Planetary Correspondences of the Chakras

Okay where to begin…

I have seen many different planetary correspondences to the chakras, so many that I’m having trouble settling on one system.

For example, in this post Connor Kendall gives one set of correspondences:

While this post gives another

And to top it all off, on a livestream I heard D.H. Thorne give the following:

Solar Plexus=Mars
3rd Eye=Moon

And finally, there is the system of matching the chakra colours to the planets they correspond to (Root=Mars, Throat=Jupiter, etc.)

As you can see, there are many differing opinions, and I known some of you dont think the planets and chakras should mix in the first place, but I digress.

So tell me, which system do you prefer and why? :thinking:


As I recall, these correspondences don’t exist in the original Vedic system, so it’s all UPG and you can pretty much try whatever you like and see what works for you.

Personally, since the original was millennia in development and didn’t make the relationships, I don’t map them at all… if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.


That makes sense. I’m basically trying to create a Middle Pillar ritual that incorporates all the plantets.

Then I don’t think you need chakras. The Kabbalistic system has it’s own way of building the lightbody which Crowley call the Holy Guardian Angel of something… it’s the end results of all that work… but starting with the elements then planets and they correspond to the spheres in the Sephirah which already represent inner aspects of yourself, and if you want the Qlipphoth.

I wouldn’t try to mix and match such vastly different systems, unless I’d already done both by themselves and had the experience to see where they actually do match up energetically.

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Ya its essentially the lightbody body practice, except the energy is visualized within, instead of around the aura. I’m just trying to find the closest correspondence.

The root chakra represent life and sexuality, the sign of Aries. This is where the psychical birth occurs hence it is ruled by mars and it’s color is red so… (Scorpio is for sexuality: the devil that tempted Adam and Eve)

Second chakra represent emotions, feelings and thought processes. This is when the individual is thriving to survive in the world by using his communication (Gemini) to convey his feeling and logic to survive ( Virgo), it is ruled by Mercury

Third chakra is when the person is applying his willpower, his consciousness to manifest things. He applies everything he learnt in Mercury to manifest things, this is Sagittarius. A pure fire sign that expands. Sagittarius is the fire of God. This one is ruled by Jupiter. You manifest according to your beliefs or by your faith.

Eg: If you don’t believe that a particular job position will not help you financially then you usually don’t apply for the job…
Your ability to manifest things is proportional to your belief system. And all of this is Sagittarius- Jupiter, the sign and planet of faith.

4th chakra is ruled by Taurus and Libra. What happened when a person get what he wants? He enjoys it, he cherished it, he is in a state of bliss (Taurus), Taurus is the garden of Eden in the Bible. Libra is when the person does not indulge only in pleasure or laziness. He is able to balance what he has learnt so far in the previous chakras. If the person doesn’t get what he wants he become obsessed and sometimes hateful. This is a bad Venus

It needs to be balanced otherwise the person can turn into negativity by being to much materialistic, the energy got blocked and doesn’t flow up to the crown chakra, instead the energy will flow down and this process of energy going down is what people called the tail of a demon. If the person is well balanced the remaining energy will flow up to the next chakras… when the energy goes up to the last chakra it is seen as a crown

Throat chakra is the governed by Capricorn and Aquarius. This is where the person must know what is right and what is wrong. The individual can teach and guide people by experience and his voice is authoritative ( doesn’t mean intimidating but authentic)

Here the person is prone to teach more and be altruistic, serve humanity and again this phase is divided by two. Before teaching, guiding and serve humanity the person must be fully in control of himself with discipline. If the person is unstable, he cannot lead or guide that’s why it start by Capricorn and finishes by Aquarius which is more humanitarian and considering everyone has a big ONE.

The third eye is ruled by Leo, Sun. Third eye is the ability to see things beyond what they may look like. This is where the soul find it knowledge. When the third eye is open, the person get extremely creative, he is creative, he see, hear thing from within is soul. Leo represent the Universal knowledge. The purest knowledge. He can see the past, present and future.

Crown chakra is ruled by cancer, this is where the soul actually reside, it is like the home of the soul. The mind is ruler of the soul. It is the one that guide the soul here on earth. You can have a strong soul but if your mind is fucked up, you won’t even know how to use it.

Cancer is a powerful sign because of its motherly nature. It knows things without ever trying to know . It is our mother Goddess. The Holy Spirit in the Bible. It represent the universe as a whole. For you to achieve to achieve liberation, the mind which the moon must be detached of all worldly things. mind is everything. Moon represents in astrology the data of our all previous reincarnation. Your karma are downloaded through your moon- mind.

The person that achieved liberation is the one that has mastered his own mind

Sun represent the lesson to be learned in the current reincarnation.

In brief

  1. Mars
  2. Mercury
  3. Jupiter
  4. Venus
  5. Saturn
  6. Sun
  7. Moon

Please excuse my English


Each chakra has various mantras and deities associated to it and through those they have elements and planetary associations. You would need to know the mantras for a chakra and the associations of those mantras and powers. Not really worth it unless you specifically need to balance planetary influence on the chakras you are better knowing the mantras associated with the chakra and using those powers to enhance them. For instance Ram corresponds to the solar plexus chakra but is also a mantra of the element of fire. An alternate form of Ram evokes a higher fire with solar force relations so the sun would become associated with that chakra but there are other mantras tied to the chakra as well with their own relations so it builds up a rather large network to balance out. It also gets more complex with the nadis and channels connected to the chakras and their associations.

Thats an interesting take on it! Glad you could share your thoughts

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That makes a lot of sense.

Do you have a resource for the chakra diety associations? Sounds fascinating.

Primary ones are mainly Shakti related and the Shiva counterparts. Look into those associated with Kundalini and enlightenment. I will say most of their names are terrible to spell so have fun with that. There are different associations too depending on the exact school of thought involved or the intent you wish to use. Shiva tends to be associated with the heart a lot of Kali or Durga with the root I believe. I think I’ve seen Vishnu is reference to the throat or third eye, the crown tends to be Brahman in one form or another. I focus more on the mantra and sorcery side than the deity side since I don’t tend to get along well with most beings.

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Alright, so this might sound a bit above and beyond Crowley’s protests or even Martin Luther’s but I HATE CORRESPONDENCES!!!

I don’t think anything chakra/personal/bodily linked should be associated with one planet.

I think they’re as linked in as anything.

Chakra work is chakra related. Planetary magick’s planetary magick, and kabbalah’s kabbalah. It’s not related. Mask theory is only as good as the types of archetypes being identified, and that’s got dick to do with how a tradition’s practiced, because spirits behave however they’re known to behave except in special occasions, mild exceptions to the rules, and miracles.

They’ll evolve with time and cultural progressives.

With all of this being said… If you’d rather compartmentalize everything as though it’s a perfect fit through the eyes of someone too bold to consider being inadequate, then go for it.

It’s experiential and God. God isn’t able to be label d as though this were this and related in such a way to that so that we could directly prove and epitomize this and that together as is. It’s impossible to know. Your chakras also might relate to planetary correspondences for that particular personality type you reflect or you’ll represent if an objective observer watched and documented everything you’ve done, are doing, or will ever do. You weren’t born with every star and planet as ours were and neither will anyone else match every person they’ve ever met. It’s subjective… What can’t be objective is to correlate things in this fashion. What’s subjective should always be subjective… However certain traditions might ask you to associate certain planetary work with certain chakra work, because… Well it’s related. That’s why.


Certain planets with certain chakras sounds like a correspondence to me. What traditions are you referring to?

The ones you’ve mentioned

I dont believe I refered to any specific traditions in my original post

I wanted to know which traditions you are referring to

I just happened to stumble upon a Book called “Die magische Erweckung der Chakras im Ätherkörper des Menschen” / The magical awakening of the Chakras in the human etheral body by Gregor Gregorius (postmortem 1978).

The author is getting into a more detailed assignment of chakras and activating vowels to planetary correspondences. Take it with a grain of salt, of course!

The author assigns the following chakras to the planets:
“Foot chakra” - Jupiter
“Knee Chakra” - Saturn
“Root Chakra” - Mars (Vowel U)
“Coccyx Chakra” - Saturn
“Spleen Chakra” - Earth
“Gall bladder Chakra” - Saturn
“Stomach Chakra” - Moon (Vowel O)
“Heart Chakra” - Sun (Vowel A)
“Hand Chakra” - Mercury (Vowel E)
“Neck Chakra” - Saturn
“Throat Chakra” - Venus (Vowel I)
“Spirit/Will chakra” - Saturn

Personally I have never used planetary correspondences with my chakra workings, but I found that certain sounds coming out of my mouth inspires certain energetic movements and images in my mind :slight_smile: (Edit: the author suggested that every vowel breath work should be accompanied by some form of imagination, so I suppose thats where my inner sceneries come from!)


Welp… Doesn’t this one appear to fit the bill of “certain traditions teaching you chakra related planetary correspondences and appear to have almost flawless presentation?”

This was a good exercise in professional communications. Everybody blessing


I would say its just one book and not a “tradition”. And it doesn’t appear flawless either. When you said certain traditions in your original post, it sounded like you knew what traditions you were referring to. But I guess not.