no underwear on, i ran into the living room in the middle of the night to grab my phone charger and i was trying to grab it from behind the couch, this being pushed me down behind the couch and i couldnt get up as hard as i tried, i struggled for a good 5 minutes till i finally got over the couch then immediately got knocked out cold on the couch, so my dad saw me with my legs spread in the living room with no pants oe underwear on. they do humiliate me like this sexually, they’ve made me fat, like made me feel super hungry and craving food really bad so id eat, and after id eat id be starving for food an hour later. i gained a good 80 pounds cuz of them and they refuse to let me work out or do anything with my life, i cant hold a job, they attack me while i try to sleep electrocute my feet and legs, it can go on for hours. I need my fellow Satanist brothers and sisters to help me out here cuz I dont know what to do, it costs too much money to seek help.


Please post an introduction here.

It’s one of the rules, have a look over them as well.



I’m not sure working with demons is going to bring you happiness and peace of mind, demons will sometimes say things that can be misconstrued and can mess you up worse.

Magick is innately destabilising to your mind and emotions, but you can still affect your reality and get a bonus of learning to control your own mind better if you study the Science of Mind, because it has (arguably) the same foundations as the work we do here.

This kind of magick is also the type with which I personally have had the most consistent results, over time, and I use it as a foundation for all my other work - so it’s not 2nd best.

If you search online and at archive,org for works by the authors Napoleon Hill, W. Clement Stone, and Wallace T. Wattles, you’ll find some of the key texts, they’re often out of copyright as well so you can find PDFs and audiobooks that are legal to download.

There are many works created later that are by other authors and derivative, but the originals have more power.

These all seem legit out of copyright, as far as I could discover:


I’m not a dietician but is it possible your macros are causing increased hunger?

Some people have an escalating response of hunger when eating foods high in starches, so that it kicks in soon after eating something with rice, pasta, starchy veg, pulses, etc.

Many different conditions can cause electric-shock type sensations in legs and feet, have you mentioned this to a doctor?


Are we considered Satanists? Never thought of that before…

I just mentioned this in another post, if you are emotionally distraught this may not be the way for you. You already believe “devils” are attacking you and you consider us Satanists? This is a recipe for disaster. You need an actual medical evaluation.

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its a spirit doing it

theres satanists on here i jut saw them talking about demons, and i dont need to get checked i need advice on how to protect myself from evil entities.

Okay, I’ll play along.

If you spent time as a Satanist, you did it wrong. Don’t screw around with any force that you would describe as demonic ever again in your entire life. If you have any contact with Jesus, use it. Forget Jehovah or God or Yahweh. Just meditate on the name and image of Jesus until his presence is known to you.
The spirit you’re looking for heals, teaches, and drives unwelcome spirits. He does it for free.

Or, if you’ve tried that and you want to start some basic magic, do what these guys said and maybe throw in some Wiccan methods. Burn some sage and stare at the moon, shit like that.

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Here’s a contemplation about Satan for no reason.

If you say something really funny, God and Satan both laugh about it.

Why does that make sense?

It makes them both less intimidating in my opinion.

It looks like you’re probably dealing with loose entities, lost souls.
They need to be put on their place.

Any human who wants to have absolute peace needs to have mastery over darkness,
whether walking on the left, right or both 'hand side of the Godmind or both.
Therein one finds that both polarities are empowering as functions of one’s own being, just like
your arm is a natural part of your human vessel. So does the source looks at the all- The source being your true Self, in oneness and equality with all life is what gives you infinite power, and control in an orderly fashion, over all things in the God-Mind. It is the part of you that is the eternal Cosmic Master, in all. The source of all love, intelligence, life, power, the One Source beyond both polarities of light and dark, the heart of all things lies embedded in it.

You can say, by my almighty I AM-presence,
or through you dear I AM-presence

do I wish to call forth x, y and z…
in supreme, love, respect and gratitude (to any being you want to work with)
Of all things you can do in the God-Mind -Know that archetypal beings beings you cooperate with,
are aspects of yourself - you who are , ultimately, all that is , in oneness and equality with all life.
If you want them to respect you it is crucial to respect them while you talk to them or approach them.
As being equal to, even if you are in the I AM-position- that is for the beings you cooperate with.
Demons and Angels alike you work with work under the saying, treat me like you would like to be treated yourself. If you don’t and don’t re-ajust that through the I AM-presence, for example, then they might teach you how much respect is important in one way or another, which is usually not so fun.
Consider them to be mirrors, because they are.

Now,.Satan is also a direct representation of your own hurt, oppressed inner child that needs to be listened to and freed- embraced in love and respect. If you can get along with Satan, as an equal, not as a worshiper, seeing him - as more, but really as an equal, a friend - as a living God (using the LBRP for example, as well) . Do you use magick circles such as the solomonic circle or the universal circle? Please let me know. :slight_smile:

Either way, this spirit can help you a lot, when it comes to navigating the negative polarity.
(copied from my previous post)
This Spirit is probably one of your most centrally efficient guide in black magick, be it clearing, healing, self-empowerment, etc…;

Althalln appears as an elderly man with stringy,
white hair and wrinkled skin, yet not at all feeble. He
wears a dingy, blue cloak that seems to always be covered
in some strange powder or dust.
This noble Spirit has gained complete familiarity
with the shadows and the darkness. Althalln will guide the
Operator through the living night in which he may need to
walk, that it will not consume him. He can banish an army
of Shadows in one word, and can gather them together in
Althalln is respected by all spirits, and demands the
same of the Evocator.

What I also do is
by my almighty I AM-presence, do I call you forth, Adonai Elohim, Tzabaoth shaddai
and do I ask you to purge (this space, this entity, whatever you name)
(cosmic armies of light appear including archangel Michael and so on, and he literally
kicks the ass of any being that harasses you, he together with other cosmic warrior like beings.
When I mean kick ass I mean, smashing, fighting, battling, being absolutely unstoppable.

I was walking in my hometown recently and had an entity in the woods, a lost soul calling me names, and
I knowing it would get it’s ass kicked, my first and only reply was
“adonai Elohim tzabaoth shaddai”…

saying, that’s my answer…
instant, clean, powerful,…you really make a direct impression too and beings that thing they have anything on you,leave you the f alone instantly…;

I work with both dark and light alike, myself in my cosmic mastership trip.

The whole biblical idea by the way of there being a battle between demons and angels all the time -
about that: the reality of it is that Angels and Demons are One-unified- they are called the Angelic architect, as a whole, and are not per se enemies - Each Angel and Archangel have a demonic counterpart…; and work together. :slight_smile:


I havent casted circles before. Im just looking for help on how to banish these evil entities that have been pushing me around for so many years. Ill keep praying.

Well, tell them to fuck off. That’s what I do. It works.


told them many many times

Okay. It was also a hint, that simpler ways can be an answer sometimes.