Pictures of Altars



I thought the legs to the table were speculums on the floor & I was like, "Uhhhhh, what… what kind of working is this?! :laughing::rofl:


An updated pic. It stays a bit of a mess lately because of regular workings.


My altar.
I have no objects or tools I am quite odd in my practice.


It’s the Necronomicon.


Not that odd.


My lack of tools might not be odd but my practice is.

@Zirnitra I appreciate the comment all the same.




Looovvvve it!
I could have sex next to such a lovely altar.


haha, your reaction was posted just on the moment i was talking about Karezza with Asmodeus!


I knew it . Well, actually, I FELT it.


Here’s my altar from last night.


This is what my altar has been looking like (after I straightened it up a bit for the photo).

But, I’m going to make Santa Muerte her own altar, so I can have my main one back for other workings. I’m going to set hers up on this bookcase I painted years ago. (She said it was ok, but I’m gonna touch up the paint.)


I’ll post more pix after I do that.


Did you paint all those plants on the alter? If so what kind of paint did you use?


Yes, I did. It’s Bittersweet Nightshade (Solanum dulcamara), which grows by me.

Here’s a photo from my backyard.

I used acrylic paint. :slight_smile:



Wow! Everything in your pictures look incredible. Your robe is absolutely stunning too!


Looks absolutely amazing!!!


Awesome altar @Marticus

I have exactly the same Hekate statue accept mine is painted in colour rather than bronze. She is mainly done in blue on her dress. You’ve probably seen it online somewhere.

Great to see someone else’s altar with the great Goddess Hekate on there too. Lovely altar!


I need some candles lol. Next time i have extra cash ill get a couple


Thank you for the nice comment, @Sorceress_Jasmine!
I bought it in ‘The Wyrd Shop’ in Edingburgh.

Would love to see yours! :slight_smile: