Im new

My names Brandy Light, Im 26 turning 27, May 24. I live in Clio Michigan. And I recently decided to give my life to Lucifer because the biblical god is a hypocrite and a murderer.

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Have you made an introduction in the introduction thread in the #new-magician-help section?


Pop on over in this link then.

It’s one of the few rules we have. Which you can also find in the new magician help section.

Welcome to the forum. There is a little magnifying glass at the top of your screen, it’s the search function. Click it and you can search for whatever it is you are interested in at the moment. If that is Lucifer, Then type his name. If you can’t find what you are looking for after a search feel free to ask us.

Enjoy yourself.:+1:

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My name is Brandy Light Im almost 27 years old and I recently gave my life over to Lucifer because the biblical god is a liar and a murderer. I live in Clio, Michigan

You’re supposed to introduce yourself here. Introduce Yourself To Members Of The Forum - #2643 by Azasial

Explain please

Yes, she has, even photos, @Light91 please keep your stuff in the thread below and don’t make duplicate threads.

Cheers! :+1: